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Answering your letters

Date: 2005-12-19

Hello and best wishes

Looking through the profiles, I have seen some very stunning and beautiful ladies, but I can't help wondering are some western men to frightened to write to these ladies, thinking they are to beautiful to be interested in them? Some of the ladies if they were in my country (United Kingdom) I wouldn't stand a chance with.

Yours from England


Hello Richard!

Thank you for your interesting question! Really, the beauty of girls is not only a trump card, but also a hindrance. Either they receive a lot of letters, but not from the men they are looking for, or men are afraid of writing to them. I know a very beautiful girl that was a member of our agency for 5 (!) years. She didn't manage to choose anyone, though a lot of men wrote to her. Eventually she asked for «time-out» at least for a year to rest and think. Can you imagine that?

Let’s count all pros and cons of this risky adventure called “write to a beauty”:

Advantages first:

1. They are so beautiful that the whole world will envy you if one of them becomes your wife.

2. They feel sure in themselves and can achieve a lot in their lives. They are interesting!

3. They are young and their youth and energy let you also feel younger.

4. Your kids will look like little angels. :)

5. What else? It is hard for me to see it with the eyes of a man. :) I’d like to know more! However, I can tell you about the disadvantages because I’ve seen a lot of such beauties.


1. Beautiful women as a rule get a lot of letters, so:

a. They have no time to answer every man and their letters are small and dull. Perhaps, they use the same words for every man.

b. They may just ignore your message.

c. They cannot be so attentive to men as those who get fewer letters. (I used to know the woman who had to collect and classify her correspondence from men in a special file. Unless she did it she would have mixed up unfamiliar names of men, the facts from their lives, the number of their children and so on).

2. Their requirements to the potential husband are extremely high. They need a man to have a definite age, very good education and a high social status.

3. They tend to answer only men from highly developed countries preferably European ones.

4. Among such women you can often meet scams because many of them have financial interests only. You may be sure that her private life in Russia is quite successful.

5. Are you sure that she wouldn’t ask a divorce as soon as she gets the right of citizenship? Are you so great that you can keep her near you?

6. They are not going to be happy with a single rose you have carefully attached to your letter. You cannot surprise them with cute simple presents.

You are to decide if advantages matter for you more than disadvantages. Besides, perhaps you could add something to the ones I have enumerated. However, I ask you not to close your eyes to the negative aspects mentioned above.

Draw your conclusions!

Your comments:

#1 andybgood (uk) at 2005-12-19
hi is it true about the story u here about russian girls? that they r just looking for green card??
Author's answer: Hi,

Is it true that all Englishmen are prudish, all Americans suffer overweight and all Germans are pedantic?
How can generalizations like these be true? They say that one spoon of tar can spoil the taste of the whole barrel of honey. Really, among Russian women there are some that look for green card by all means, but it is not a cause to offend all others: honest, open and looking for family happiness.
Another question is: where to seek such genuine women and how? If you seek a woman on free web sites in the free Internet, you deal with a woman on your own and nobody can answer for her.
If you deal with some agency like ours, where we know each girl personally, checked her documents, keep in constant touch with her, then we can consult you about the girl you like and guarantee that she looks for starting a family.

And the second question: how to find a genuine girl? The answer is simple: you should be sincere. Because when the matter concerns feelings, only they can spark the fire of love. No accountancy!

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