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[2007-01-29] Money talk is vital in marriage
Young couples bring many things into a new marriage. His collection of “Snorks” DVDs. Her closet of secondhand eBay shoes. His annoying habit of leaving toenail clippings on the floor. Her snoring. And then there are the His and Her checking accounts, which lead to the first big money decision young newlyweds face: the bank-account dilemma. Keep separate accounts or merge them? Money battles are a prime reason marriages break up. Making a smart bank- account choice early on could help prevent a marriage-ending cash conflict later on. It’s an important issue, because it’s a stand-in for two [...]
[2007-01-29] Dating traps: The `it's time' trap
In the early seventies Carly Simon sang: "But you say it's time we moved in together And raised a family of our own, you and me Well, that's the way I've always heard it should be..." It's a very sad song as I remember. When you get down to the bottom line reasons, the sense that it is "just time" to commit and/or get married is the reason that many people get married. I've coached hundreds of singles and couples who got together because one or both of them felt the pressure from themselves and others to settle down and get committed or married. To quote one of my relationship coaching c [...]
[2007-01-29] 51 percent of American women are living without a spouse has demographers, statisticians and politicians pondering the whys and what ifs
The sudden realization that 51 percent of American women are living without a spouse has demographers, statisticians and politicians pondering the whys and what ifs. Surely these unwed women are the career-focused – see Meryl Streep in "The Devil Wears Prada." "Why should a woman who does a man's job expect to have a man on her arm?" asks one study. But no! The unwed dames come from the lower classes, the uneducated who once strived to "marry up" but now are doomed to a spinsterhood or divorced lifestyle because they didn't go to college, says another. Too many warmed-over conclusions from [...]
[2007-01-29] About 70 percent of African-American women do not live with a spouse
About 70 percent of African-American women do not live with a spouse, the Census Bureau says. That's the direction in which Monica Blackwell-Harper once saw herself headed. Although she wanted children, "I didn't want to get married," the 35-year-old from Forest Park says. "I didn't understand why people would (marry). It seemed like a bad idea, because in my circle, it seemed like everybody broke up." That included her parents, who divorced before she entered grade school. She married despite those misgivings, and today both Blackwell-Harper and her husband, Tramell Harper, also 35, admit t [...]
[2007-01-27] Charms of Nashville rate it as a top location for singles
When Corina Garcia followed her job at Nissan from Southern California to Middle Tennessee in July, her friends were horrified. "Are you crazy?" they asked her. "What are you going to do, date cowboys?" Garcia isn't alone, though. Thousands of newcomers move to Nashville every year, drawn by jobs or the low cost of living or the climate or the chance to write the next hit song. Many of them leave behind puzzled friends and relations who can't understand how anyone could give up the social scene in New York or Seattle or Los Angeles. Nashville is in the middle of a singles boom. More than ha [...]
[2007-01-27] YooMedia moves into social networks with dating site
YooMedia is to launch a free online dating website,, in response to what it describes as a need for a new business model for networking sites. The company, which already owns dating websites Dateline and Avenues, said the website was inspired by the growth in popularity of MySpace and Facebox, which promote their services free of charge. YooMedia said it planned to derive its revenue entirely from advertising. Neil MacDonald, group managing director of YooMedia, said: "Social networking sites, which by their nature offer a kind of informal online dating service, which has [...]
[2007-01-27] Help for bullied brides
You're a terrified 15-year-old girl. You're being subjected to daily harassment, beatings and emotional blackmail, regularly locked in your bedroom and told you can't go to school. You suspect you are going to be raped and your parents are perpetrating all this. Forced marriage involves assault, false imprisonment and sexual abuse. Families can also kidnap young women, and sometimes men, after they have been taken 'on holiday' abroad. Alone in a foreign country without money or their passport, they are forced to marry the person who has been chosen for them. But forced marriage is not a crim [...]
[2007-01-27] Online Dating Dangers
A 21-year-old woman told Kennewick police she was raped after a man she met on the popular online social network picked her up at her home and took her to a location in east Kennewick. Police said that more and more people are using the Internet to date. The Sexual Assault Response Center said a number of people have reported meeting their attacker online just weeks before the assault took place. Most people do notface this problem when they go online to date, but police warn that you have to be careful when you go from communicating via email to meeting someone in person. Kennewick Dete [...]
[2007-01-27] An unprecedented number of new dating books make men look stupid.
If one believes the recently published "A Practical Handbook for the Boyfriend," written by Felicity Huffman (yep, that Felicity) and her best friend, Patricia Wolff, a man's emotional checklist is very short indeed: "Am I hungry? Am I sleepy? Am I horny?" Meet those needs and your man will be satiated, re-energized and back to concentrating on his livelihood. But wait! Isn't there one more? Like "Am I insulted?" Probably should be. In an unusual week (according to our alert books editor, Sarah T. Williams), more than six tomes on men and dating crossed our desks. Only a few publishers s [...]
[2007-01-27] Scots women drinking more than ever as liver disease cases double
THE number of women dying from alcohol-related liver disease has more than doubled in eight years, outstripping the rise in men, according to new figures which reveal the true extent of Scotland's binge drinking culture. In the past, doctors saw fewer cases of liver disease among people in their thirties. But the new data reveals that the number of women aged 30 to 44 who died of alcohol-related liver disease doubled from 32 in 1997 to 64 in 2005; for women aged between 45 and 59 the rise was even steeper - 104 per cent. For men, it was 48 per cent and 72 per cent respectively. Studies h [...]
[2007-01-27] Things have changed for single women
It used to be if a woman reached a certain age without having wed, she was labeled a spinster. Cursed with an assumption of loneliness and sympathetic relatives trying to repair the personal flaws thought to be scaring away gentlemen callers, she was often set up with any available weirdo. And the weirder the better -- the odds are good when the goods are odd. And nothing's as bad as missing the boat. Except perhaps being a divorcee or a woman living in sin. Not as sympathetic a character as the spinster, the divorcee wore the label of she who had a chance at marital bliss and blew it; any [...]
[2007-01-27] JumpStart is playing matchmaker.
The nonprofit business development organization on Thursday launched a web site aimed at connecting entrepreneurs with investors and anyone else who can help get a business running. The site,, works like a dating site, according to Clyde Miles, executive vice president of Optiem, the Cleveland marketing company that created it. IdeaCrossing allows entrepreneurs and investors to create profiles for free. The site then will match them based on compatibility. Whereas a dating site might pair people based on personalities, IdeaCrossing makes matches based on businesses’ [...]
[2007-01-27] Man uses single women to cash fake checks
Single women look out, St. Joseph Police say a scam artist is using a phone dating service to cash fake checks.It`s a crime that has made its way from the Kansas City area into the Midland Empire.The man meets his victims on Live Links or Quest and convinces would be dates to cash fake checks.SJPD Sgt. Curtis howard says, "The suspect found this particular victim and befriended her and had her cashing checks for him."A St. Joseph woman recently became a victim, cashing payroll checks for a man she barely knew. The scammer promised she could keep some money as a gift for helping him."The only d [...]
[2007-01-27] Speed dating gives singles a chance to test-drive a dozen or so potential dates in one evening.
Participants meet, mingle a bit at a reception, then take places at tables around the room. A bell sounds and each paired-off couple has six minutes to size each other up. At the six-minute mark, the bell sounds, the men move to the next table in line and the process starts again. All speed daters have a check sheet to keep track of which people they'd like to see again, or not. The next day, they get a list from the organizers of everyone they said they'd like to meet, who also want to meet them. The appeal of speed dating is a chance to size up a blind date without worrying about being stu [...]
[2007-01-26] Truth and lies about men's basic instincts
A recent study indicates that men come up as the most frequently discussed topic when women engage in small talk. Besides, the results of the study enabled scientists produce some curious data on representatives of the male gender. A large-scale opinion poll conducted by psychologists and sociologists in several European countries dispelled numerous stereotypes relating to the “Martians.” Below are some of the stereotypes proved erroneous or correct by the poll: Men tend to choose female partners which look like their mothers Wrong. The poll shows that half men really hold their mothers as [...]
[2007-01-26] Farmers don't want to be left on shelf
Healthy outdoors type, own business, country home with incomparable views, likes animals and organic food, would like to meet ... well, anyone at all, really. Isolated young farmers in Wales are finding it so hard to meet anyone new that they are looking for love by putting their photographs on the side of milk cartons. The campaign started life as a promotion for an organic dairy co-operative but has revealed a sad truth about the modern countryside: it can be a very lonely place. The sharp decline in jobs in agriculture coupled with antisocial hours means that many farmers struggle to e [...]
[2007-01-26] Advice to the Unsuspecting Lovelorn, Whether or Not It's Been Solicited
The train rambled along -- somewhere between Washington and Philadelphia, northern Maryland probably -- when the stranger and I started talking. The overpriced, but delicious, chocolate-chip cookie from the cafe car broke the ice. She admired the treat, but declined my offer when I broke off a piece for her. Then we began chatting. "Laura" was a married woman on her way home after a weekend in Washington. She had children my age, including a son who would be returning the next day from a military tour of duty in Iraq. After a few minutes, the inevitable question came: "Are you married?" [...]
[2007-01-26] Business helps people find love
A new business in Alburgh is helping people to find lasting love and, hopefully, a partner for life.It was a brush with cancer which left Paul Downing determined to find success in establishing the business,, which is going from strength to strength.It was his own unhappy experience of dating websites which led 24-year-old Mr Downing, from Norwich, and fellow business partner Colin Byer, 35, to set up the site.In the village near Bungay, he said: “I had used dating sites, and so had some friends, and we had not had a great experience. They weren't really about looking for [...]
[2007-01-26] In Iraq, marriage can be forever or for a few minutes
FATIMA ALI was a 24-year-old divorcee with no high school certificate and no job. Shawket al-Rubae was a 34-year-old Shiite sheik with a pregnant wife who, he said, could not have sex with him. Ms Ali wanted someone to take care of her. Sheik Rubae wanted a companion. They met one afternoon in May at the house he shares with his wife, in the room where he accepts visitors seeking his religious counsel. He had a proposal. Would Ms Ali be his temporary wife? He would pay her 5000 dinars ($5) in advance plus her monthly expenses. About twice a week over the next eight months he would summon her [...]
[2007-01-26] Facebook presents new elements to dating, privacy
Dating is changing. As technology advances, the way we perceive and form romantic relationships evolves. Most Pepperdine students have a Facebook account. And out of that group, the average student goes on Facebook each day checking messages, writing on walls and uploading pictures. When it comes to forming new relationships, trust is a major issue, and it seems that Facebook is not only becoming an excuse to delay finishing homework, but also an excuse for anonymously investigating a crush. “Once I was talking to this girl, and it all started out as an innocent poke war, but it then escalat [...]
[2007-01-26] Many Russian Women Drink During Pregnancy
Russian women are aware that drinking can damage developing fetuses — but nearly two-thirds continue to drink after they become pregnant, according to new research. Before doing the study, researchers hadn’t even been sure that it was possible to conduct accurate surveys in this population.“Russian obstetricians said [the women] won’t answer or won’t answer accurately,” said lead author Arlinda Kristjanson, Ph.D., an assistant professor of clinical neuroscience at the University of North Dakota. “But we found that they will and they will say exactly what they are drinking.” Nearly 900 Russian [...]
[2007-01-26] If your marriage survives January, you'll stay married all year
If your relationship survives the month of January, you'll probably stay together with your spouse all year, according to a survey of European couples. Many couples patch over their troubles and make an intentional effort to get through the end of the year with its family holidays and gift-giving merriment without any outward signs of marital woes.But come the New Year, like a hangover, all those problems resurface to show what a farce the December merry-making was, according to the research coordinated and compiled by the German research institute Innofact AG. Exacerbating the situati [...]
[2007-01-26] If you want love in your life, you need to create the right conditions to attract it
Here are his six simple steps to love:1 Be honest with yourself"Start by taking a clear, firm look at your past relationships," Jacques advises. "Find the common patterns and identify the ones you want to break," he says. Once you've ascertained where you've gone wrong in the past, you're set for a smoother future.TAKE CHARGE Make a list of all your exes. Next to each name write down the reasons you're not still together. This will help you avoid repeating unhealthy patterns and mistakes.2 Change bad habitsIf you've identified bad habits, the next step is to make a pledge to avoid them in the [...]
[2007-01-26] Make your dating profile professional
Don’t wade into the digital dating pool uneducated. With tens of millions of people looking for love online, you’ve got to work doubly hard to stand out. Don’t Kill Them With Adjectives Sift through a dating site, and you’ll find unending lists of adjectives: smart, kind, funny, adventurous, honest, caring... Why not just include uncreative, cliched and boring? Ditch the list. Make your new mantra that old writing maxim: Show, don’t tell. The Photo Even though starry-eyed suitors might say it’s what’s on the inside that counts, don’t fool yourself: Your photo is perhaps the most import [...]
[2007-01-26] Russians suffer from no winter and gloomy autumn depression
Winter in Russia is super warm and absolutely gloomy this year which turns to be a real disaster for the majority of Russians. At that, some are absolutely delighted with the hot winter while others are terribly discouraged with the fact that they cannot see white snow and sunshine for so many days running. Depending upon the emotions that the hot winter stirs up in people they can be absolutely precisely grouped into early risers and night owls, into heat-loving and frost resistant, into patriots and westerners. It seems that time has stopped when nothing is happening to the scenery in fron [...]
[2007-01-26] Women misinterpret results of sexual revolution to their own detriment
As soon as humans found out that women also need to experience satisfaction in sex(articles), the history of human civilization took a serious turn. Psychologists, gynecologists and psychiatrists started writing numerous instructions, dissertations and many other works to provide a variety of recommendations to married and single individuals. It was generally believed decades ago that lonely people, especially women, were supposed to take care of themselves without any assistance. It never occurred to anyone back then that single men and women also needed sex. There was no sex in the Soviet [...]
[2007-01-26] Men go fishing when their sex life declines
Are there any differences between fishing and sex? In fact, there are quite a few of them. For example, fishing will never bring you to orgasm nor will it make your pregnant or HIV-infected. The point is that fishing has to do with a handful of people who do it for a living or pleasure while the rest listen condescendingly to fish stories about catching a bass the size of a sturgeon or a pike as big as a shark. On the other hand, sex is something all of us have. Well, most of us engage in sexual activities from time to time at the least. And some of us just love spreading fish stories about ou [...]
[2007-01-25] Kissing is Acceptable While Dating According To Poll
Out of 271 respondents, 134 answered yes, that kissing is acceptable while dating. Seventy-one voted no, and 66 were unsure. Many of the respondents who felt that it was not acceptable made a point that it is a temptation and can lead to sin. One participant stated, "The Word of God says we should not make any provision for the flesh." Christian dating behavior should include decent and proper behavior. The world is watching and many could be won just by the Godly example of living a life honoring Him. Comments of voters who were unsure felt that the commitment of the relationship should hel [...]
[2007-01-25] How To Tell If The Website Is Genuine
Online dating services are big business, pulling in over 3 million members on over 1000 online dating websites through out the internet. Over 17 million hits were recorded in 2002, with 15,000 new users logging on each day. But after spending your evenings surfing these sites and in chat rooms, how do you know if the site you've chosen is a reputable site where you can find a real mate? There are over 100 free online dating services, which can attract people who aren't committed to being a site member and following through with the rules that the site set up. A good rule of thumb is that rep [...]
[2007-01-25] 13 Tips To Write A Winning Online Profile And Attract A Date
How long do you spend getting ready for a night out? At a guess I would say that if you’re a woman you can probably spend 1 hour upwards preening and titivating and if you’re a man you can be showered, shaved and out of the door within 20 minutes (unless, of course, you’re a metro-sexual in which case you probably take longer than a woman!). Now let me ask you how long you would spend (or have spent) writing a profile for an online dating site? Less than 5 minutes, possibly 10 minutes maximum? When you consider that you literally have minutes to impress someone and stand out from the rest i [...]
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