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How Many Letters Does A Russian Woman Receive?

This is a question about dating a Russian woman I had been asking myself for a while. It has been simply a curiosity for me. Recently I have been thinking about this quite a bit, and think it might serve to make us men more effective by being a bit choosier with a Russian woman to correspond.

I talked with a number of agency owners and workers, including some translators who are the main group that observe the flow of letters in and out of an agencies office. They all say basically the same thing. The prettiest 15-25% of their ladies receive about 75% of the letters! So, apparently, us guys are most concerned about finding a beautiful woman! Naturally. What this information means is that instead of focusing on the top 15 or 20% (at least in terms of their physical attractiveness); we should maybe focus on a Russian woman who perhaps does not photograph quite as well. In this category of woman we will face very little competition from other men. The idea is to find a "hidden gem." Always remember that Russian women are even more beautiful in person!

Far be it from me to dissuade you. After all this is Russia—a place where you can have your cake AND eat it, too! Many men are interested only in finding the most gorgeous woman they can. That’s great if you can pull it off. Just remember that so is everyone else. I also tried this in my search. I found a lot of scammers and women who were just not serious, too young, or only bored.

There are many factors to consider when picking a potential wife. Beauty is only one of them. If your Russian woman gets 2-3 letters every week how sure are you that she really likes you the best? If she is using a service that has partnered with an agency network or a large American-based agency, this is VERY possible. In fact, if she is drop-dead model-material gorgeous it is PROBABLE. Do you think you can face all that competition and come out on top? Maybe you can, but you better have some qualities or features that set you apart in a decided way!

My personal opinion is that you should stay away from any woman who is under 22. Of course, this all depends on your age as well as hers. If you are 55, you should not be looking for a woman under 30 or 35. Generally, a woman under 22 is just too young. She is not ready to become a wife. She is not serious enough or wise enough to be able to handle such significant changes in her life (marriage, leaving family and friends, coming half way around the world, and living in a strange and unfamiliar culture). Also, she still considers to herself that she has options—with other Russian men in addition to a potential foreign husband.

I also think that a very beautiful Russian woman still in her 20’s or even early 30’s will think similarly to a normal 18-21 year old. Namely, that she still has a lot of possibilities, both at home and in a foreign country. She probably has men trying to pick her up every day, so she decides that she can afford to be very discriminating. Of course not all beautiful women are like this. But you need to understand the attitude of the women that you may be trying to make contact with.

Try to focus on women that may be hidden gems. Many women on these sites do have professional photographs taken. But most do not. Try to find a beautiful Russian woman who just did not photograph that well. I have a secret to tell you—almost all of these ladies look 100 times better in person than in their photos. I was only disappointed once!

Also, a woman who is not in the top 10-15% will tend to be more serious. Especially if she also has a child to care for. These are the women who make the best wives! The ideal FSU woman would be in the range of 25-35, divorced, with a young child. Since the divorce rate in Russia, Ukraine and the FSU is around 75%. This is a HUGE pool of women to choose from. Typically, a woman will marry fairly young—around 18-22. Then maybe have a child, then divorce. Then when she is in her upper 20’s to early 30’s she finds a nice guy (now she has looked around enough and is more sure of herself, wiser, and knows what she wants and needs) and this is the man she settles down with. I have seen this exact scenario play itself out over and over again. For what it’s worth, that is my advice to you!

By Joseph Carducci

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