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A fiancée visa to England: much easier now!

    In the previous newsletter I promised to tell you about how to get a fiancée visa to England. Several girls from our agency have gone successfully through it recently and now has the status of fiancée. But last week I got the following e-mail:  

«Thank you for the newsletters, as I was reading your letter I noted about the hard questions they would ask which is not uncommon in my line of work, i.e. I work for the home office in England so I know a bit about the immigration rules. And I know it’s not easy to get in to some places. Ian»

    Dear Ian!

    Certainly, everything is comparative. One needs to make a lot of efforts to get a fiancée visa to any country. But we see from our experience that these efforts are incomparably different for different countries. The average time of waiting for a fiancée visa to the USA is 9 months. In England it is 1 day!!! Let’s talk in details about it.

Once our client – Nuriya (now ex-client) came to our agency and told that her fiancée appointed the date of wedding – in three moths. She also told that her future mother-in-law had started sewing a wedding dress for her and all the family was preparing to the celebration.

How can it be? – we asked. – You haven’t even submitted the papers for a fiancée visa yet???  

We were very amazed! The point of our amazement actually didn’t lie in the fact that they were so sure she would get a visa. If the papers are made rightly the embassy is very unlikely to deny a visa. Denials are very rare! It was short term that amazed us: we got used to the fact that a fiancée visa was a long process.    

However we got even more amazed when she really came to England at the appointed time!

    John and Oksana are a couple we told you about in our previous newsletter. John wrote his first letter to Oksana in November 2003. They had a first meeting in June, 2004 and in the end of August they got a fiancée visa!

    The procedure of getting a visa is as follows: a woman goes to the British Embassy in Moscow with all the papers, stands in a queue and waits for Consul to receive her. (He receives till 1pm by Moscow time). During an interview Consul examines her papers, asks questions and makes a decision - to give or deny a visa. After 3pm a girl can come, take her papers and fly to England at once if she likes!

  It sounds really fantastic! However, each stage has its own subtle points.


A fiancée must have the following documents in her case:

From her fiancée:

- Evidence that he is a British citizen

Proof of financial support:

- Copies of bank statement for the last 3 years;

- Copies of last three years tax returns;

- Letter from employer;

- Copy of paycheck stub;

-Proof of ownership of property.

If he has children:

-  Proof of custody.

The decision of Consul half depends on the contents of these papers. For instance, if he considers that the income is too small to maintain a family, then even perfectly formed papers will fail to influence the Consul all right.

From a fiancée herself:

- Form (taken at the embassy, filled in Russian);

- Birth Certificate;

- Proof of termination of any prior marriages (if were).

- Diploma of education.

The latter three documents must be translated, notarized and legalized (with the stamp (called apostil) of notary public called.

    I want to note that there are tricky questions in the form. For instance, such as: “Do you want to marry for money?”. Silly question! :) It is like the favorite question of the customs officials: “Are you carrying drugs?”. Even if a man carries them, he will never confess! :))

   It is the same here. The right answer is certainly: “No, for love”. But in this case your fiancée must be ready to the question: “Even if he appears to be much poorer than he told you?” This question takes a woman aback. Even if she is sincerely in love with her fiancée, the prospect of having financial problems in a alien country, without profession and language…Only irresponsible adventurous women dare to do it! But she must pull herself together and doesn’t let Consul confuse her. She goes only for love and ready for everything!

One of the tricky questions concerns intimate life and it sound as follows: “Have you ever had relations like in marriage with your sponsor?” You don’t believe that the form has this question?? Check it yourself – point 5.11. Moreover they even encourage writing where it was and some other details:))

   She shouldn’t get confused and must write everything honestly. If you had close relations, then she must write about it. For instance, “In Turkey, while we were staying in one room from (date) till (date)”. If she marks that you didn’t have intimate relations, then she will be asked additional questions which are not easy to answer. And the main principle she should follow when interviewed by Consul is not to lie. It is always evident.

    The third and very important element that must be in a fiancee’s case is the evidence of your engagement. Do you remember my first story about Nuriya? She brought the bills from the restaurants where the wedding was booked, the proof from the church that the ceremony was really appointed and even the set of samples of cloth for wedding dress and bridal veil!

    The most important proof is an engagement ring. All our women were asked to show it. One of our women didn’t have a ring, as the ring her fiancée had bought for her appeared to be big. So she showed the receipt. Consul considered it all right.  

   No doubt, it is important to have photos where two fiancées are together, but it is even more important to have photos of fiancées with girl’s parents. It proves that they blessed the engagement. (If the parents are smiling in the picture, of course! Joke)

Well, and the most important point: don’t try to cheat or to find a peculiar way to bring your fiancée to England. To one of our couples British Embassy denied first a travel visa, then an invitation visa and only after they applied for a fiancée visa, they got a chance to be together. Don’t invent a bicycle again and again! :))  


Address:    British Embassy Moscow

Smolenskaya Naberezhnaya 10

Moscow 121099

Telephone:    (7) (095) 956 7200 Switchboard  

(7) (095) 782 0200 Cultural/British Council  

Facsimile:    (7) (095) 956 7201 General  

(7) (095) 956 7441 Visa  

(7) (095) 956 7430 Press & Public Affairs  

(7) (095) 782 0201 Cultural/British Council  

Email: Press & Public Affairs Consular  

Office Hours (GMT):

Summer: Mon-Fri: 0600-1000 / 1100-1400

Winter: Mon-Fri: 0500-0900 / 1000-1300

Local Time(GMT+3):

Summer: Mon-Fri: 0900-1300 / 1400-1700

Winter: Mon-Fri: 0800-1200 / 1300-1600


Your comments:

#1 marie santos (philippines) at 2008-04-25
my bf is an airforce,after his contract to korea he wants to get me a fiancee visa..we met there in korea,i work there as OPA'S OVERSEAS PERFORMING ARTIST...would it be easy for me to get a fiancee visa?what kind of proof to i need to convince the consular who will interview me?how long does it takes for me to get a visa?
Author's answer: Dear Marie,

You should address to the English Embassy in Korea to know which papers you both should prepare before applying for fiancee visa. As for the proof your relations the photos, letters or phone bills are necessary. The visa process can take from 1 to 4 months.
#2 don conroy (England) at 2008-01-22
Hi, I was interested to read your comments about obtaining a fiancee visa to England. I have a couple of questions maybe you could answer. Would the fact that I have only been to Russia once and spent 5 days with my fiancee be a problem. Also how good dose my fiancee English have to be, is this important in the application.Could you comfirm that she will need a ring, as I was intending on getting that when she was in England.

Hope you can help,

Author's answer: Dear Don,

Answering your questions I can say the following. Your meeting in person (even if it is only one) before the application is essential and what is more important you will have to be able to prove it (tickets, hotel reservation documents, photos etc). As for the level of English of your lady I am sure that if it is rather good it will be only to your both advantage as it would only mean that she will get used to the life in new surroundings more easily.
Speaking of the ring I would not say that it is an obligatory thing but if she has it it will not worsen the situation.

All the best to you and your bride!
#4 Faith (Philippines) at 2007-01-24
hello! i just ant to ask that how can we process a visa to visit to england in a fast and easy way that my boyfriend from england will be here by this coming may or june and he wants to bring with me there in engaland when he come back there after his visit here...hope to here from you soon....thank you..
Author's answer: Unfortunately I do not know the procedure of getting visa to the UK from Philippines. I think that you should get consultations in British Embassy in your country.
#5 philip leeks (England) at 2007-01-07
Do you have to own/mortgage your own property in uk to bring lady into country or is it ok to rent one only?
Author's answer: Dear Philip,

If you would like your fiancee come to your country you must not own a property, but have to present some proof in the Embassy that you rent the accommodation that will be available to the applicant, e.g. mortgage documents, deeds, tenancy agreement (+payments for the house utilities).
#6 Richard Cox (England) at 2006-12-07
Dear CFL - I have just read your article about the ease of getting a fiancee visa for England and it has cheered me up immensely. The only problem I would have would be providing the pay slips and tax returns for 3 years. I simply do not have anything like that due to my type of employment in the past.
I have them for the past year or so but no further back. Do you think that this would seriously hamper my chances of getting the fiancee visa very easily ?
I very much want to get the process started but I would like to have everything in place before we apply for the visa.
Thanks for the informative site,
Author's answer: Dear Richard!

To my mind immigration officers view each case individually. Of course it’s necessary to show your financial status. If you have enough proofs of financial support you will not have difficulties in
getting Visa. But the most important is to show how serious you are toward your woman. You will need to demonstrate the evidences of your sincere intentions. At can be your meeting with lady, telephone
bills, letters etc. If you convince an immigration officer that you truly love this woman, I am sure it will be the main factor in taking decision. Still I would advise to make more researches from home office or other immigration service in UK.
#7 Yulia (Russia) at 2006-04-24
Hello, this article is very helpfull, and reading this i have no doubt that i will be able to receive it but I'm not sure what i have to do to take my 8 yars old kid. you didn't mention what kind of document required for bringing kids from previouse marriage. Thanks for advice.
Author's answer: Hello Yulia,
I am not 100% sure, but it seems that the British Consulate requires only
the birth certificate of children accompaning their parent. It is the only
document concerning children mentioned on the web-site of the British

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