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Answering your letters

Date: 2006-02-02

The article of the previous issue developed around the question: “Why don’t you give flowers to women?”.

Hello to everyone at Chance For Love,

May I first of all wish you all a happy new year and offer my best wishes for 2006 to everyone at Chance For Love. I would like to say a warm Thank You to you all for the wonderful service you provide, in bringing people together, and making our dreams happen :-)

I read the latest newsletter, I liked the article about men buying flowers for a lady, this is important I think, men must show their feelings for a lady, to make her feel special, and to let her know that you are thinking of her always.

My advice to any man thinking of writing to a lady, is just go for it, pay her compliments, ask about her life, her family, her interests, her dreams for the future, and you won't go far wrong. Also tell her a bit about your own life, family, interests etc.

My very best wishes to you all

Richard :-)

Thank you, Richard, for your warm words and recommendations!

All the advice is very precious, but when it doesn’t come from an agency worker, but from someone like you – it is double precious!

Guys, if you have any other precious ideas you’ve come to through the path of mistakes and hardships, don’t hesitate to share them with others! This real life experience is much more interesting and helpful that all the encyclopedias and books about dating and marriage!

Now let’s switch to another topic. I see that the subject on Russian feminism is ready to become the top subject in the new year as well! The comments to the article “Why Feminism isn’t popular in Russia?” continue to arrive! And every time I look forward to them with keen interest!


First, I must thank you for the great job you do in being informative and educating. Like many, I was first drawn to the idea of Russian women like a child in a candy store, but through your education efforts, I have learned to rein in on my feelings and put some more thought into the process. My ideas haven't changed, mind you....only my enthusiam has become more guided.

Now to the subject on feminism in Russia. I think I understand it and I must whole heartedly agree with the letter from Ray about the difference in feminism and women's liberation. WHOLEHEARTEDLY

As to the letter from Bob Horn of Euclid, people of color, all subjects seem to get related to race and I wonder if that in itself doesn't contribute to racism. It's become impossible in America to refrain from putting race into every subject. No one anymore says, "A man did this." Now it's always, "A black man, or a white man, did this." The United States now has a "black" national anthem. Doesn't have a yellow, or red or white national anthem. Just a national anthem and a black national anthem.

Maybe it would be a good idea to produce a documentary on the ghettos in America for all Russian women who would consider marrying someone from America, just for educational purposes. Maybe it should be required of all men courting Russian women to disclose enough facts about themselves and their life styles to be sure the lady fully understands what she may or may not be getting into. But I don't know how you would go about verifying it all.

All I can say is, I applaud you on your work and I sincerely hope that all your ladies find lives full of joy and happiness. Meanwhile, I'll keep writing to one of them.

Thank you for your time and efforts,


A very interesting letter, George! As you know, in the beginning of this year George Bush signed legislation, which concerns American dating services. According to this bill, American men are obliged to give their criminal background information. Is it what you meant?

By some comments I see that Americans don’t approve it. It would interesting to discuss it in the next issue.

Guys, what do you think about this bill?

But I’d like to return to George (not the one who is the American president :)). I think that the image of a little boy in a candy store is very bright, beautiful and precise regarding most men :)).

I am happy that we helped you to view it in a more sober way. As here we don’t talk about commodities, but about relationships of real living people. Thank you for your warm words!!!

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