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Divorce - how long have guys in America reported paying alimony

I've been divorced three times and on my way to the fourth. Nothing to be proud of but i've got enough experience in the matter to give an opinion.
For one thing, if you are worried about how much you are going to lose in a divorce, then don't get married because you lost already. If you have this in the back of your mind you are never going to love the woman you are with, you are going to look at her as a walking wallet ready to be filled up the minute you screw up and you certainly will after a few years of suspicion wrecks your personality. Your wife is going to be glad to leave you but whether or not she takes the bank with her is totally up to you and how well you can relate to a peaceful divorce and they do happen in the good ole USA. I have only lost some of my finances in one divorce where I was foolish enough to put all three bank accounts in my wife's name the minute we got married. She emptied all three on her way out the door after a seven month marriage and I asked her to leave. She was another one of these brilliant college professors that had been married three tiems before and she was a nut case
from the word go. She is proof that a nut can be trusted with older children. :-))))))) If you don't think teaching these kids was something to be concerned about, you should meet her daughter. :-))))))))))))))))))) Now that is a piece of work in itself. :-)
I thought this last marriage was going to end in a real battle but since my wife likes money more than watching it go to a lawyer, she finally woke up and wants to settle this peacefully without the use of any lawyers in the court room because she watched a couple do it when she was in the court room for her own case. Her lawyer started to screw her out of a few thousand at a time and I told her just go ahead by the time we are through your lawyer will be renting out your house. :-))))))))) She knows I don't care about money and I'm not afraid to earn it all over again but if she wanted to fight for what's mine then she was going to lose out in the end anyway. I elected to stay married to her because next year she's going to retire and go back to her own country. There is nothing here for her and I'm leaving the country the minute I'm old enough to retire because I have no use for this place either.
Now as far as eastern women are concerned, I'm sure there are sad stores to be told by some men who married the wrong women and in some states the men get rode hard and put away wet, but that doesn't happen in every state and it certainly doesn't happen in every divorce. Not only do these sad divorces happen in this country but it also happens in Canada and several other western countries. You don't normally hear about the peeaceful divorces where the men and women still do things together and even date but they can't live together because of one reason or another and no one faults the other because no one is perfect. Some people do use their heads and are not vindictive. :-)
I have been married to two Polish women, one was born in Germany, I couldn't live with either one of them for too long of period of time but I did make this one last for 17 years. :-)
For the life of me, I can't understand why a German is looking for a Russian woman in Russia when you have so many of them floating around looking for men in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. You have more Russian women living in eastern Germany than most countries have outside their own country. :-) For that matter, I don't know why American men are so gung ho about heading to Russia when there are so many Russian women living in this country. All you have to do is go to the big cities and you'll find their districts. :-))))))) There are a quite a few on Yahoo personals and several free lists on the net.

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