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[2007-02-27] Imbalance of sexes in India
By early afternoon, wedding festivities were well under way for Gagandeep Singh, 29, and Taranjeet Kaur, 26, in this touristy town in the Himalayan foothills of the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.Mr. Singh, the groom, works at an American Express office near New Delhi. He is seated cross-legged in a large, gracious white Sikh temple overlooking the Nagar River. His ceremonial finery includes a dagger and ornate turban.Beside him is his bride, her hands heavily hennaed with designs befitting a newly married woman. She is dressed in a magenta-colored gown and spends much of the ceremony gazing [...]
[2007-02-27] Marriage discriminates
Two hundred years ago, nobody could ever imagine that blacks would be free. One hundred years ago, nobody thought that women should be allowed to vote. Fifty years ago, nobody thought that interracial marriage should be legal. When thinking that these civil rights issues used to be controversial, it feels as though America must have been living in a dark age. Now, these issues are not even issues, they are commonplace in our culture. Most minority groups in America have had a civil rights movement, and most of these groups came out as victors. However, there is one group that has been fighting [...]
[2007-02-27] Migration will not resolve demographic problems fully
Migration will not resolve demographic problems fully, head of the Russian Federal Migration Service Konstantin Romodanovsky announced during an online conference at REGNUM News Agency in Moscow today. Answering the question whether the Russian nation would be “washed away” by ethnic expansion as a result of migration processes, Romodanovsky said: “according to our information, migrants make up for population’s natural loss by 10-15% only.” At the same time, Konstantin Romodanovsky drew attention to the fact that “people of other ethnic groups are Russian citizens just like we are. It is not [...]
[2007-02-27] The Central Federal District of Russia quick facts
Central Federal District includes 18 areas: Moscow city, Moscow region, regions of Vladimir, Ivanovo, Bryansk, Kaluga, Kostroma, Orel, Ryazan, Smolensk, Tver, Tula, Yaroslavl, Belgorod, Voronezh, Lipetsk, Kursk and Tambov. Moscow city is the center of the district. The total area is 650 700 sqkm that is equal to 3.8% of total Russian area. Population is 37.3 mln people (25.5% of the total country population). The district has the highest density of population equal to about 56 people per 1 sqkm. Over 70% of population lives in 40 large cities. District economy is territory differentiated. In t [...]
[2007-02-27] How much Russian women spend on cosmetics
Cosmetics sales in Moscow contribute to 20% of the total Russian perfumery and cosmetics market. The Moscow market is estimated at $1.5 bln in 2006. The majority of cosmetic companies work in Moscow or have there representative offices in the Russian capital. Moreover both local and international establishments choose Moscow region to construct their production sites. Moscowites buy more cosmetic products than their compatriots in the regions. For example, 48% of Russian people use hair colorants. In Moscow the colorants consumption rate is 55.8%. In hair styling segment the situation is the [...]
[2007-02-27] The Russian government has approved a five-year, $9 billion draft program to combat diseases, including HIV/AIDS
The program also aims to provide 30,000 HIV-positive people in the country with access to treatment. According to the Federal AIDS Center, about 18,000 out of the 58,000 HIV-positive people in need of treatment have access to it, the Moscow Times reports. Health and Social Development Minister Mikhail Zurabov said that the HIV/AIDS segment of the program is an "essential step forward," adding that a few years ago, only 700 people in Russia had access to treatment. The government also needs to provide information about prevention and treatment services to the Russian public, Mikhail Rukav [...]
[2007-02-26] During the week of Feb. 5, men and women visited online dating Web sites in nearly equal numbers
During the week of Feb. 5, men and women visited online dating Web sites in nearly equal numbers, according to Hitwise, which measures online traffic. And to look at the 10 most popular sites not directed toward gay people, you might think that every dating site on the Internet was rigorously gender-balanced. All but one of the 10 largest sites came within 10 percentage points of being evenly split. But among the smaller dating Web sites, many were drastically skewed. SeniorPeopleMeet, the 41st most popular site, had 80.8 percent women. BBW Datefinder, for “big beautiful women and admirers,” [...]
[2007-02-26] Police forces around the world spend fortunes trolling for and arresting Internet predators
Police forces around the world spend fortunes trolling for and arresting Internet predators and educating parents, teens and children about cyber-safety. By now, avid online shoppers ought to be well-versed in the dos and don'ts of sharing confidential financial information electronically. And while the dangers of posting personal details on the Net have been drilled into the minds of most tech-savvy surfers, sometimes even adults forget and find themselves in dangerous situations. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of online dating, where thousands of vulnerable, unlucky-in- [...]
[2007-02-26] Some tips on staying safe while looking for love online
Police, teachers and parents dedicate much time to teaching children about Internet safety, many online shoppers have learned the dos and don'ts when it comes to handing over personal information online, but there's one area on the World Wide Web where adults are still falling into serious trouble. A recent string of criminal incidents has highlighted the importance of putting safety first when it comes to Internet dating. A 42-year-old Bancroft, Ont. man was arrested last week for allegedly assaulting a woman he met online after he showed up at her house and found her in the company of a [...]
[2007-02-26] In South Korea, billboards advertising marriages to foreigners dot the countryside, and fliers are scattered on the Seoul subway.
IT was midnight in Hanoi. But after a five-hour flight from Seoul, South Korea, on a recent Sunday, Kim Wan-su was driven straight from the airport to the Lucky Star karaoke bar, where 23 young Vietnamese women seeking Korean husbands sat waiting in two dimly lit rooms. "Do I have to look at them and decide now?" Mr Kim asked, as the marriage brokers gave a brief description of each of the women sitting on a sofa. Thus, Mr Kim, a 39-year-old auto parts worker from Seoul, began the two-hour process of choosing a spouse. In a day or two, if his five-day marriage tour went according to plan, he [...]
[2007-02-26] Followers of Islam use traditional methods to find their spouse
It's your wedding day. You're about to walk down the aisle, lift up the veil and look your future husband in his eyes. After you're married, you'll be presented to all your family and friends and will finally get to kiss the man you've been waiting to marry ... for the first time. For many Muslims, this scenario is the norm. After a short "courtship" - dating is forbidden in Islam - Muslim men and women decide to get married. If marriage is delayed, it is said to have deviated from its natural course according to a marriage handbook for Muslims. So many Muslims choose to be married quickly, as [...]
[2007-02-26] There is now a website where you can find a partner compatible with your dog, cat, snake or spider.
A new Dutch website says it is a meeting place for all animal lovers, whether you are looking for a partner, someone who also likes snakes and spiders or someone who takes care of your chickens when you want to go away for the weekend. "How can you find a nice partner who is just as crazy about animals as you are?" said Betty Mercey on Sunday who launched the dating site this weekend which is called "Animal and Human". Members of the site can describe themselves and their pets, and when they think they have found someone who also likes their pets, they can contact each other through the we [...]
[2007-02-26] Married prompts a fifty percent increase in housework for women
A new study suggests that getting married prompts a fifty percent increase in housework for women. While, for men the effect is totally opposite. According to the research published in the latest edition of the Economic Journal, when a woman is single doing housework takes nearly ten hours a week. But after marriage, she normally does fifteen hours of housework every week. On the other hand, a single man does an average of seven hours of housework a week. But, after marriage, his housework hours reduce to five hours a week. Helene Couprie, who conducted the research, said: "The division [...]
[2007-02-26] International Women's Day
International Women's Day has been celebrated every year since the early 1900s and this year it will be taking place on Thursday 8 March. Millions of women are still battling against poverty, discrimination and unequal access to education, training, credit and technical assistance. If given the opportunity women everywhere will work like champions to develop better lives for their families and communities. ( 2007) This article aims to introduce International Women's Day (IWD) and give an insight into the meaning of this day and the women's liberation issues behind it. [...]
[2007-02-24] A PAIR of Hampstead men have come up with a unique way of meeting the opposite sex.
Best friends Teddy Liefer and David Cohen, both 23, got so fed up with a string of disastrous dates that they set up the website www.dateswithmates.comA series of unfortunate nights out with women left Mr Liefer, of Downshire Hill, toying with the idea of joining a dating agency.But because of fear of being ridiculed by friends for looking for love online, the film producer instead hooked up with his mate to set up the website. Mr Cohen, who lives in Swiss Cottage, said: "Teddy had a look at dating sites but I wasn't convinced. I thought if I could go along with a mate it would be fine. "I sea [...]
[2007-02-24] The Indian government has launched a new scheme to help women who are married and then abandoned by men of Indian origin living in the West.
The Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs says women who are divorced or deserted within two years of marriage will be entitled to legal and financial aid. According to one estimate, up to 20,000 women have been abandoned by their non-resident Indian (NRI) husbands. Mostly, the husbands disappear after pocketing fat dowries paid at weddings. An official in the ministry, SS Rana, told the BBC that women who needed help could approach Indian missions abroad directly or through non-governmental organisation approved by them. "The deserted women will be given financial assistance of $1,000 f [...]
[2007-02-24] Love, Florida Style - Love, Florida Style in Miami
There are only two choices -- you're either in a relationship or single. For those in the latter category, I've got three words: "Love, Florida Style."That's the theme of the third annual Singles Expo, a Sunday trade show held at the Sarasota Cay Club. The daylong expo features morning workshops, an afternoon trade show and an evening dance.All of it will be focused on bachelors and bachelorettes.We're not talking about rooms filled with shy librarians, hyper-horny best friends or online daters getting tips from charismatic love experts.That may be hard to believe, especially after reading the [...]
[2007-02-24] Over the last several years we've seen a steady drop in the percentage of US online users who report browsing online dating sites.
Too tired, or too lazy to hit the meat market? Tongue-tied with chat-up lines? Marketers have been taking note of lonely hearts all trying to meet ‘the one’. Maybe not even ‘the one’, but ‘the two and ‘the three’. As the internet has grown, you’ve guessed it, so has the online dating business. According to new research from Jupiter, the US market continues to grow but is heading towards saturation and stagnation in the number of users paying for access. Senior Analyst at JupiterResearch, Nate Elliott, said, "Over the last several years we've seen a steady drop in the percentage of US onli [...]
[2007-02-24] Evansville-based Community Marriage Builders is expanding its reach with a new slate of programming in Vanderburgh, Warrick, Posey and Gibson counties.
The programs, for both married partners and engaged and dating couples, are funded with a $2.5 million, five-year grant that the nonprofit received last fall from the Department of Health and Human Services' Administration for Children and Families. The government grant funding also enabled Community Marriage Builders to hire 10 new employees. The marriage enrichment classes, "Love for Life Lessons," and the premarital program, "Make it Last Lessons," are different from the ones that were previously being offered by Community Marriage Builders. "These are brand-new programs, and there will [...]
[2007-02-24] Russia celebrated a holiday on Friday honouring the military
Russia celebrated a holiday on Friday honouring the military, with President Vladimir Putin laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknown soldier while communist opponents held protests to criticise what they say is the lamentable treatment of the armed forces and their veterans. Putin’s new defence minister - a former furniture store manager and tax collection chief with little military background - praised those who "have dedicated their lives to the noble work of serving their homeland" and vowed in a televised Defenders of the Fatherland Day message to continue efforts to modernise the mili [...]
[2007-02-24] Russian cities telephone codes and time difference
RUSSIA, Country code 7 Country name City name Time diff. City code -- Country name City name Time diff. City code RUSSIA Moscow +8 095 RUSSIA St.Petersburg +7 812 RUSSIA Arkhangelsk +8 37422 RUSSIA Astrakhan +9 85100 RUSSIA Abakan 39022 RUSSIA Achinsk 39151 RUSSIA Akhtubinsk 85111 RUSSIA Alapayevsk 34346 RUSSIA Anapa ? 86133 RUSSIA Angarsk ? 39518 RUSSIA Arkhangelskoye ? 34774 RUSSIA Armavir ? 86137 RUSSIA Arzamas ? 83147 RUSSIA Azov ? 86342 RUSSIA Balabanovo ? 08458 RUSSIA Bala [...]
[2007-02-24] Belarus cities telephone codes and time difference
Belarus, Country code 375 Country name City name Time diff. City code -- Country name City name Time diff. City code BELARUS Brest +7 0162 BELARUS Gomel +7 0232 BELARUS Grodno +7 0152 BELARUS Loev +7 2347 BELARUS Logishin +7 1653 BELARUS Minsk +7 172 BELARUS Mogilev +7 2222 BELARUS Pinsk +7 1653 BELARUS Vitebsk +7 0212 BELARUS Gomel +7 0232 [...]
[2007-02-24] Uzbekistan cities telephone codes and time difference
Uzbekistan, Country code 7 Country name City name Time diff. City code -- Country name City name Time diff. City code UZBEKISTAN Karshi +10 37522 UZBEKISTAN Samarkand +10 3662 UZBEKISTAN Tashkent +11 3712 UZBEKISTAN Fergana +10 37322 [...]
[2007-02-24] Kazakhstan cities telephone codes and Kazakhstan time difference
Kazakhstan, Country code 7 Country name City name Time diff. City code -- Country name City name Time diff. City code KAZAKHSTAN Alma-Ata(Almaty) +11 3272 KAZAKHSTAN Chimkent +11 3252 KAZAKHSTAN Karaganda +11 3212 KAZAKHSTAN Gyriev +11 3122 KAZAKHSTAN Petropavlovsk +11 3152 [...]
[2007-02-24] Ukraine cities telephone codes and Ukraine time difference
Ukraine, Country code 38 Country name City name Time diff. City code -- Country name City name Time diff. City code UKRAINE Kharkov +7 0572 UKRAINE Kiev +7 044 UKRAINE Lviv +7 0322 UKRAINE Odessa +7 0482 UKRAINE Chernovtsy +7 03722 UKRAINE Dnepropetrovsk +7 0562 UKRAINE Donetsk +7 0622 UKRAINE Ivan-Frankovsk +7 03422 UKRAINE Kerch +7 05661 UKRAINE Lugansk +7 0642 UKRAINE Nikolaev +7 0521 UKRAINE Rovno +7 0360 UKRAINE Sevastopol +7 0692 UKRAINE Simferopol +7 0652 UKRAINE Sumy +7 05422 [...]
[2007-02-24] Post USSR countries telephone city codes and time difference
Latvia, Country code 371 Country name City name Time diff. City code -- Country name City name Time difference. City code LATVIA Daugavpils +7 54 LATVIA Jelgava +7 30 LATVIA Liepaia +7 34 LATVIA Riga +7 2 LATVIA Ventspils +7 36 Estonia, Country code 372 Country name City name Time diff. City code -- Country name City name Time difference. City code ESTONIA Kohtla-Yarve +7 33 ESTONIA Narva +7 35 ESTONIA Parnu +7 44 ESTONIA Tallinn +7 2 Lithuania, Country code 370 [...]
[2007-02-23] Matchmaking rarely pays off, but that never stopped me from trying
You’d think I’d know better from my own blind date. After meeting me, he WISHED he was sightless.The friends I set up felt the same, and when the last one tied the knot, I reluctantly threw in the towel. But like the meddling mom in movies, I’ll enter a whole new arena when my son, Kelly, starts dating.No doubt astrology will play a big part. When prospects provide the mandatory birth certificate, I’ll check it out carefully. And if their sign proves other than Pisces, they’ll hear, “Sorry, Charlie.” Excuse me. Charlene.To be honest, I’d like to see a law pass endorsing arranged marriages. In [...]
[2007-02-23] New ways of entertaining - what can be better than speed dating!
Chinese youth don't seem to be too impressed by the ongoing spring festival. Bored of the traditional forms of festivities, they are looking to new ways of entertaining themselves, and what can be better than speed dating! The country is buzzing with activity as enthusiastic youngsters convert the festival into a matchmaking session with hundreds of parties being organised across the country in an attempt to modernise the celebrations. In one such venue at the Ditan Park in Beijing, over 2,000 gaily dressed young men and women turned up to join a dating party last Monday. Dating parties, organ [...]
[2007-02-23] Sweden has just got its first dating and community site for disabled people
The site's founder, 25-year-old Robert Öijvall, came up with the idea after attending a course on disability in the eastern town of Uppsala. "I have a minor disability myself. One of my feet is artificial. So I have some first-hand experience as well as having worked as a personal assistant for a number of years," Öijvall told The Local. He currently works with a man who suffered brain damage in an accident which also claimed his wife's life. "My client has talked a lot about the difficulty of meeting someone new and making new friends," said Öijvall.When the pair attended a cou [...]
[2007-02-23] Russia has set aside almost $3bn (£53bn) for an emergency programme to tackle its epidemic of ill-health and a falling life expectancy.
The programme aims to reduce mortality rates by targeting diabetes, TB, HIV/Aids and cancer. The health ministry says average life expectancy for Russian men is less than 60 years - about 15 years lower than in most other industrialised countries. Life expectancy for Russian women is about 72. Politically sensitive The BBC's Steven Eke in Moscow says this represents a new Five Year Plan - not aimed at boosting the production of tractors but at tackling the causes behind one of the world's worst health crises. Many diseases have spread rapidly since the Soviet Union's collapse. Prim [...]
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