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Tatjyana’s Day: what is the meaning?
Try and look in a calendar for the holiday – The Day of the Marriage Agency Workers.  Have you found it? Certainly, not! No calendar in the world has such a holiday and the reason is as clear as noonday. This profession has become widespread only after the Internet development, e.g. during last 8-9 years. It is a very short term for a profession, isn’t it? And I think that nowhere in the world you can find a trade union that protects the rights of marriage agency workers :). Meanwhile many of our colleagues feel anxious about St. Valentine’s Day as for 365 days a year we deal wit [...]
The major davantages of online dating services
The dating scenario has undergone a complete change. Gone are the days when you met some friend’s friend at a party or dated someone at your workplace and so on. Online dating has taken dating to the next level and the success rate is higher than traditional dating. Here are some major advantages of online dating SafetyBy personally signing up with an online dating service, the person can meet many people without the risk of revealing one’s personal information. The only time that such details can be revealed will be done voluntarily by the searcher to the potential partner when a level of [...]
The New American Cold War
Contrary to established opinion, the gravest threats to America's national security are still in Russia. They derive from an unprecedented development that most US policy-makers have recklessly disregarded, as evidenced by the undeclared cold war Washington has waged, under both parties, against post-Communist Russia during the past fifteen years. As a result of the Soviet breakup in 1991, Russia, a state bearing every nuclear and other device of mass destruction, virtually collapsed. During the 1990s its essential infrastructures--political, economic and social--disintegrated. Moscow's hold [...]
The Russian bride scam
As Gary Oldenkamp tells the story of being caught in a scam to bring a Russian woman to this country, he reveals strong feelings of betrayal.“Not only was I taken advantage of by the woman I hoped to spend the rest of my life with, but local officials decided to take her side, even after I gave them proof of what was happening.”Oldenkamp’s story of exploitation began innocently in 2002, when he decided to enroll in an online dating service.The Hull resident was 38 years-of-age at the time, divorced for one year and interested in dating again.He was contacted by a woman named Elana, who lived i [...]
To love in Russian (learning Russian phrase of love)
We’ll devote several lessons to writing good letters. It’s easy! Let’s talk about first letters. The worst mistakes are: 1. Impersonal letter. Each gentleman should introduce himself and tell the woman about his life at least in a nutshell. Very often letters have no name, let alone age, occupation and the country of living. However, all these facts are very important for Russian ladies. 2. Standard letters. Letters starting with «Hi, there!» are good for an ash can only. Address your letters to each girl personally. We’ll give you a hint: just comment on some fact from her personal profi [...]
To love in Russian (learning Russian phrases of love) part III
What to say to your girl in Russian on the 8th of March  – we will tell you that next week. And today let’s talk about winter and spring. Throughout the previous week we had Maslenitsa (Pancake week) in Russia. It is the holiday week when people eat pancakes, have outdoor fetes and burn the scarecrow of winter. People bid farewell to winter and welcome spring. It is a very ancient Russian tradition. The last day of Maslenitsa – Sunday – is called Forgiving, as on that day everyone should ask to forgive him. Just after Maslenitsa Great Feast begins and it lasts seven weeks and ends with [...]
To love in Russian (learning Russian phrases of love) part V
Spring is the best time for planning summer vacations. I am often asked: how much time should pass from the first letter till the first meeting? My answer is: no more than 6 months! And better 3-4. That’s quite enough to define if she is the right person or not, if she is worth flying over the ocean or not. :) And this first meeting can destroy all the doubts. The deeper your correspondence was, the bigger the chance that you will not be disappointed. So, let’s get ready for the travel: Ya priglaShayu tebya v puteShestvie.              I invite you to tra [...]
To love in Russian (learning Russian words of love)
I see you make active use of our classes! It’s cool! It’s a pity you cannot see the expression of women’s faces when seeing Russian words and tender variants of their names in your letters. They can say:- «He didn’t tell me he knew Russian!». Or:- «Where did he take all these tender words?»,- «Russian is so hard to learn. Do you mean that he started learning it for me? It’s so touching… »But you and I know that learning Russian words makes no difficulties! Just read our newsletters regularly. I know that some men are seeking professional courses of learning Russian. It’s a real joy for us mean [...]
True Confessions of an Online Dater
I decided to try out online dating a couple years ago when I felt like I was not meeting the right person in everyday life. At the time, the whole online thing was suddenly becoming popular, and I figured I had nothing to lose. I first checked out some of the more mainstream online services, but they just seemed too random, and most of the profiles did not appeal to me. A friend suggested a well-known Jewish dating service. This made more sense to me – it seemed reasonable that someone with a common ethnic and cultural background may have a better chance of working out than someone through a [...]
Trust in the Internet is the most important!
Be careful! More than on hundred Internet scammers had been arrested on September 13, 2006 in Yoshkar-Ola (160km form Kazan) They placed adds in Dating sites pretending to be women willing to get married a foreigner. They used the photos of Russian actresses. All of them were students hiding behind the photos. They got about 10-15% of the sum they swindled out from foreign men. They asked money for English classes, driving courses, urgent medical treatment for relatives etc. Police revealed 10 apartments that were used as offices for scammers and withdrawn big sum of money. Proceeding [...]
What gift to make on St. Valentine’s Day?
I am writing you all these things ‘cause I want you to treat a woman with understanding if she shares your fears with you. Like people of our Chanceforlove team who all these days keep calming down our women that the film is simply a tricky shuffling of facts, you can help your sweetheart to obtain peace in her heart. All the more St. Valentine’s Day is at hand. Perhaps, it is the hottest question today, isn’t it? What to give and how to make this day unforgettable? I’ve come across some curious information and I would like to share it with you. It is about the results of women’s poll on the s [...]
What should you do if you have found your girl friends’ s profile on another Internet site?
     You are hot of indignation??? You are going to marry her and she keeps placing her info in the Internet? You were dreaming about your common kids sleeping calmly in the cradles, and she goes on seeking a husband? At last, you’ve opened your heart to her, but she…      Don’t haste! In such cases psychologists usually advice to make a deep sigh and count to 10. No help? Keep counting until you realize that you can speculate reasonably.      While you are counting I can tell you that there are plenty of cases when the girl is not a [...]
Why don’t you give flowers to women?
 I don’t speak about such occasions as birthdays, the anniversary of meeting, New Year and so on. I mean ordinary days that don’t differ from others! Why to give flowers without any occasion? They say that poets have a heightened sensibility to the essence of things. Maybe this is why they love to compare a woman to a flower? Flowers are a permanent attribute of any love story. Can you imagine courting without flowers? Flowers are a compliment to a lady, the way of saying that a man finds her feminine. Huge bouquets in the shape of a heart or delicate tulips that touch a heart [...]
Will you marry me? How to ask her hand in marriage?
I am sure that everyone thought about how a marriage proposal would happen in his or her life, didn’t you? Certainly, your imagination draws beautiful scenes from favorite movies. Well, I can say that men are in a privileged position here: they can fulfill their dreams into reality! Women just have to wait and hope that at least it will be romantic! :)) By the way, in a recent survey, over 80% of women (and men) who were proposed to said that the marriage proposal was "less romantic" than they had hoped for. {art_img} A marriage proposal is one of those rare moments in life the story of w [...]
Writing perfect personal profile
Here are a couple of friendly dating profile tips that I can offer that may seem obvious to some, but apparently not obvious to a large population of singles who will be staying single if they don't get some help. [...]
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