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How to give a ring being far from your sweetheart? Helpful advice to those who want to make a proposal.

Ring is an ancient meaningful symbol. It means:

- Faithfulness: shows to others that one’s heart belongs to his wife or husband.

- Eternity: the ring is round, i.e. it has neither beginning nor end.

- And, at last, the ring is made of pure and solid metal.

So, the wedding ring symbolizes love and faithfulness, purity and eternity. Naturally they are the integral part of our business and in the course of time we have accumulated a lot of amazing stories connected with rings.

How to define the size?

The most difficult thing is to choose the right size being far from your loved one. There are lots of different units of measure in the world and it is a complicated task to get to know their particulars. That’s why our clients reveal the wonders of quick wits.

Natasha tied a thread round her finger, put this thread into an envelope and sent it to her fiancée. He was amazed by her quick wits, but still didn’t understand her size. Then she bought a cheap plastic child’s ring of her size and sent it to him as a sample. Now they are happily married, but her husband still wears that ring on his little finger (it doesn’t fit any other one), as a reminder of those romantic days. :-)

The simpler way is to draw out a ring with a pen on a piece of paper and send its outline. Another our client M. didn’t know all that. He brought a very beautiful ring of platinum strewed with diamonds to his fiancée. It was wonderful, but… very big! M. went around all the workshops of the city, but no one dared to help him. Everyone was afraid of attending to such a precious ring. In despair M. was ready to pay 500 dollars for that! But he had to take the ring back!

Conclusion: the ring is too expensive present to be a surprise. Before buying it, you must get to know which finger is intended for it.

With a gem or without?

All of you have heard enough about the criminal situation in Russia. Frightened by criminal stories, one of our clients wrote to his fiancée a letter where he told her to wear her ring with diamond with the gem backward! :-) He was afraid that the hooligans would see it and rob. He wished he had given the ring without diamond, as he worried a lot that he would become a widow before getting married!

In this country few people can afford diamonds. Lena was one of those who can’t. Going past jewelry shops, she closed her eyes. :) Besides, she is a very religious women and thinks that money tempt people and lead to sin. She was lucky to meet a wonderful man who shares her belief. When their relations came to wedding, he gave her the catalogue and asked her to choose a wedding ring for herself. Lena said at once that she didn’t need any brilliants (In Russia diamonds are called brilliants) and she will choose a ring with a plain gem. After long examination, Lena chose the ring with a “plain gem” – [dia:’ma:nd], as she read it. :-)) This girl had no idea how diamonds look like. The catalogue was in English and that’s why she didn’t suspect that she’d ordered the ring with the diamond!

This lovely, disinterested girl just has a good taste. :)

Our another client is an exact antithesis of Lena. Her parents are very well-to-do people and that’s why Lyudmila has been a good judge of gems. When a man came to her, he wanted to “seduce” her by the ring with a false diamond! :) How amazed he was when she discovered his trickery, hardly had she cast a glance at the ring! To save his face, the man had to say that he was swindled, palmed off a forgery. :))))))

Conclusion: some people consider that a wedding ring must be smooth without a gem. Most of the rings in Russia are just this type. But here you should take into consideration the traditions of the country where your fiancée will live. And also remember that tastes differ. The wedding ring is one for the whole life and everyone should choose it on hisher own.

Expensive or cheap?

The most expensive ring that has been given to our woman cost $19 000. That’s the sum, which was noted in the customs declaration. For comparison I can say that the wedding ring of Paul McCartney, one of the richest men of the world, cost $21 000. This is a fantastic sum of money and in fact it is enough to buy a flat in Kazan. However, that woman didn’t accept the gift, as she isn’t sure of her feelings yet.

For balance I will tell you another story. The owner of one plain ring is anxiously packing her suitcases now and dreaming of meeting her loved soon. And only one thing troubles her – to come over the ocean as soon as possible!

Conclusion: the price of a ring can’t influence woman’s feelings. However, there is one feeling that is a subject to this influence – self-interest. But we talk about love, don’t we?

When to give?

Some couples marry, having only one meeting behind them! For a week or two they live the whole life at a crazy speed! They need to know each other as much as possible: to look through all the family photos, meet with relatives, fall in love, first kiss, sex, wedding ring…

One guy gave his chosen one a ring and added: “But remember, if you change your mind to marry me, you will have to give the ring back to me at your expense!”. Do you think she married him?

Our another member bought a ring consisting of two parts. One part of that complicated construction he gave his fiancée while proposing to her. And other part he left for the wedding ceremony in the USA. That was very symbolic!

Conclusion: everything has its own time! Let ring express your feelings, but not obligations. If you feel that you see the ONE in front of you, then the time has come.

Which hand is for the ring?

You should know that in Russia we wear wedding rings on the right hand. If you have different tradition in your country, tell about that beforehand. And don’t get shocked if your fiancée has a ring on her left hand – it means that she was divorced.

Naturally, she will have to accept the traditions of your country, as she will live there with you!

Present rings in the right way to you loved ones, marry them and be happy!

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