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A little trick to catch any woman.

If you have no confidence in your own powers but you like the girl very much you can use a trick that is certain to help you. Attach a present to your first introduction letter! It can be something quite cheap but pleasant to every woman: one or three roses (in Russia it is not allowed to present people with an even number of flowers), a soft toy or some sweets. If your woman is well brought up she will certainly answer you at least to thank. Try not to miss this chance and get her interested in your further correspondence.

Well, if the girl is not very well brought up and even doesn’t thank you, be happy to have known this sad fact at the very beginning of your communication but not after making ready a fiancée’s visa(.

Your comments:

#1 Ray Sistare (USA) at 2005-10-27
I woman from Russia tell me that she has a USA visa and is going to visit me. She says that the USA will not let her fly to the US until she proves she has $1500 US dollars. She says she cannot get on the plane with at least $1500 US dollars. Is this true?
Thank you,
Author's answer: Dear Raymond!

Since I don’t know your girlfriend and the history of your correspondence, I can’t set a diagnosis without seeing. But honestly, my first thought was that it was the classical means of scamming. You will send her money and at the last moment it will turn out that she can’t fly to you. She’ll say that “Her grandmother died" or “her mother urgently needs operation” and therefore she “will have to spend” all the money. Certainly she will promise to return you everything, but you, being a gentleman, will decline it.

First of all, it is next to impossible for a young single girl to obtain a visa to America. There are exceptions, for instance, a program “work and travel” for students. It allows getting a visa, but the girl is expected to come to a certain place of work and unlikely her employer will allow her to stay in Russia and wait until some guy from America will send her $1500 for an airway ticket. Do you agree?

Secondly, it is too big sum for an airway ticket.
I would recommend you not to give this money to the girl.
It must help you!


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