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Tatjyana’s Day: what is the meaning?

Try and look in a calendar for the holiday – The Day of the Marriage Agency Workers.  Have you found it? Certainly, not! No calendar in the world has such a holiday and the reason is as clear as noonday. This profession has become widespread only after the Internet development, e.g. during last 8-9 years. It is a very short term for a profession, isn’t it? And I think that nowhere in the world you can find a trade union that protects the rights of marriage agency workers :).

Meanwhile many of our colleagues feel anxious about St. Valentine’s Day as for 365 days a year we deal with this very substance – love!

And that special feeling inspired us to prepare a lot of presents and surprises for you on St. Valentine’s Day!

  1. Whatever present you order, we will take a photo of a woman at the moment she receives your present and send the photo to you.

2. If you order presents costing $75 and more you can choose one of the following presents: (in brackets you can see the real cost of the service)

     -     free upgrade to Gold Membership (for Silver Members) ($15)

  • free 30-minute telephone talk through an interpreter ($35)

  • free 45-minute live-chat web-camera (through an interpreter if necessary)* ($45)

  • free three extra addresses ($45)

  • free bottle of champagne attached to the order ($15)

  • free box of chocolate to the order ($20)

  • free mini-clip (video+sound) of the moment (10-15 sec) she receives the ordered present* ($10).

* - these offers are only for Kazan.

3. If you order Eau de perfume ($120), you will get Free Silver Membership (1 month)!

4. If you order Eau de perfume ($120) + a bottle of champagne, you will get Free Gold Membership (1 month)!

**Keep in mind, if your lady does not live in the city of Kazan, you will be asked to pay extra $35 for delivery service.


If you order Eau de Perfume ($120) for a girl from Kharkov or Nicholaev, you will get Free Gold Membership (1 month)

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