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The worst mistakes men do in the first letters.

1. Impersonal letter. Each gentleman should introduce himself and tell the woman about his life at least in a nutshell. Very often letters have no name, let alone age, occupation and the country of living. However, all these facts are very important for Russian ladies.

2. Standard letters. Letters starting with «Hi, there!» are good for an ash can only. Address your letters to each girl personally. We’ll give you a hint: just comment on some fact from her personal profile. For instance, if she’s got a child ask her about his/her name, interests and so on…  

The worst letter pattern:


I’d like to correspond with you, so would you mind writing me a couple of lines?»

If you could only see a woman’s face when she is getting this letter!!!! Only disappointed ladies that get no letters at all or terribly want to move abroad can give you positive answers. Is it what you seek? If no, please improve your first letter!

How to form a letter.

In this connection we can name several types of errors:

The first type concerns the appearance of a letter:

1.   All the words are written with lowercase letters.

2.   A letter has a lot of shortenings such as ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘4’ instead of ‘for’, etc.

3.   All the letters are capital. (Caps Lock key in pushed position)

Let’s see why all these things annoy Russian women.

Russian women are well educated. When they were small girls, teachers and parents hammered into their heads that: “Names must be written with a capital (uppercase) letter.” That’s why when a woman sees such greeting as “hi, lena”, she may think that you don’t respect her.

And the same thing happens when the sentences start with a lowercase letter. If you write in this way, a woman may think that you don’t care about her as such letters are difficult to read. It is like keeping a date in rumpled or ragged clothes and with dinner traces on your shirt!:))

When a man WRITES A LETTER IN THIS WAY that’s not good either. It is long known that in Internet capital letters usually mean ‘shouting’ or any other appeal for attention. If a man writes the whole letter with uppercase letters, it tells something about his mind, doesn’t it? :)

Don’t think that women set these things aside!  They read carefully and analyze every line, all the symbols of your letter, as they seek for extra information about you. Women are good detectives!:))

If your letter looks like a telegram or SMS-message like this ‘hi i love u’, women may think: 1) ‘he hasn’t got time to take care of a woman’; 2) ‘he doesn’t care about the impression he will make on a woman’; 3) ‘he is not inclined to long and deep correspondence that helps to know each other better. May be he is not earnest in his intentions?’

Written and spoken languages differ. Love-letter is a special art. But you can master it easily. Believe me!

The second type of errors is connected with content.

If you didn’t send your photo with first letter, do it with second one! It is not polite to play Zorro with a woman, if you have serious intentions!:)) And you also shouldn’t conceal your age from a woman. But tell only the truth!

Once we had an incident that can be called funny if it didn’t end in disaster…

One elderly gentleman chose a girl much younger than he (she was 30). When he introduced himself he said obscurely that he was about 40. This age was limit for her. After a long correspondence she agreed to meet with him. When little time left till meeting he suddenly let out his secret that he was not about 40 but 50. It was a great shock to her but by this time it was impossible to cancel the meeting. And that’s not the end of the story! When they met she was really horrified. He looked even older than that! She looked into his passport and found out that actually he was about 60! He was older than her father!

Didn’t this gentleman think that he could build happy relations starting with lies? I can’t understand such a behavior. My advice is: not to be like this man! Be honest and generous with women! If you are shy about your age, maybe you shouldn’t choose so young women? :))  

Your comments:

#1 Pauly (United States of America) at 2007-02-15
I wish you can explain to Russian woman that regarding photos
that most people in the U.S. have'nt a clue, that Europe requires
a photo be less than 500 Kbytes, if your going to send a photo to
your part of the world.I got a negative response from a woman
named Zhanna. I said I was going to send her a picture and did.
Either the photo was rejected or she never got it ?But it's O.K, I do
not wish to correspond with her as I got the feeling she has a mean
streak. Just remember that millions of Americans go to visit the
nations of Europe and Asia. Yet a far greater number of Americans
will never cross the Atlantic.
Regarding my e-mailing outside of your system I promiss not to do that again!
Author's answer: Photo should be not more than 500 Kb because it is difficult to get them through Internet in Russia.
Overweighed photos are loaded very slowly, Internet is not quick. It is just a technical reason for the photos to be 500 Kb. As for women who reject to correspond not seeing a photo first, I think they are just not serious in their intention. Men should not be offended by such women, there are a lot of interesting ladies, who are not eager to see man’s photo in the first letter. However you must take into consideration that you can view lady’s profile with her pics, but the lady cannot see yours, so do not delay to send your picture to her, they are curious as well as you.

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