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Answering your letters

Hotel or Apartment?

What is the difference between your hotel for $50 per night and the apartment for $45 per night (if
staying for less than 2 weeks)?  Is one nicer than the other or what are the differences? Is one closer to the agency or the women I invite to meet will they be staying in one particular hotel or your hotel?

The apartment is situated in the center of the city and the hotel is also not far from the center, near our office.

The difference is that at the hotel they will offer you breakfast and will clean your room every day, but they will also turn out all your guests at 11pm sharp, unless you pay for their staying.

In an apartment you are your own master. You can leave and come any time, you can invite your girl and spend two wonderful weeks with her. You can experience what it is – be married to her. :-). However you will have to make your beds and eat out unless your girl will spoil you with some self-made delicious meals.

It is up to you to choose which variant is more to your liking!

About letters

Hi Slava,

As you recall I stopped writing to all woman for one year ago because I felt the returned letters from the women were insincere, lacked contact and were vague.

Lilia has the same problem. It is very difficult for me to get her to write a letter with any content.  It is like pulling teeth (Smile).

If I did not speak to Lilia twice a day I would have stopped contact with her!   Speaking to her is with much warmth and charm but asking her to write a letter about what she did on Sunday is like asking for the 'Moon' (Smile).

Also please understand it is not just Lilia.  If you go back to past letters you will see that I have written to 7 or 8 other women.  They all wrote in the same style, so much so I felt they were using pre-written sentences that the agency provided (Laughing).

If they are so well educated then perhaps something is wrong with the letter writing procedure?

I have often been puzzled why women write the letters while at the agency?  This puts time constraints on them and I can see why many of their letters are short and hurried and written at a very low-grade level.

I have asked Lilia many many times why she does not take her time on Saturday or Sunday and write a decent letter at home and then come to agency and drop it off?  But she carefully avoids answering the question (Smile).


Dear Ken,

First of all I want to say that I am amazed at the necessity to get letters if you speak on telephone twice a day!!! It is very difficult to write a letter after that: after two telephone talks all the subjects seem to be discussed… But there are some cases when due to insufficient knowledge of English some women may have extra questions or necessity to explain her point of view more clearly. Then it is easier for a woman to write a letter and to use our translator. But such situations are rather exceptions. Usually people who speak so closely by phone don’t need to write letters. Their intimacy is going on more quickly than in case of communication through e-mail or post.

But you asked a very interesting question if to look at it in isolation from your situation:

‘Why do women write hurried letters at the agency and not at home where they can better concentrate on them?’

I want to say that there are also such women who prefer to write letters at home. Actually they are few. Their letters, as a rule, are long and detailed.

But most of the women prefer to write letters at the agency. Let’s imagine together the life of a Russian woman who wants to meet a foreign man. One nice day she is called from the agency and informed that she’s got a letter. If she has no children, no plans for the evening, then she may come to the office at that very day. (We don’t read letters by phone, as some agencies do, but hand them in personally). However it can happen so that a woman can’t come to the office at once. Besides, many of the women live very far from our office. That’s why coming to agency can appear to be a real journey for a woman. And let’s not forget that they also work and get very tired. We have strict rules and according to them women must answer the letter during a week. If a letter came on Monday and the woman picked it up on Tuesday-Wednesday, then she has two or three days left to write the reply. She can take the letter home, write a detailed answer and go on a long journey to the agency (it can take up about an hour). But will you wait for the letter for the entire week??? Be honest. You choose e-mail because it is a fast way of communication. And you don’t expect at all that you will get four letters a month, do you???

That’s why women try to answer the letters while at the agency. Probably their quality is poorer because of that but you know it is very difficult to write letters. You should open your heart to an unknown man. As a rule, when a woman gets to know a man better, when she takes a fancy to him, her letters will grow more and more sincere and interesting.

And finally I would like to give you a piece of advice: don’t think that a woman is aware what kind of letters you prefer to get. If you don’t like something, write about it. Tell her that you are ready to look forward to her letter for a week but let it be long and interesting. Or tell her that you want more intensive correspondence. In other words, invent some rules just for you two suitable for both. In any case, you should discuss such problems with a girl and don’t hope that she will understand everything by herself. Don’t forget about a serious obstacle between you. It is not the distance, but mentality, habits, customs. What you find natural - might seem absurd to her.

Be patient and you will be awarded!

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