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To love in Russian (learning Russian words of love)

I see you make active use of our classes! It’s cool! It’s a pity you
cannot see the expression of women’s faces when seeing Russian words and
tender variants of their names in your letters. They can say:
- «He didn’t tell me he knew Russian!». Or:
- «Where did he take all these tender words?»,
- «Russian is so hard to learn. Do you mean that he started learning it
for me? It’s so touching… »
But you and I know that learning Russian words makes no difficulties! Just
read our newsletters regularly. I know that some men are seeking
professional courses of learning Russian. It’s a real joy for us meaning
you are seriously willing to marry a Russian woman.

Today we offer you some phrases of thanks. But let’s correct some of your
mistakes first:

1. We usually give you an oral transcription of Russian expressions.
Sometimes it is different from the written one slightly. Compare:
Thanks. SpasEEba.(oral) Spasibo (written)
2.Capital letters in oral transcription imply the word stress. So, if you
want to copy some expression and insert it into your letter just edit it a
little first having replaces capital letters with the small ones. The
words will be easier to read. For example:
Original: SpasEEba za tvoyO pis'mO i fotogrAfii.
Edited: Spaseeba za tvoyo pis'mo i fotografii.

The second variant is more correct but be sure your girl will understand
you anyway and appreciate your efforts! Now see some new phrases:

Thanks. SpasEEba.
Thank you for your letter and photo. SpasEEba za tvoyO pis'mO i
Thank you for congratulating me. SpasEEba za pozdravlEnie.
Thank you for. good wishes. SpasEEba za horOshie pozhelAniya.
Thank you for the invitation. SpasEEba za priglashEnie.
I am writing to thank you very much indeed for… PishU, chtOby
poblagodarEEt' tebyA za …

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