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[2007-01-23] Older singles leading baby boom
The number of unmarried mothers has reached an all-time high in Franklin County and the state, with four in 10 babies born to single women last year. Despite decadeslong trends and what conventional wisdom says, teenagers aren’t responsible for the upsurge. The birthrate among girls 10 to 17 years old throughout Ohio and the country dropped in 2006 to the lowest levels ever, according to health department records. Instead, women in their late 20s who have put off marriage or are living with significant others led the swell. College-educated, career-driven women in their 30s and 40s clo [...]
[2007-01-22] Cybersex and soulmates
There are millions of you doing it right now as we speak – online, tapping away. Many are men. That doesn’t mean they’re fat, lonely Star Trek devotees with silly haircuts, anoraks and body odour. Her name’s Anna and she’s from Reykjavik. You’ve been chatting online for two weeks now and are getting along well. You’re grappling with the idea of setting up a meeting, knowing that it’s going to require a number of things, including money and guts. Think you’re alone? You’re not. There are millions of women online looking for relationships with men and millions of men like you replying to them. [...]
[2007-01-22] Destination weddings have become a hot trend. But before you fly off to that dream ceremony, make sure your paperwork is in order.
Back when Megan Aune was Megan Trisko, she and her fiance, Justin, went with two dozenrelatives and friends to the Mayan Riviera for their wedding. The sunny Mexican beach was a beautiful setting. When the couple got back to reality… er, Wisconsin… Aune used her Mexican marriage certificate to change necessary documents from her maiden name to her married name, and that worked fine. But when the couple moved to South St. Paul and Aune tried to get a Minnesota driver's license from the Hastings driver's license bureau, she was turned away because her acta de matrimonio was in Spanish. She was [...]
[2007-01-22] E-Pundits gaining popularity for matchmaking
With the rapid growth of marriage and dating websites the online matchmaking business has come of age. The inexpensive way of contacting large number of people across different geographical and cultural sections of the society is the single major factor which has led to the mushrooming growth of these websites. What began as an online version of a traditional pundit for match making in 1997 in India has now turned into a multi billion-rupee industry. e-pundits see a multiple growth in this sector with these websites offering related services like tips for brides to infrastructural support li [...]
[2007-01-22] Advice for choosing a marriage partner
Did you know that using your head, along with your heart, will help you to select the right marriage partner? Those who rely solely on their feelings to select Mr. or Ms. Right will probably wind up in trouble. Why? Other factors besides feelings will determine if you can stay in love. While none of us should marry someone we don't love, none of us can wind up fully happy with a partner that isn't a good match. All married people can attest to these facts: •Nine times out of ten you do marry the family. That is, your in-laws will play a major role in how you relate to your spouse. •Money [...]
[2007-01-22] Cupid weaves a tangled Web
It's not official until it's on MySpace. Or Facebook. Or both. The days of announcing a new relationship by wearing a crush's class ring or letterman's jacket have evolved. Now it's all about the relationship status on social networking sites.Some people now list themselves as "married" on their profiles when a relationship gets serious and "divorced" when the breakup is painful. And finding that your crush has changed his or her status on MySpace or Facebook to "single" is the dreaded, fatal sign.This new-found PDA — public declaration of attachment — has taken over the dating world, and that [...]
[2007-01-22] Tips and tidbits for dating
There are 30 million single Americans over 50 years old. Best places to meet others: Online dating services have become the method of choice, but there are matchmaking services, blind dates and accidental encounters, such as in Fry's Electronics stores. Introducing yourself: A well-thought out e-mail that references something in your profile will make you stand out more than others. If you're not interested in those who contact you, respond by wishing them well in their dating venture. Beware of false advertising: Some people use either old photos or pictures of someone else for their onlin [...]
[2007-01-22] Tips for matchmakers
• Provide a big disclaimer to the parties being set up because chemistry is that great, unpredictable intangible, says Pepper Schwartz, a relationship adviser for and author of “Finding Your Perfect Match” (Perigree Books/2006). “You might present it as something that you’re offering. Tell them, ‘Kick the tires yourself. I am responsible for nothing more than putting it on the lot.’” • The pair might share passions for rock climbing and Stravinsky, but do they share the same views about family, religion or public service? Common interests are important; shared values are fund [...]
[2007-01-22] Single Women Need to Understand That Many Are Alone Due to Commitment Anxiety
It's a cliche most common onValentine's Day: the single woman moping at home with a pint of ice creamand Sleepless in Seattle on DVD, while everyone else is out on dates. Butauthor Elina Furman says that single women should stop feeling sorry forthemselves. Elina explains that many of these women are in fact choosing to bealone (even if they don't know it) due to their undiagnosed commitmentanxiety, in her new book, KISS AND RUN: The Single, Picky, and IndecisiveGirl's Guide to Overcoming Her Fear of Commitment (Fireside/Simon &Schuster, Inc., $13.00). As author of the first book about fem [...]
[2007-01-22] Most women live alone, but don’t even mention cats!
The latest white-hot buzz, particularly among women: According to a statistical analysis of 2005 census data by the New York Times, 51 percent of U.S. women in 2005 are living without a spouse.That’s up from 35 percent in 1950 and 49 percent in 2000. But as a member of that statistical group myself, the part that chapped my sensibilities was that the Times illustrated the story with a photo of a single woman, petting her cat. There we have it: A snapshot of moral decay. Women not only have abandoned the role of wife; they have taken to living with cats.Female. Single. Lives alone. Has a cat [...]
[2007-01-22] Why women are abandoning men
Remember the days when little girls grew up dreaming about a knight in shining armor whisking them off their feet to live happily ever after? Remember when a woman's foremost fantasy was finding the man of her dreams? Well, that's all over now as women are abandoning men in droves and learning to find happiness completely on their own. Two astonishing studies show just how alarming the trend has become. First, there was the study, from the National Marriage Project at Rutgers University and others, that two-thirds of all divorces today are initiated by women. These numbers beggar belief. [...]
[2007-01-22] Marriage for its own sake? No
LIKE the name of her waxing parlour, businesswoman Ow Shin Yann draws men like bees to honey. With a lanky 1.7m frame and good looks, this former New Paper New Face finalist and ex-model definitely has what it takes. Especially when topped off with a vivacious personality. Miss Ow admits that she is somewhat of a social butterfly - hard to pin down. But despite pressure from nosey relatives and their questions during Chinese New Year, she is quite happy not to have a rock on her finger. Over coffee, she told The New Paper: 'I'm quite immune to it already. Some people marry for the sake of m [...]
[2007-01-22] Are women giving up on marriage?
DID YOU KNOW that a majority of American women now live without husbands? I didn't either, but last week The New York Times announced it on Page 1: "51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse." Taken at face value, that's a pretty disquieting statistic. If society is to flourish and perpetuate itself, it must uphold marriage as a social ideal -- it must raise boys and girls in a culture that encourages them to marry eventually a partner of the opposite sex, make stable and loving homes together, and have children who will one day form successful marriages of their own. The news that most Amer [...]
[2007-01-22] Married people are happier than unmarried people
The New York Times reported this week that, according to the U.S. Census, married women living with their spouse are now a minority of all women. The Times presented these results in a generally upbeat front-page story full of anecdotes about happily single, divorced, and widowed women who love the freedom that comes from being unattached. In 2005, the most recent year for which data is available, 49 percent of women 16 and over are married and living with their spouse; 3 percent are married but separated; 2 percent are married, but the spouse is absent (for example, in the military statione [...]
[2007-01-22] Scottsdale man links Christian singles
Although he has worked 10 years helping Christian single men and women get together, Mike McCartney of Scottsdale doesn’t consider himself an expert matchmaker. “When I found myself launched into singleness (after 17 years of marriage) over 10 years ago, I was determined to figure out what I did wrong,” said McCartney, a Scottsdale resident who has a business background and studied divinity. “After successfully pulling off the biggest failure of my life, I wanted to create the skills necessary to create relationships for life. That’s what led me to this.” “This” is, a Ch [...]
[2007-01-22] Ross Gordon may be single, but he makes his living helping others find their soul mate.
Gordon, the owner of, is part of a booming industry focusing on singles, including travel services and Internet dating sites, that's seen tremendous growth in recent years. The Milford resident began organizing travel excursions for unmarried adults and singles-oriented events 17 years ago after attending a dance at the request of his mother. "It was so horrible that I thought I could do better than this," he said. "I thought, hey I really could do better than this, and I did." Gordon began organizing singles dances in the Norwalk area, then moved on to organizing [...]
[2007-01-22] Russian law affects EU tourists
A new Russian migration law that took effect Jan. 15 introduces changes that concern Czech and other EU tourists who want to visit Russia. Apart from visas and migration cards, foreigners are now required to have another document that must be issued within three days of their arrival in the country. The rule doesn’t affect people staying less than three days. “The registration has in fact not been canceled, only a different system is being introduced,” said Roman Masarik, Czech consul in Moscow. While previously foreigners had to register at the police, now they must do so with the Russian [...]
[2007-01-22] Russian women earn 34% less than men
December 2006 a research in the field of how much Russian people earn was conducted. The survey observed 47 key positions in administration management, personnel development, marketing, sales, finance, accounting, IT and telecommunications, supply support, logistics, production and business legal support. About 4000 recruiters were polled and here is what the survey revealed:On the whole women in Moscow earn 34% less, than men; however, sometimes the difference isn't so striking. E.g. in the field of brand-management – 6%. Although, if one takes the director of supplies' position, the salary w [...]
[2007-01-22] With honesty and timing, matchmaker can find you a perfect fit
E ven in this age of online dating, my husband and I met exactly the same way both sets of our parents did: on a blind date, introduced by friends. The old formula of friends setting up friends has worked for generations. Often, it doesn’t take more than one thoughtful person. At our October wedding, several guests wanted to meet our matchmaker, Phil Greenspan. “I wasn’t thinking much other than the fact that I know two nice, educated, Jewish people who might hit it off,” he said. “I think that making a connection is a bit of luck. It’s mostly timing.” Others who have successfully set up f [...]
[2007-01-20] Owner of Online Dating Firm Arrested for Sending 5.4 Billion Spam Emails
The spam promoted a Japanese dating website.Experts at SophosLabs, Sophos's global network of virus, spyware and spam analysis centers, have warned companies to abide by anti-spam laws following the arrest of a man suspected of sending 5.4 billion spam emails promoting his dating website.Japanese authorities arrested 47-year-old Yoshimitsu Hirono, president of Tokyo-based dating website Takumi Tsushin, along with three other suspects. Approximately 90 million spam emails a day are said to have been sent promoting the site over a two month period.According to reports, the four men have admitted [...]
[2007-01-20] Finding a Boyfriend for My Vietnamese Mom -- Online
When I asked my mom recently what she wanted for her birthday, she gave me the most unexpected answer: she wanted my help in getting her on the online dating superhighway. Her request for a personal ad as a gift was nothing like the perfume or flowers I usually get her. I didn't know what to say. She had just gotten out of a six-year relationship and wanted to get back into the dating scene. She told me she wanted to find romance again. "I'm not getting any younger," she joked.She told me she was not looking for, in my terms, a "booty call," but a friend or a companion to go grocery shopping a [...]
[2007-01-20] Alec Baldwin Considers Online Dating
Alec Baldwin is keen to take his quest for love online - and can't wait for women to pass judgment on his cyber dating profile. The 48-year-old actor split from his girlfriend of four years Nicole Seidel in July last year but is looking forward to the prospect of finding love in 2007. He says, "I would love to marry. I want to be in love again." When quizzed on the possibility of being lucky in love thanks to internet dating by, Baldwin insists his profile would get the ladies talking - but not in a positive way. He jokes, "I'm thinking about it (internet dating). I could pos [...]
[2007-01-20] Men over 40, start 'monkeying' around
If one were to believe the way the media portrays dating patterns between men and women, one would think that men over 40 are only interested in women much younger than themselves. Whether it be movies, television shows, or even commercials, these men are always depicted as chasing after (and often catching) women barely half their age. This is where I usually insert a few pop culture references of "Michael Douglas"-like examples, but for once I'll leave it up to you the readers to think of really good ones. E-mail me ( your most outrageous examples of older men being [...]
[2007-01-20] Youth Supplement The Dating Game
If you're reading this, either as a teenager or a twenty-something, the chances are that you have a television set nestling in the corner of your room. And come Friday night, more likely than not, you have watched Friends -- or one of the other sitcoms that consider you their target audience. If so, there’s one thing you can’t have missed — the characters’ lives revolve around dating! Who they have dated; who they are currently dating; who they want to date; the dates that ended up in disaster and so forth. At one level, of course, these programmes simply provide fictional entertainment fo [...]
[2007-01-20] For women, the single way is ever more likely
The number of unmarried women in Australia is expected to outstrip the number of married ones when census results are released later this year, according to projections by experts. For the first time, single women and those in de facto relationships will become the norm, marking the beginning of a social trend that will change the way we live, socialise and conduct relationships. "My expectation is that the 2006 census results, due out in the middle of this year, will confirm that there are now more single women than women in married relationships," demographer Bernard Salt said. "These fig [...]
[2007-01-20] Married people are happier than unmarried people
The New York Times reported this week that, according to the U.S. Census, married women living with their spouse are now a minority of all women. The Times presented these results in a generally upbeat front-page story full of anecdotes about happily single, divorced, and widowed women who love the freedom that comes from being unattached. In 2005, the most recent year for which data is available, 49 percent of women 16 and over are married and living with their spouse; 3 percent are married but separated; 2 percent are married, but the spouse is absent (for example, in the military statione [...]
[2007-01-20] Where To Meet Someone New To Date
If your weekend plans include hanging out with friends at a restaurant or bar in hopes of meeting someone new to date, consider this: Maybe you would be better off going to the grocery store together. This morning we shared some of the unusual places people say they meet single men and women.For some reason, the grocery store keeps topping the list. I scoured lots of different Web sites about dating and many of them named the grocery store as a place to strike up a conversation with single men and women.One article even had a strategy for navigating the aisles. I'm not kidding. The Web site Ge [...]
[2007-01-20] Russia starts tough new migration rules
Russia launched a crackdown on millions of illegal workers as tough new migration rules came into effect Monday amid a rising tide of anti-immigrant sentiment. But with Russia's population plummeting, there is concern the country could face serious shortages of low-wage laborers. "They don't like the color of our skin here," said a 26-year-old Azerbaijani produce seller at a Moscow food market who gave his name as Alek. He predicted that he and many of his fellow migrants would have to leave Russia.Under the new rules, which set a quota of 6 million foreign workers for 2007, authorities are [...]
[2007-01-19] Men in nightclubs not interested in romance
Can you expect to find your soul mate at a nightclub or a bar? The answer should be obvious, but countless people complain that the person they started dating that they met in a club is not who they expected. "I just want to fall in love," they all say.The evening bar ritual is not complex. Girls doll themselves up, and guys spray on the Axe cologne to attract a member of the opposite sex.The night usually begins with a few drinks before the car ride to the bar. A member of the party usually stays sober to drive the drunks to their night of debauchery. Now the party is loose, but alcohol tends [...]
[2007-01-19] When it comes to getting back into the dating “game” after being on the bench for a number of years, many older men fail to see their true selves, as they have evolved with age.
When it comes to getting back into the dating “game” after being on the bench for a number of years, many older men fail to see their true selves, as they have evolved with age. This oftentimes leads to unrealistic expectations in their search for that special someone.As a romance coach to thousands of singles across the nation, Paul A. Falzone, CEO of the world’s largest dating service, The Right One and Together Dating, as well as, online dating service said, “These men are seeking to date 25 year old supermodels. It’s just unrealistic.” One of the most important things for guys to [...]
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