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The strategy of your further correspondence.

The general rule here is being an interesting companion. Here everything is like in a real life. Just you have the advantage: you shouldn’t look better than you are. It is the case when virtual nature of communication is a great advantage. Be yourself. Show your natural reaction to her letters. It’ll take you more time to have mutual feelings but if you have them I can assure you they are much stronger than usual.

Show you interest in your woman’s life. Be attentive to her letters; do not ignore her questions. Tell her about your way of life because she will have to adopt it. We had the case when a man told his girl about his common day by minutes. That was something special!

Try to attach your pictures as often as possible so that she could get used to see you. Besides, it’ll help her to reveal her personality.

Don’t just send e-mail messages. Form our experience we know that telephone calls make your communication much easier. Even if your girl knows no English our interpreter can help you talk.

Don’t forget about the advantages that ordinary mail can give you. Write a letter with your own hand (just it must be distinct) and attach the pictures of your house, your family members and some funny cards. You’ll take pleasure in doing all this. All this lovely stuff will be pleasant thing for your girl because they will tell her that somebody in the other part of the world is taking care of her.

Russian women usually have traditional family values. They adore to be petted with tenderness and attention by the representatives of the opposite sex. Be sure that describing their ideal men the majority of Russian women will tell you, “The most important thing is feeling like behind a stole wall near him”. This is a set expression and denotes not only stability and reliability, but a Man in the traditional but romantic sense. If she find all these qualities in you, she will give you a lot and award you for all your efforts!  

And the last rule: don’t make your correspondence too long no matter how sincere and hearty it is! Only private meeting can dot all your “i”s’.

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