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Answering your letters

Hello Slava;

I've just read the newsletter and must say that I feel bad for John but at the same time feel like he should have known better about sending money to a woman he has never met ... But I guess sometimes love makes us blind in many different ways...

I am also glad that he doesn’t hold anyone responsible for his misfortune other than himself... My trip to Russia and the Ukraine over a year ago convinced me that the Russian people are great people to get to know, they would sooner give the shirt of their own backs rather than see you cold.. Those are values that unfortunately you wouldn’t see in abundance where I am from in the USA...

It was through that visit that I knew I would find a woman to share my life with and luckily I have been able to find Oksana from the Nikolaev, Ukraine office.. She has all I could expect to find in a woman, she is smart, courteous, funny and lets not forget very beautiful. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it for my planned trip in may to visit her because of my job, but I am now making plans to visit in late September and early October and what has convinced me that her feelings are real for me is that she said she would wait for as long as it takes for me to get there for our visit...

This site is not only about finding a wife it is about bringing people together for long lasting relationships...

My message to John is don’t give up the search, you will find the woman of your dreams on this site...

Keep up the great work that you and your office does Slava...


Jeff Casella

Thank you, Jeff, for support and advice. They are, as always, very wise and appropriate. It is a very accurate observation about Russians – “they would sooner give the shirt of their own backs rather than see you cold” :-))

Dear Slava,

Just want to tell you that I have just returned from my visit to Kiev, (Ukraine) to meet my Svetlana. What a wonderful city. I was very amazed at the sights of the city and the food also. Not to mention my Svetlana a very beautiful, strong, sweet wonderful woman. She was all that I hoped she would be and all that she claimed to me and more. To my surprise she was the most outstanding cook. In fact I would say she was an artist when it came to food she did not simply prepare food she created food. I am so much in love with this woman on so many levels. I filed our papers when I returned to Texas and I hope all will go well.

I found Svetlana on a rather small website were you pay for the girls email address and phone number. It took about 12 months to find her. I wrote other ladies but in our correspondences something would always come up that would raise a red flag to me that something was wrong. Either they would ask me the same questions over and over and the letters were very similar or they would ask for money or something else would happen and I would move on. Finally I found Svetlana and from the very first letter she was more real and different and soon I was taken by her completely and it developed from there. We wrote letters and talked on the phone and sent cards and things by regular mail from October of 2003 and scheduled our meeting for April 3, 2004 in Kiev. I just cannot say enough about her and the city and people of this country it was all great!!

Best wishes,

David Howard

San Antonio, Texas

Thank you, David, that you shared your story with us. We especially appreciate that, though you found your girl on another site, but you read our newsletters and share your emotions! We hope to be useful!

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