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Typical Russian singles willing to marry foreign men: their portraits

What do you if you hear the expression “Russian singles”? What are they like, Russian singles willing to marry foreigners?

Each of us has some typical images in mind: an ideal man, an ideal mother, miss Perfection and so on. It doesn’t mean we try to make our fellow mates fit all these criteria. But cliches can help us understand what we want.

I’ve seen a lot of descriptions of typical Russian single women. Some of them are too lofty or idealized; others are too ironical and even cynic. I guess the truth is middle. We’ve met thousands of Russian singles for 7 years and I’ll try to paint a typical portrait of Russian singles seeking a foreign man for marriage.

The ground:

Age: about 30, looks good

Height: middle – 5.5 ft

Weight: 110-132 Lbs

Eye color: green or brown

Hair color: blonde

Build body: Normal

Education: University

Occupation: Economist, teacher or physician

Smoker: No

Drinker: Socially

Religion: Christian

Marital status: single

Children: 1 or 0

Languages: English 1-3

Main features:

Age: We’ve got different Russian singles but the majority of them are around 30. The younger ones are may not be very serious about their future life or… they haven’t yet got disappointed in Russian men. Older women, as a rule, have deep roots here like children, friends, relatives. Those who are 25-35 usually have had some experience of relationships with Russian men. Some of them already have children. But they are still free in their actions and quite mobile. They’ve just got a higher education and are starting their career. So leaving a job is not going to be too painful for them so far. They look good, keep fit and go in for sports.

Russian singles do not learn English intentionally but they can still remember something from school. Many of them have already been abroad (or heard something about life in foreign countries from friends and relatives). “A different life level” is shocking! They cannot stop thinking about it. Once they get the idea, “Why, why should I marry a Russian man? There are so many wonderful guys in the world!” And they go ahead!


There is the myth over the net that Russian singles are family-oriented. Well, this is not a myth. This is true! Russian women cannot live a different life. They simply have no examples! The most ardent Russian feminists (we’ve got some:) sing praises to love and family.

There is another myth: Russian singles seek foreign marriages to improve their level of living. It is not a myth either. It is a sort of excuse for parents and friends that they are going to leave. “At least life there is better!” they say. Just imagine: you are going to leave everything you have now for… uncertainty. Now you understand the necessity of finding some excuse for your close people?…Take into account that Russian family links are very tight!

Russian women are strong ones. They have already survived the intermediate period between the severe and orderly communist regime and the complete chaos. You trust us; it was hard to get foodstuffs for money! If you wanted milk you got to come to the milk store at 7 a.m. and stand in a line for an hour! I do remember those times… Then happened a series of hard economic and political crisis. The country had to survive. Those who have survived are strong indeed (however, some simply got drunk).

Religion. Most of our Russian singles are Orthodox Christians. But their belief is not really stable because religion was strictly forbidden in the Soviet Union. The majority of people were atheists. The first cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was asked the question, “Did you see God when flying in Space?” You can guess he answered “No”:). This comment of his became the top of atheistic gloating delight. Religion is popular now and people have amazingly quickly divided into Christians and Muslims mainly but they tend to periodically change their positions…:) We got other religions here including Catholic and Mormon Churches.

Children. It is typical for Russian women to give birth to children when they are young. The age of 20 is just OK! It is the safest age: absence of hard diseases helps women avoid complications. Besides, the very process is going easier when a woman is that young. By the way, if a woman is bearing a child at the age of 28 and more she is medically considered an “old-bearing” one. That is why some women of 26-30 already have kids. In fact, being pregnant is the highest family value here and Russian people do appreciate it. Women without children are objects of people’s sympathy.

Education and job. The majority of our Russian singles are physicians and teachers. They don’t earn much here. Young specialists get less than 100 $! But their jobs are emotionally hard.

However, Russian single women are the most beautiful! It is not a myth. They say in medieval times beautiful women in Europe were often considered witches and burned on a fire! We’ve never done this to the Russian women genetic fund! :-) Add the mixture of nations: eastern, western, southern, northern… When one of our men-clients came to Kazan and walked around he felt upset. He said, “I thought you got the most beautiful ladies on your site but they ALL are that beautiful here. I missed my chance to see so many beauties!!!” It’s true :)

Of course Russian ladies are curious. They come to marriage agencies with the thought, “Let’s first see what it is. Maybe it’s going to work well?…” They have a share of adventure because a reasonable woman will never make up her mind to fly overseas to a country without relatives and friends, especially if she knows no language. They like traveling and learning new things that helps them adapt to a completely new environment.

The portrait is ready! Well, is that what you are looking for?

Your comments:

#1 Dan (Canada) at 2008-04-13
I just discovered your site a couple of days ago and signed on for a trial membership, I want to compliment you in that it seems very heartfelt and sincere.

I am 21, have one degree and am studying for another at University. I have lost faith in most western women and where they place their values which is why I am here. Would many of your customers be willing to accept someone who is relatively young? I have been checking in the age bracket similar to myself (18-25) and have noticed that a lot of them are looking for men in their mid 20's to mid 30's. I have a bright future, but it is not certain and isn't stable yet. Would this be something that would be a turn off for many of your femal clients?

Thanks for any help!

Author's answer: Dear Dan,

First let me thank you for joining us and your compliments to our site!
You are right some Russian and Ukrainian ladies of 20 are looking for a partner of about 30. They consider them more mature and already settled in life as they might have probably achieved something and know what they want from their partner.But for some the age is not very important as you have noticed and they are open for communication to see if your interests and views on life coincide. So remember that every rule has its exception and evryone has the right to be happy. Do not lose hope and feel free to turn for help or advice any time needed.

#2 Shane Bishop (US) at 2008-01-21
I first want to thank you for the advice and instruction that has given regarding my first reply to a specific Russian Lady. I feel rather silly expressing such things as were stated and sincerely hope that such would not be hindering to a possible aquaintance or chat or responce of any type. I'm at the place in life were genuine vibes are known and am not one to play games or mess around with such things that may stifle the true essence of sincere relations between a man and a woman. For me there is no going back and the future is all there is. I'm okay with rejection if such happens, but I can't explain clearly how this particular Lady attracts me. I am open to all the help and any suggestions that may be helpful in at least being able to communicate with this Lady allowing the natural course of introduction and all the rest that makes Love Love take place. If it is real it will happen. I have had direct instruction from a Russian man as to were to pursue a genuine bride. these things and so much more have put me here. I'm not rich and to seek love this way really makes no sense, but something is amiss. Is it true that young adult Russian women mostly want mature older men who know what they want in life and above all know how to treat a woman with no games? If such is true, there is a chance for the risk that has been taken in the first responce by me. To meet such a person as I have doesn't happen by chance. I just want to say hello and tell her that she is sensational and will certainly bless someones life. She has blessed mine already. Thank you for the experience even if nothing else happens. vseeVOHDOHbrahvah dahSKOHrayVSTRYEHchee.


Shane Bishop
Author's answer: Your letter has already been passed to Natalia. Believe me you do not sound silly at all and I think that the lady will be touched by it and accept your offer to communicate. Any way you will certainly get the reply, no matter if it will be positive or negative, during 10 days as it is the usual period we give to ladies to write replies. If there are any reasons for the delay such as illness, the lady being away on bussiness, we will let you know on your e-mail address.

I repeat that you have all the chances to get a positive reply as the age difference between you and Natalia is not so great and you have mistaken opinion that young Russian ladies prefer older men for serious relations.
You should keep in mind that if we speak about marriage traditional age difference between spouses is not more than 10-15 years in Russia.

I wish you all the best in your correspondence and you can always rely on our assistance or advice.
#3 philips raj (indian) at 2007-12-12

i am philips raj. looking for russian bride. iwas in canada now back in india. a buiss man and now in bollywood films as Asst director. all that iwant to ask is. to find me a proper website or agency. when they dont cheet me. i am willing to pay but not to scams. and will russian women be willion to relocate to hot place like india? I respect the country and just love the women for what they r. so alwasys wanted to marry a russian girl from my childhood. kindly reply and thank u. philips raj. India .
Author's answer: Dear Philips,

I can set your mind at ease as you have found the agency you have been looking for – reliable and safe from scammers. We can vouch for every lady you can see on our site. Our managers work personally with all of them and check all the information in their profiles. To make our clients even surer that these ladies are real we have invented such services for them as Last Minute Portfolio (a man gets up to 10 recent unprofessional photos made especially for him), address and phone number retrieval. Also we have placed web cams in our offices in Kazan and Nikolaev so that you could see ladies coming there to get letters from men and bring their replies. Moreover our managers follow the correspondence in order to be able to notice the earliest signs of scamming and warn the man. So I can say that searching for a wife with us is practically 100% safe.

As for your second question about ladies’ wish to move to India I can only say that the place of living is not very important when it comes to the question of heart. A wife in Russia traditionally follows a husband. But of course our ladies may have preferences for men in terms of place of their residence.

If your intentions to marry a Russian lady are firm and serious then you can try to get acquainted with some. First you have to become a member getting registered here:

Will be glad to see you among our clients!
#4 Roland Mosley (UK) at 2007-11-18
Dear Sir or Madam..

Thank you for letting me get on to your site...

The onley thing is will any think happen for me??, as in your storys you give out??.

Yes I may be a bit older as I am 58, but I have heard of your site and got on to, google to find you out..

A gain It may go aganst me as I have told the truth as I am a,, QC, with QUEENS HONERS..

So that may put the lady`s off, also I am a LEGS person and that also may go ddown bad?? but tell the truth strat away and go from there, HU!!!..

I ope you do bring me luck this time as I have tryd sites and payd moneys and got not a person as you can see for your self, as I am now with your selves to retry...


Author's answer: Dear Roland,

I have got a good piece of news for you. You were granted our Free Trial
membership for your interest to our site and services. It gives you an
opportunity to get acquainted with some of our ladies on our site by writing
them your introduction letter and get their replies. Remember you have the
right for an unlimited amount of them this month.

You say that some of the facts of your biography can play against you. Let
us start with your age. You see women up to 45 years old apply to our
agency. Taking into account that traditional age difference between spouses
in a marriage can be up to 10 years (especially in late marriages) you have
all the chances to find your only one. Besides many ladies consider men of
your age more serious, consistent, reliable and knowing what they really
want from life.

As for other details I didn’t quite catch what is QC and legs person that is
why I can not comment. But you are welcome to explain and then I will be
able even to try finding ladies who would be glad to get acquainted with
you. I am speaking of the private search for you. Just let me know your
preferences for women (age, eye and hair color, education, hobbies and
traits of character etc.) on

Will wait for further letters from you.
#5 Brandon (USA) at 2007-04-03
Where would an American man in his early 40's find the best dating opportunities in Russia and the Ukraine? Say that I wanted to stay in coutry for a couple of weeks this spring and summer, which city or cities would be my best choice. I have done a bit of international travel but I don't speak Russian.
Author's answer: Dear Brandon,

Thank you for your letter. In fact the best option I would suggest is to look for ladies in Dating Services, correspond with them for a while and then come to meet them personally. Usually ladies prefer to know man a little bit through correspondence before meeting them in person.
You said you didn’t speak Russian and to my mind it will be easier for you to travel to big Russian or Ukrainian cities, although women in capitals differ from ladies who live in province to my mind.
I think in small cities you can find ladies with unique Russian soul. Ladies from capitals such as Moscow or Kiev have great Western influence. So all depend on what you are looking for. If you want to have a good time it’s better to go to big cities, if you are seriously intended then the best is to find a lady in the Internet, correspond with her and then come to meet her, no matter where she lives in a capital or small provincial city.
#6 Chris (Canada) at 2006-12-29
I live in a small rural farming town in Canada. I read that Russian women usually think that people from small towns are not well off and would rather have a man from a big city. But the average income in rural Canada is about the same as in the city. Are rural people in Russia not well off? I do not really want to live in an urban area as the country is much more quiet and a good place to live. What should I do?
#7 manoj kumar sahoo (india) at 2006-11-27
i am looking for forign lady who shoud marry me sattle down with me in india pondicherry
i am 27 years old boy.
Author's answer: Dear Manoj Kumar Sahoo,

Actually most of our ladies look for their second half in Europe or America. The reason is that Russian and European ways of life are similar. Our climate is alike as well. English, French and German are taught at schools and Universities. By all these reasons USA and European countries don’t seem too strange for us. Our knowledge about your country is very limited. And of course not so many women would agree to move the country they don’t know anything about. By all these reasons your chances are lower and of course one should be ready to get refusal letters. But still you can find ladies who may get interested in you and agree to move to India with you. I would advise you to tell more about yourself, your country and culture, about its advantages so that no one had doubts that it is a nice place to live with a family. To increase your chances to get more positive replies we would advise to send introductory letters to many women. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Please, follow the link to where you can register. Don’t hesitate and have a try!
#8 Moses (India) at 2006-11-17
Dear Friend
i want to know wheather russiuna women like indian men?their lack,wheatsh skin colour? do they marry indians and relocate to india?
Author's answer: Dear Moses,

Thank you for writing. You asked a difficult question. Tastes differ and someone can like Europeans only, some Indians, others Japanese. I can’t tell you exactly that Russian women like or don’t like
Indian men. To tell the truth most of our ladies look for their second half in Europe or America.
The reason is that Russian and European ways of living are similar. Mostly we have the same life views, traditions. The climate in Europe doesn’t much differ from climate in Russia.

Besides people in Russia get a lot of information about Europe and USA. We know about their economical and politician situation, their laws and holidays. English, French and German are taught at schools and Universities. By all these reasons USA and European countries don’t seem too strange for us. Our knowledge about your country is very limited. And of course not so many women would agree to move the country they don’t know anything about. I can’t say that you don’t have chances.
Yes, everybody has, but your chances are lower and of course one should be ready to get refusal letters. But still you can find ladies who may get interested in you and become your second half. To
increase your chances to get more positive replies we would advise to send introduction letters to many women, but not only to the most beautiful and young.
I can finish by saying that everybody has a Chance for Love in spite of color of the skin or place of living. Good luck in your search.
#9 Phil (USA) at 2006-11-02
I'm trying to understand how much competition is out there.

How many men worldwide are activly pursuing Russian women on your site?

How many letters does a woman between the ages of 35 & 45 receive on a weekly basis from different men?

Thanks Phil
Author's answer: Hello Phil!

Thank you for your message. Actually it has never occurred to us to keep statistics in this area.

You see, all women are different and they attract different men. There aren’t any rules that limit the quantity of men for correspondence. When a woman is in her search, she may correspond with as many men as she likes. This may continue till the meeting in real life. As soon as she realizes that one of the men matches her, she asks the agency to hide her profile from public view and notifies all the other correspondents that she’s made her choice. The situation is the same with men. We ourselves advise to correspond with several women will the meeting. It’s not always that 2 people that think that they match while corresponding stay with the same opinion after meeting each other. So, it depends.
#10 Ed Rodgers (America) at 2006-10-11
I have everything except a good partner to help me cook ! I need a woman in my life to make it more real and alive and to share the things I have wich includes a lot of love for the right person. My house is big but needs more love and the touch of a good woman who is happy ! I am a hard working well built man,5'4"wavy brown hair and hazel eyes. I've been told I'm good looking but I think I'm just average !I have a lot of life in me and enjoy many activitys. I love music and love to dance. I am not afraid to plant flowers or do my own dishes. I just want to share my life with someone to love and be happy with.
Author's answer: Dear Ed,
Russian women really have strong family values. They like looking after the house, cooking upbringing children and taking care of husband. Russian woman doesn’t consider those things as a duty, those things are her dream. And she shares good and bad times with her husband with great pleasure.
But I am a bit worried about your criteria described. Hopefully you don’t look for housemaid, because our ladies aren’t ready for everything, if only to move abroad, as the most of western men suppose. They wish to find their love, even it is abroad. And they are aimed to happy marriage certainly.
P.S.: if you have any questions please follow the link and leave your message there. And we’ll gladly try our best to help you or advise as soon as possible.
#11 ali khan (pakistan) at 2006-10-07
hi i wud like to marry a russian girl and live with her for two to three years on a contract bases. i want no children just to enjoy life with her, option is she shud be really gorgious and talkative.
Author's answer: Dear Ali,
We are the marriage agency and all our ladies are aimed to the marriage and they are interested only in a long-term relationship. None of them will live with a man for two-three years in order just to enjoy life and then return back.
Unfortunately we can’t suggest you any variants. Probably you should view other sites to find something suitable for you.
#12 SACHIN SHIRSAT (INDIA) at 2006-09-13
I am male with 30years of age .Iwould like to build relation with russian girl and to marry with her.I am diploma engineer and also a good care taker.If there is any girl who is really interested than contact me .
Author's answer: if you have any questions please follow the link and leave your message there. And we’ll gladly try our best to help you or advise as soon as possible. Here you can leave your comment to an article.
#13 t.k.shekaran (pondicherry,india) at 2006-08-17
hi oksana,
how are you ? fine ? i am fully satisfied seeing your replies, and i hope you will also reply me.
i met a girl named alina, in crimea, simferopol, and we soon fell in love. now we have decided to marry, and she is ready to relocate to india.
i need your sincere advice for her visa formalities, and a bit of advice about her culture, customs, and all.
what will be the difficulties, in her reaching me ? what will be the formalities, i have to make, to have her travel, and upon here, marriage, smoothly ? please advice....
thanking you,
sincerely expecting your reply, soon,
Author's answer: If you have any questions please follow the link and leave your message there. And we’ll gladly try our best to help you or advise as soon as possible. Here you can leave your comment to an article.
#14 Jason (USA) at 2006-07-29

I am rather curious as to what the Russian and Ukrainian woman are looking in a man per se` height wise. Let's say for instance that a lady submits her profile and describes the qualities in the gentleman that she is interested in finding while; perhaps overlooking by accident, the height of the gentleman she is searching for. Now, my question is what would the reaction be if a lady was a bit taller (by an inch or two) than the gentleman to whom she is corresponding with, yet both the gentleman and the lady share some common ground? Would the difference in height be a deterrent in some way, shape, or form?

Thank you.
Author's answer: Dear Jason,

There is a certain stereotype both in Russia and in the Ukraine that a man should be taller than his woman. Especially this aspect may be significant for very young, immature ladies but after a number of years when young girls grow wiser they realize that the inner world of a person, his views to life and a family are the priorities that determine her choice of her life partner. The appearance including the height is of less importance. So, if you just about 2 inches smaller than a woman you like let this fact don’t embarrass you.
#15 babil (india) at 2006-07-23
i recently posted my profile in a russian dating site(anastasia).in 3 days i received 106 interests from ladies all of whoom were from this is totally weird as i am no brad pitt and of very modest features and achievements and have never received such response even from indian girls at indian sites living in india. this has given rise to suspicion that these may all be scams.what do you say? also among other cosiderations a very important consideration for a lady is the financial income of a prospective foreign husband.what is the approximate range of income that russian ladies consider ok?
Author's answer: We've heard about such methods on Anastasia web. They practice that to involve a man into correspondence and make him pay for the services. We could recommend you not to use such services.

Concerning the income of a potential husband, it's more likely that a woman wants to be sure that a man she is building relations through letter exchange with, will be able to marry her. As you may know if a Russian or Ukrainian woman wants to get married to a foreigner she should obtain a fiancee visa. To obtain this visa both a man and a woman should gather a package of different documents including the provision of information about a man's income. If your income is lower than the necessary sum, your fiancee won't be given a visa. So, before getting involved into serious relations with a Russian or Ukrainian woman, you'd better find out all that may be required from you so that not to give our women vain hopes for a family happiness.
#16 subhro (India) at 2006-06-19
I am very interested in getting in touch and marrying a russian girl. Do you think women like to move to India which is now a very beautiful and developing place . Life here is very smooth and we have all sorts of facilities which at times is hard to think in developed nations.
Author's answer: I'd like to say that India is Russia's old friend, a trustworthy partner. It's the country we've been cooperating for almost a half of the century. There is a well-settled trade between Russia and
India. We export ferrous and non-ferrous metals, the heavies, fuel, machinery and equipment. India in its turn makes investments into the development of Russian power engineering, places military orders to our enterprises, sells tea, tobacco, coffee, spicery, textile and medicaments. Recently the partnership in the sphere of science and technology has also become actual. Many Indian students come to study to Russian Universities and Russian specialists also work in India. As you see, our countries are rather close to each other.
So, I'm sure that you will easily find a lady for serious
relations leading to marriage. Besides, there are 2 official languages in India - Hindi and English.
People in Russia learn English at schools and universities, so it will be not very difficult for a lady to adapt in your country.

Best regards,
ChanceForLove Dating Network
#17 Richard Swiger (USA) at 2006-04-21
I visited Russia in 94 and what you say is very true. I was a bit overwhelmed by the volume of beautiful women wanting to meet me. They liked Americans. My question is about women from Ukraine. Seeing they have suffered a nuclear disaster what have been the health ramifications for women in 40s?
Author's answer: Dear Richard,

First of all I'd like to tell you that Belorussia and not Ukraine or Russia suffered most of all in
the result of Chernoble disaster - more that 70% of radioactive substances occurred on its
territory. The levels of contamination and doses of irradiation of population are substantially
lower that of those who worked at liquidation of the disaster. The most part of people living in
those areas experienced a dose of irradiation that can be compared with doses a human being gets
from natural sources during all his life. Irradiation in such doses couldn't cause severe or
chronical affection and they've never been registered. It's the workers of the station and firemen
who underwent the intensive irradiation.

The work at liquidation of consequences of the disaster from the very beginning was carried on
against the background of disinformation in Russian and foreign mass media. The lightening of the
consequences by mass media little changed in recent years. The base of widely spread myths is the
idea that any irradiation irrespective of the dose size causes health ramifications.

Best regards,
ChanceForLove Dating Network
#18 Barry Kok (South Africa) at 2005-10-17
I realy like your site and it is the best of all that I have viseted.
I am a bit concerned though on one of your pages you warn your customers that Africa is not popular with your ladies. Now, do you think this counts for South Africa too? I mean we are a country with a very high standard of living.
Thank you
Author's answer: Dear Barry!

I quite agree with you about South Africa. It’s a country with great potential. We have a lot of men from this country that are interested in Russian ladies.
But we often see that women have prejudices against it. We have to "educate" them and tell them that it’s not a usual African country, that there are a lot of Americans and Europeans there, it’s a rich country and etc.
Generally Africa scares Russian ladies with its strong tribal relations and customs, which can be more important than civil laws. And also most of them consider Africa to be extremely exotic.
You know that in Russia African people began to appear just in 1960-ies and they are still exotic here. Not every lady can imagine her life in such exotic country. But it’s not right to say that Russian ladies are not interested in men from South Africa. Such couples are made at times.
I guess the best advice in this situation would be to tell a lady more about your country, your way of life. Send more pictures so that your lady can see your life and get accustomed to the sceneries of your country.

I wish you success in your search.

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