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[2007-03-28] A matchmaking site for the disabled
Dating, offline and online, isn't easy for anyone. But imagine if you were disabled. Just south of Joliet, Ill., 54-year-old Suzie VanDyke struggles with a painful muscle disease called fibromyalgia. Sometimes, she feels like her neck, shoulders and legs are on fire. When the pain flares up, she's in bed for days at a time. For 15 years, VanDyke has dealt with fibromyalgia. She tried dating but eventually gave up on it. "When I would tell people I have this disorder," VanDyke said, "they'd push me aside. I wouldn't get a call again. It's just too much rejection." The big dating Web sites [...]
[2007-03-28] Russian population will reduce from the current 140 million to 108 million people
According to Hania Zlotnik, the Director of the U.N. Population Division, in the nearest 43 years the population of Russia must decrease from the current 140 million to 108 million people. The main demographic perspectives of Russia depend on three factors: migration, birth rate, and AIDS spreading. The Ukraine has the same problems as main factors affecting the demography. In contrast to many other neighboring countries, there is no tendency of death rate reduction in Russia. HIV epidemic consequences will play the leading role in the reduction of life expectancy of Russians in the coming d [...]
[2007-03-28] Custom of drinking vodka in Russia
If you are going to be traveling to Russia - you probably have been warned about the custom of drinking vodka; there is a lot of hype about it but here are the facts. It has only been 15 years or so since Russia became an open country after the fall of communism. The country is shrouded in myths that have developed over a much longer period than that. Some of the myths have a grain of truth while others are laughable. Yes, the Russian mob exists, but not every Russian is a mobster! Yes, Russia can be incredibly cold, but it can also be hot as heck in the winter. Yes, even in Siberia. And then [...]
[2007-03-28] Some strategies for speed dating
Seven minutes. At times, it felt like an eternity. At times, it was like a blink. But that was all the time I had to get to know someone when I went speed dating. You heard me right. I am not ashamed to admit it. For some reason, there's a stigma attached to speed dating, but it's no different than dealing with an online dating service - except with speed dating, you actually see your potential date up close and in person (as frightening as that can be for both parties). My first attempt was thanks to the good people at Hurry Date, a company that specializes in online and speed dating. Se [...]
[2007-03-28] The Dating Game: Back in the hunt - and it's a new world
Imagine you are a basketball player. You used to be a starter. You were out there during the big plays, winning championships. But that was 10 years ago. Now, you're comfortable on the bench, sipping an extra cup of Gatorade. Suddenly, the big guy comes over and says, "Get up. You're in the game." That's how it felt. I found myself back in the world of singles two years ago, after having been married for just over a quarter of my life (no kids, if you're wondering). I had just moved to Miami - arguably the hottest city for a guy in his mid-30s to rediscover dating. I just never imagined th [...]
[2007-03-28] After 30 years of marriage, 55% of single applications for divorce are filed by men
Contrary to previous generation staying married until the end, boomers divorce easily nowadays. Of the 52,400 divorces granted in Australia during 2005, not quite one-third involved a joint application. 57% of the initiated single applications were female. But after 50, males wake up and prefer living alone rather than in an unhappy marriage. The previous generation was prepared to stay in a marriage until parted by death, but boomers are more likely to go solo into old age. When couples file for divorce they have the option of applying singly or jointly. Of the 52,400 divorces granted [...]
[2007-03-28] Try thinking of yourself as 'singular'—defined by your relationship to God, not a man.
A New York City university recently offered continuing-education students a course on "Living Single." "Now, more than at any other time, the single lifestyle is viewed as a viable, desirable choice for men and women," read the course description. "Whether they find themselves single again, or single still, many adults are not completely comfortable flying solo--or confident in their ability to do it successfully. Topics include: viewing the contemporary world; relating to couples; the dating scene, how to be part of it (or not); and battling the blues that sometimes arise. Enrich your life w [...]
[2007-03-28] Who is and isn't marrying, and why
Move over, marriage. When it comes to romantic commitment, you're not the only game in town. While the culture wars rage on — conservatives doing their darndest to ban same-sex marriage, domestic partners gay and straight clamoring for the same legal rights as their married neighbors, and singles shouting, "Hey, where's our piece of the government pie?" — a funny thing happened: Marriage slipped off its pedestal. That's not to say we're all a bunch of misanthropic commitphobes. In fact, most women (and men) can expect to tie the knot at some point in their lives. Controversy still swirls aro [...]
[2007-03-28] The romance of being a single woman comes at a cost
My baby sister is 10 years younger than me. For the past year, she has been my roommate. Our household as two single mothers -- two single women -- is not idyllic. Little girls playing with bare-butt Barbie do not fantasize about growing up to raise children in a house with their sisters. At least I didn't, and neither did Jennifer. Yet, here we are.Now Jennifer is moving north because minus a husband with a trust fund, the cost of living in South Florida has priced her right out of the area.Meanwhile, a thousand miles away, middle sister Janice is preparing to marry for a second time. Her fir [...]
[2007-03-28] Women choosing not to marry
From celebrities like Oprah to professionals like Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, many successful women these days are deciding not to marry at all. Why the trend - and is the institution of marriage in any danger? The role of women in America has changed dramatically since the 1960s and 70s. Before the women's movement raised fundamental questions about the role of women in American life, two-thirds of adult women were married. By 2005, that number had dropped to a little more than half. It seems these days more women are saying "I might" rather than "I do." NOW president Kim Gandy s [...]
[2007-03-26] The secret life of French lovers
The secret life of French lovers has been exposed by new findings from a major study of French sexual behaviour. The research found that the French were only slightly more sexually active than the British, long derided as Europe's least romantic nation. The French have their first had sexual encounter after their seventeenth birthday - 17.2 years for boys and 17.6 percent for girls, compared with 18.8 and 20.6 respectively 50 years ago. [...]
[2007-03-10] Online dating is it prostitution?
I recently came across a website called, a dating website for people looking for “mutually beneficial arrangements.” The site connects “Sugar Daddies” with “Sugar Babies.” Basically, it promotes arrangements where young women date older men in exchange for expensive gifts. Unlike other dating websites, profiles of Sugar Daddies (and Sugar Mommies) list the person’s annual income and net worth; for example, “ActionDaddy” is worth $750,000 to $1,000,000. The profiles of Sugar Babies list how much each expect from their Sugar Daddies (or Mommies). “Foxy Kat” expects between [...]
[2007-03-10] Sms' could sabotage the chances of finding love for women
Texting and Instant messages may have done away with old fashioned forms of courtship, but a new workshop on dating has revealed that if a woman wants to keep a man's attention, playing hard to get and resorting to love letters may be the best bet, for sms' could sabotage the chances of finding love. Relationships advice columnist Cindy Pan and radio personality Bianca Dye drew on their own experiences to write their guide to love and the modern girl in How to Play Hard to Get: How to Catch and Keep Mr Right, Not Mr Right Now. Dye says the nature of instant communication has created a whole ho [...]
[2007-03-10] India's top matchmaking Web site is moving into storefronts to get a bigger piece of a $300 million business
Every day in the congested northern Indian city of Allahabad, mothers amble nervously through the entrance of Shaadi Point to talk to Kiran Chowla. They come clutching studio portraits of their sons and daughters in suits and saris, and with pages of profiles listing religion, caste, star sign, skin color, and income level. "Love?" asks Chowla, 54, removing her spectacles and raising her eyebrows. "It is a feeling of the heart, and it comes with association." Association - the web-based kind - is what Chowla offers her clients. Her shop, one of 130 such franchises in India, is a storefront [...]
[2007-03-10] State legislators say teens involved in illegal Romeo-and-Juliet relationships shouldn't be labeled sex offenders.
Florida's sex-offender laws, designed to protect the public from predatory criminals, unfairly lump together sexually active teenagers and the man who raped a 9-year-old girl and buried her alive, state senators said Thursday. One of those laws makes it a second-degree felony for anyone older than 18 to have sex with a minor younger than 16. But that means so-called Romeo-and-Juliet situations between consenting teenagers can lead to the adult in the relationship being labeled a sex offender, the same designation given to John Couey before he killed Jessica Lunsford in 2005. ''I have real co [...]
[2007-03-10] Paid Dating Sites Vs. Free Online Sites
One very happy gay man in America said it all on a recent night--"This site is like an ice cream shop! I’ve tried many different flavors of men and can’t get enough! It’s sex 24/7"--in his personal endorsement for The confession is charged with high-voltage sexual emotion. The surge of guilty pleasure in that admission presses all the right buttons in a cruiser: excitement, expectation, and anticipation: "It’s sex 24/7." Chalk up another happy customer--that, and the effectiveness of the viral marketing that site directors are employing, as well as the tactical campaigns and [...]
[2007-03-10] London's free dating site, has launched new video facility, London's free dating site, has launched a competition to find the best video submission. To coincide with the launch of its new video facility, SnogLondon is seeking the best clips from members of the site. The winner will be announced and featured on the site on April 1st.SnogLondon's director, Simon Dale, said: "We think this is a fun way of promoting yourself. We expect most video clips will be creative, mini-shorts, rather than straight to camera shots such as you might see on a more traditional dating channel,' says Simon. "We welcome anything, the good, the bad and the ug [...]
[2007-03-10] Mass wedding to be held in Russia
Part of an annual mass wedding ceremony linked to the Shanghai Tourism Festival will be held in St Petersburg this summer to mark Shanghai Week in Russia, organizers said Thursday. The date for the actual tourism festival hasn't been set yet, according to the Shanghai Tourism Administrative Commission. Couples can register to take part in the "rose wedding" starting today at the Furama Tower in Luwan District, or the offices of Shanghai CYTS Tours. The first 15 to 20 couples who apply will be invited to tie the knot in Russia. The deadline for applications is June 6. The lucky couples wi [...]
[2007-03-10] Russian women often think to themselves that although the constitution grants equal rights to women and men, in real life their opportunities are very unequal
Not many women in Russia are feminists - they tend to lean toward patriarchal views and way of life. But life itself compels them to reproach men. Sociologists talk about "gender asymmetry" with good reason. On average, women earn only 70 percent of men's salaries, and get 40 percent to 50 percent of their pensions. For a long time, they have been doomed to low-paid spheres - health care, education and culture. It is no surprise that women working two or three jobs at the same time has become a typically Russian phenomenon. Women are more flexible than men on the jobs market; they are keener [...]
[2007-03-10] U.S. women age 30 and older are having babies at the highest rate since 1964, while teenagers are having fewer than ever
The birth rate among women 30 and older increased during the past 20 years to about 96 for every 1,000 women in 2005, the year examined in the study published in the February issue of the journal Pediatrics. Among women ages 15 to 19, births fell 2 percent to about 40 for every 1,000, the study said. Women are ``pursuing career and education first and postponing marriage and family,'' said Brady Hamilton, a statistician at the National Center for Health Statistics, part of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. ``For teens, it reflects a combination of things: programs that pro [...]
[2007-03-09] Step-by-step guide to spring cleaning your life
RELATIONSHIP One of the difficulties with relationships is that they can coast along, with neither partner willing to admit there are problems until they become so serious that fixing them can be almost impossible. With this in mind, the voluntary organisation Scottish Marriage Care, which has offices on Whitehouse Loan, has started offering a relationship inventory and MoT. These are available for couples who are married, thinking about getting married or who have just been together a long time, and can help couples learn more about themselves and the key areas of their relationship. [...]
[2007-03-09] Muslim Roma brides for 3,000 euros
Greek Helsinki Monitor (GHM), on the occasion of tomorrow’s International Women’s Day, highlights once more the extensive violation of the right of Muslim Roma women in Thrace, subjected too to the sharia law, including the sale of 13-14 year old children brides for 3,000 euros. Below are selected excerpts from interviews of women concerned to the local daily “Paratiritis tis Thrakis” that speak for themselves. It is recalled that, on 16 February 2007, the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Spokesperson George Koumoutsakos said that the acceptance of sharia is “an indication of a sensitivity o [...]
[2007-03-09] Indian Pakistani matchmaking
Daughter, 22, Sunni; fair, religious, beautiful, Urdu-speaking. Looking for a decent, employed groom. Contact box XYZ, Lahore, Pakistan. Daughter, 21, Sunni; very beautiful, smart, English & Urdu-speaking. Seeks proposals from well-placed Indian groom. Contact box XYZ, Karachi, Pakistan. If you thought you were reading matrimonial entries in a Pakistani daily, get corrected. This is what marital proposals read in Delhi-based newspapers when Pakistanis and Indians in increasing numbers decide to come together to raise hopes for a permanent peace. The peace initiated by New Delhi and w [...]
[2007-03-09] Russia honours its women with capitalistic fervour
IT helped to spark a red revolution that swept Lenin into the Kremlin but celebrations overnight of Russian womanhood owe more to rampant capitalism than communist solidarity. International Women's Day is marked with intensity in Russia, where men began a frenzy of consumption this week to buy flowers, chocolates and perfume for the ladies in their lives. Unlike Valentine's Day, a recent foreign import, men are expected to buy gifts for their wives, girlfriends, sisters, daughters and female work colleagues to express their admiration for the opposite sex. The state also joins the celebra [...]
[2007-03-09] Curch claims traditional family unit under threat. Divorce rates rise 19%. Number of children born out of wedlock heads towards 50%
CHURCH and family groups expressed fear for children growing up in broken homes yesterday after figures revealed a soaring divorce rate, a fall in the number of marriages and the highest ever number of children born out of wedlock. The introduction of "quickie" divorce laws led to a 19 per cent rise in the number of divorces last year, to more than 13,000. Meanwhile, the number of people marrying fell by three per cent and the proportion of children born to unmarried parents peaked at 48 per cent. Church and family groups said the figures reflected an "unhealthy society" that was having [...]
[2007-03-08] Be friends, lovers at same time
Today we are going to delve into the depths of myths. We're going to talk about being friends first before dating. This is slightly a controversial issue because so many people are on opposite ends of the spectrum on this. Some believe that it is absolutely necessary to be best friends first and then lovers. Some believe that being friends first ruins it all, and that the only correct way to do it is to date and court first. The courting process will make you better friends. You want to know what my take is on it, don't cha… don't cha? Well, read on! Today we are going to delve into the dep [...]
[2007-03-08] Internet dating in New Jersey will require more of a commitment if a bill approved by a state Senate committee on Monday becomes law.
The bill, S-1977, would mandate that Internet dating services doing business in New Jersey advise whether their users have undergone criminal background checks and warn that those checks are not necessarily foolproof. The bill, sponsored by Senate President Richard Codey, D-Essex, was unanimously approved by the Senate Budget and Appropriations Committee. If enacted, the measure would make New Jersey the fourth state to adopt legislation requiring such disclosure of whether criminal background checks are required of online dating services. Florida passed a similar bill last year; Michigan [...]
[2007-03-08] What Do Women Think of Women' Day
"She takes care of herself, she is ahead of her time" is a line taken from one of my favorite songs "She's always a Woman". Yes, that's how a woman is and should be. Woman, without her, a man is nothing. In fact, without her, the world would not be worth living in. A daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother, mother-in-law, grand mother....are the different roles a woman gets to portray and she carries them all simultaneously with élan. There is nobody quite like her. She has always been an integral part of the society. Hers is the hand that rocks the cradle; the hand that rules the worl [...]
[2007-03-08] Girls, if want your man to stay interested, stop sending text messages. SMS could be sabotaging your chance of finding love.
While world leaders talk about the perils of global warming, single women are bemoaning a drought of a different kind. And it seems that the era of instant communication isn't doing us any favours. That's the message to come out of a recent dating workshop held in Sydney to coincide with the publication of the latest book on finding and keeping a man.Relationships advice columnist Dr Cindy Pan and radio personality Bianca Dye drew on their own experiences to write their guide to love and the modern girl in How to Play Hard to Get: How to Catch and Keep Mr Right, Not Mr Right Now. Dye says t [...]
[2007-03-08] In Russia women earn only 70% of men's salaries, and get 40%-50% of their pensions
As Russian women accept congratulations on the International Women's Day, 8th of March, they often think to themselves that although the Constitution grants equal rights to women and men, in real life their opportunities are very unequal. Not many women in Russia are feminists - they tend to lean towards patriarchal views and way of life. But life itself compels them to reproach men. Sociologists talk about "gender asymmetry" with good reason. On average, women earn only 70% of men's salaries, and get 40%-50% of their pensions. For a long time, they have been doomed to low-paid spheres - hea [...]
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