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Ukraine cities telephone codes and Ukraine time difference

Ukraine, Country code 38 Country name City name Time diff. City code -- Country name City name Time diff. City code
UKRAINE Kharkov +7 0572 UKRAINE Kiev +7 044
UKRAINE Lviv +7 0322 UKRAINE Odessa +7 0482
UKRAINE Chernovtsy +7 03722 UKRAINE Dnepropetrovsk +7 0562
UKRAINE Donetsk +7 0622 UKRAINE Ivan-Frankovsk +7 03422
UKRAINE Kerch +7 05661 UKRAINE Lugansk +7 0642
UKRAINE Nikolaev +7 0521 UKRAINE Rovno +7 0360
UKRAINE Sevastopol +7 0692 UKRAINE Simferopol +7 0652
UKRAINE Sumy +7 05422 UKRAINE Vinnitsy +7 04322
UKRAINE Alushta +7 06560 UKRAINE Zaporijie +7 0612
UKRAINE Kirovograd +7 0522 UKRAINE Lutsk +7 03322
UKRAINE Poltava +7 0532 UKRAINE Ternopol +7 00352
UKRAINE Ujgorod +7 0312 UKRAINE Kherson +7 0552
UKRAINE Hmelnitskiy +7 0382 UKRAINE Cherkassy +7 00472
UKRAINE Yalta +7 0600 UKRAINE Zhiitomir +7 0410

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