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What gift to make on St. Valentine’s Day?

I am writing you all these things ‘cause I want you to treat a woman with understanding if she shares your fears with you. Like people of our Chanceforlove team who all these days keep calming down our women that the film is simply a tricky shuffling of facts, you can help your sweetheart to obtain peace in her heart. All the more St. Valentine’s Day is at hand.

Perhaps, it is the hottest question today, isn’t it? What to give and how to make this day unforgettable? I’ve come across some curious information and I would like to share it with you.
It is about the results of women’s poll on the subject: “What would you like to receive on St. Valentine’s Day?”. The answers varied greatly: mercantile and romantic, unexpected and predictable. It is ‘cause all women are different! Maybe something will prompt you the right idea? There is some time left!

(->) * For Valentines, I want my sweet darling to spoil me! Give me
chocolate, flowers, or something spa- like, like exfoliating gloves or a
special candle. Yum!
- Massages, facials, manicures and pedicures!! (My sisters and Mom and I
just had a Girls Day Out and loved every minute of it!)
- I would like a pajama or a bouquet of tulips would be nice too.
- Some pretty, maybe even personalized girly stationery for "keeping in
- I want new carpet in our bedroom.
- Dinner - Out somewhere.
-Valentines gifts I'd like...
Taken out for a romantic breakfast
Any potted orchid (preferably red, my fav colour)
(->) - A gift certificate for a day or a few hours at the spa
(->) - A gift certificate for a nice salon, enough to get the works, hair,
color, nails, etc.
(->) - A gift basket filled with my favourite bath supplies & some pretty
candles and the time to have the bath

(Notice: we have this kind of gift at our site now, we’ve added it just today!)

This pretty "Mom" diamond heart pendant & chain I saw at the jewelers.
- A massage, just me & the hubby, scented candles and some champagne
guy that I can give a present!
- Not Chocolate or anything to ruin my diet! Not cheap lacy undies!
- I would love time, time to take a bubble bath, time to sit in a chair and
read a magazine, time alone with my hubby to go on a date.
(->) Godiva chocolates!
(->) Roses
(->) My favorite chocolate (Dove or Lindt or truffles)
- Romantic, humorous card
- New dishes, glasses or wine glasses.
(->) Maybe a gift certificate for a facial, body massage or something of the
sort from a local spa? I think this a fabulous idea!
(->) bouquet of yellow roses
- I am asking my DARLING for a new photo album.! That says "I LOVE YOU" like
nothing else I can think of :-) 

(Now it is too late, but it is a good idea for another holiday: buy a beautiful album, fill it in with the photos of you, your relatives, your house, street, etc., and send her a parcel! It is unforgettable gift.)  
(->) Anything bath stuff... bed bath and beyond type things, lotion, oils,
shower gels, scrubbies... pamper me things... doesn't have to be expensive.
- Read a poem you wrote. Light candles.
- Someone to help w/ house - work
(->) Chocolates and flowers are nice, but here's what I'd REALLY like to get
for Valentine's Day! Gift certificate to have a manicure and/or pedicure
- The ideal gift for me this year is something I have wanted for a long time
and have not purchased because it is "frivolous". A terry-cloth bath robe.
If this sounds kind of pedestrian for the "romantic" holiday. I would
suggest coupling it with some easy to find bath soaps and candles and you
can use all of them to make that Valentines day special. All the girls I
know are trying to avoid the chocolate this year, but try not to forget the
- a purse
(->) Let's get unoriginal here, but yes, flowers. But NOT like the "I'm sorry
flowers" that I get from time to time. For Valentine's Day I'd appreciate
the flowers that we can't quite afford normally.
Lastly, a gift certificate to our favorite restaurant. It sounds silly to
give it to me, his wife..but it'd be nice because it's not about any "money"
we're saving so much as a promise to go out. It alleviates the "but we can't
afford to go there" talk if he buys the gift certificate before we go!!
-  I told my husband of 5 years (almost) (he's 60, I'm 52) that I would like
a love letter from him for Valentine's Day and that I would do the same. His
son who just got engaged on 2-4-05 thought that was a really neat idea, and
was thinking of doing the same.
- Last year my darling knew I loved the movie and soundtrack of "Moulin
Rouge" He surprised me with the DVD and soundtrack and a beautiful
handwritten love letter. It was simple, romantic, and it showed he paid
attention enough to know what I liked! He said that he knew I had the
soundtrack when we were married and he found out that I sold it (along with
other CD's) to be able to buy him a gift on our anniversary...he wanted to
replace it. Sweet, Huh?
- I would love, more than anything, a love letter.

Finally two more gifts that gave me a wonderful idea.

Right now you can think out a gift that will become your family tradition! It is really great!

- Every year for Valentine's Day my parents get my husband and I a gift
certificate to the local video rental store. That way we are guaranteed a
couple of date nights on my parents!
We look forward to it every year!
- I remember my grandmother receiving a big red heart shaped box of candy
EVERY year from my grandfather. When I was a little girl I would really
admire those boxes of candy. Not just the candy but the big red heart box
to! 2 years ago I started buying a big red box of candy for myself for
Valentines Day. I am single with 2 ds who always get me a gift, but I still
get the big red heart box for myself, it reminds of my grandmother and what
a wonderful person she was. And I eat the entire thing myself without guilt!
I can do that because we usually healthy with the Menu Mailer. I recycle the
box after valentines day but I sure look forward to choosing a beautiful box
while thinking of my grandmother and having that special treat.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

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