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In the end I’d like to tell you a parable. Its author is Carol Lee:

There were two groups of warriors on a certain place on the planet Earth. Each group comprised warriors of the light. They understood their contracts but they also knew that there were dark forces at work that would like to prevent them from completing their goals.  So they called on God for the gifts of the new energy, and each warrior received his package as requested.

Each package contained three items: a sword, a shield and some body armor. The sword represented truth and could never be broken. Truth is pure, and the sword was, also, offering a perfect defense against the deceptions of the dark ones. The shield represented knowledge – knowledge of the weakness of the enemy and knowledge from eons of archives from the ancients. No energy could penetrate the shield, since knowledge voided out secrets and conspiracy. The body armour represented the wisdom of God in all things – especially the wisdom to wield the truth and hold up the knowledge in the face of attack.

Now, it came to be that indeed there was a coordinated attack by the dark forces. Both groups of light warriors felt they were ready, and they quickly turned to their powerful gifts to ward off the enemy. As the dark forces closed in, the first group opened their packages and stared at the contents with disbelief. Everything was in parts! There was a manual with a note that said, ‘SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED.’ They couldn't begin to get ready in time to meet the enemy, and so this group of warriors was quickly defeated. They became bitter and believed that God had tricked them into a false hope and sense of security. Oddly enough, even after defeat, they still had their packages, but they thought the tools were useless.

The other group had opened their packages long ago. They had put their tools together early, and they had practised with them. It was a good thing they did, for they found the sword to be almost too swift to handle properly. They found the shield to have so many options that they had a difficult time knowing exactly how to hold it, and they found the body armour heavy indeed! With practice and meditation, they eventually learned how to balance everything, and they were ready.

When the attack came, the enemy took one look at this enabled force and fled. The battle was nonexistent, and the warriors rejoiced in their victory. There was no showdown, and no wounds were suffered.

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