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Answering your letters

Dear Slava,

You guys are, in many respects, so professional! So, I think I'll propose to you, Slava! (No, relax!)

But, - nevertheless: Why do you talk about marrying almost as if it was buying a car? Personally, I would certainly not approach a woman and think one second about marriage before I was 1) fallen totally in love and 2) knew if she could possibly get used to life abroad at all, 3) or if I could live with a half-happy woman, who missed her country and family most of the time - etc. etc.

Point is: You guys don't have a clue what it means to change country! Sorry! (I have tried it 3 times due to my work, and it is very tough! Especially the US with a different culture!)

My approach would be different: Learn first to know each other real, real well. Be 100% realistic and maybe also consider moving to Russia! Why only the other direction? Also consider moving to a 3rd country in order to possibly create "equal terms" for the person you love - but think first!

Anybody can marry and get unhappy! Most of the women in your Files have already tried this!

Anyway, - I am probably too Scandinavian!

Yours Flemming

Hi Flemming!

Thanks for your comments. Well, people are different and sometimes they think different :-). We realize what it means to change one's life. We help people to do that for almost 7 years and believe me we know what they feel and how it goes for them. I cannot imagine how we can be so good in our job if we had no idea about what we are doing :-)

Your approach is very pragmatic and of course it is true. But romantic way is also true and will work for people who are romantic and believe in Internet love. Many people – may approaches

Anyway, thanks



I see a mistake :-)

NOT E-1, but K1 or K3. These are the two choices available to those who are interested in bringing a foreign national to their place of domicle 'if' they have the intent of engagement followed by marriage.

Keep up the good work!


Hello Bob!

Thank you for your question! Our website software was updated and that’s the reason why some of the symbols in the text of the last newsletter changed. Certainly, we meant K-1 visa. Some got this information as E-1 and others as an unreadable symbol.

We are sorry for the inconvenience. This error has already been eliminated!

Thank you for your vigilance, Bob!

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