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[2006-10-30] Bay Area carpenter lured to Brazil, where authorities say fiancee had him drugged, robbed and finally murdered
The lonely, divorced carpenter thought he was going to Brazil to make wedding plans. Instead, he was drugged and held captive for six days at his fiancee's home while she and a man emptied his bank accounts, according to Brazilian authorities. Then they drove the 56-year-old to a vacant lot, where they strangled him with copper wire, doused his body with diesel fuel, and set it aflame. Authorities recovered Raymond Merrill's charred body in early April and buried it in an unmarked grave. For months, his family knew nothing of his horrifying demise. Merrill met Regina Filomena Rachid last y [...]
[2006-10-30] Russia declares an emergency as deaths from fake vodka soar
Anton Chekhov once described vodka as a colourless drink that "paints your nose red and blackens your reputation". What the Russian playwright did not say was that if you are not careful it can also turn you yellow, give you toxic hepatitis, and leave you nursing a hangover from which you will never recover. After two months of rising alcohol deaths, Russia has declared a state of emergency in several regions where hospitals are struggling to cope with a wave of alcohol poisonings. The radio station Ekho Moskvy says the casualty figures look more like those from a small war. More than 1,000 [...]
[2006-10-30] What Do Women Want? Just Ask
FOR most of the 27 years it has been in business in Canada, Shane Homes has staked its claim as one of the countrys leading regional homebuilders the old-fashioned way: it devised and executed cookie-cutter designs for new houses just as fast as the orders came in. As the economy of its home base, Calgary, Alberta, soared on the back of oil and gas riches, it could have continued minting money by sticking with that tried-and-true approach. But two years ago, smack in the middle of a housing boom and heightened competition, Shane Homes dumped its old ways and adopted a new blueprint.The overhau [...]
[2006-10-30] PEDOPHILES are chatting up single mothers on internet dating sites to try to get access to their children.
Queensland's Task Force Argos police have uncovered several cases in which internet predators targeted women who have young children. Initially flattering the women, the predators then progressed to talking about sex involving their kids. In one case now before the courts a mother allegedly helped a man she had met on an online dating site to commit sexual offences against her own daughters. "We've definitely got predators grooming mums to access their children," Detective Senior Sergeant Jon Rouse said. "It's a shopping trolley. It's so easy with the amount of information people are putt [...]
[2006-10-30] Fake vodka downs dozens of Russians
Fake vodka and toxic alcohol substitutes have killed scores of people in numerous Russian regions over the past few months, officials and media reports said on Thursday.In the western Belgorod region alone, 44 of the 912 affected have died since July 31, said Olga Semyonova, a spokesperson for the Belgorod regional prosecutors' office.And in the north-western city of Pskov, near the border with Estonia, at least 12 people died of toxic hepatitis and 134 remained in hospital with the disease after drinking bad alcohol since mid-September, local health officials said."All those people were diagn [...]
[2006-10-30] Net heavies are wedding India's fast-growing matchmaking dot-coms
There's Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Autos, and Yahoo! Jobs. So why not Yahoo! Weddings? In India, the Internet giant is playing online cupid to people looking for arranged marriages. In September, Yahoo! Inc. and Silicon Valley venture capital firm Canaan Partners jointly paid $8.5 million for what industry insiders say is roughly 10% of, a nine-year-old marriage Web site that also has 50 offices across India to serve those without Net access. "BharatMatrimony will help us get a larger share of the Internet market" in India, says Yahoo India Managing Director George Zacharias. [...]
[2006-10-28] Woman duped by con man on LDS dating site
After losing her husband and enduring years of poor health, all Linda Dee Warden wanted was a friend. She signed up for a trial membership on a Latter-day Saint-oriented online dating service, trusting that shared faith would make reaching out safer. Today, the 57-year-old Roy widow is out $5,670, tricked by a counterfeit love interest. On a fixed income, she is trying to borrow the money from her life insurance policy to make good on a bogus cashier's check her purported online companion cajoled her into processing. "I feel foolish, now," said Warden on Friday. "He told me, 'You can trust me. [...]
[2006-10-28] Othello man loses thousands in marriage scam
Thomas Thayer is like many people -- too busy with work and getting by to spend time looking for love. So the 34-year-old Othello man turned to online dating, and in May began exchanging e-mails with a West African woman he met on the Web site "Incredidate." Mawuli Azanu, 30, claimed to be from Accra, the capital city of Ghana. One thing led to another, and they were married by proxy in Ghana, and he sent money to pay for her flight to the U.S. and visa. But the relationship recently disintegrated when Thayer figured out Azanu probably was a man, who with helpers in Taiwan and England ha [...]
[2006-10-28] Numerologist supports 'Flavor' matchmaking
Professional numerologist Hans Decoz says rapper Flavor Flav made a good choice with Deelishis, the winner of his U.S. TV series "Flavor of Love." The reality show features 20 women competing for the rapper's attentions, with Flav narrowing down the choices over the course of a season. By analyzing the numerology of the newfound couple's individual names and personality traits, Decoz said the second season winner of "Flavor of Love" is a good match for the former Public Enemy rapper, said Using America Online Horoscopes, the numerologist claims that Deelishis and Flav "have qual [...]
[2006-10-28] Booming Matchmaking Business
When John Thompson's second marriage plummeted into divorce, the 49-year-old Hawaiian graphic designer had doubts he would ever meet the right American woman.On an impulse, while vacationing in Thailand, he signed up with Sweet Singles, a company that promised unlimited introductions to eligible Thai women.A year later, he married a 23-year-old Thai factory worker who could barely speak English, which had forced him to bring along a dictionary on their dates.But despite the communication problems, Thompson said he found the right woman. "It felt good from the very start," he said."She cared ab [...]
[2006-10-28] Russian feminist Maria Arbatova feels Indian men make the best husbands. Indian women disagree
Indians make the best husbands for Russian women because they are 'open' and emotionally attached to their family, says Russia's leading feminist intellectual Maria Arbatova. In a country that, for the longest time, has had the tag of being a male-dominated culture — an image it is still struggling to shed — would this not be too great a compliment coming a tad too soon? Arbatova, incidentally, has an Indian partner currently, though after two failed relationships. She feels that the similarity in cultures is what can boost the Yin and Yang relationship between the two partners. We cannot spea [...]
[2006-10-27] 'Marriages of conveniences on the rise'
There has been a sharp increase in the number of cases of marriage of convenience using forged papers, and the Home Ministry suspects syndicates are bringing in "foreign brides" for vice. Deputy Home Minister Tan chai Ho said in the past two months, immigration officers had picked up many foreign brides in nightspots and found that their "marriages" to local men were just a ploy to get to stay in Malaysia to work. He said acting on tip-offs, immigration officers raided nightstpots in Penang and Seremban and found that there were more than 10 such cases. He said the Ministry is investigat [...]
[2006-10-27] Online Adult Dating Sites - Which One is Perfect For You
Online adult dating opens up a whole new world of possibilities for friendship and romantic involvement. People of all ages, shapes, sizes and lifestyles can use the internet and online adult dating services to find like-minded people based on specific search criteria and filters that allow them to take one step closer to finding the relationship they are looking for. Depending on how specific you set your preferences to, there is a very good probability that you will be matched up with a number of potentially eligible people. Online adult dating sites will take certain parts of your persona [...]
[2006-10-27] Search for sober Russians finds 126 so far
OSCAR Wilde may never have met a Russian peasant, but many have taken to heart his observation that work is the curse of the drinking classes. So many, in fact, that a former millionaire businessman has set up an organisation devoted to finding sober men for employers to hire. And so far he has found only 126. German Sterligov established his Register of Non-Drinking Men to counter rampant alcoholism, particularly in the countryside, where unemployment and the hardships of post-Soviet life have prompted many to drown their troubles in vodka with even greater commitment than usual. Mr Ster [...]
[2006-10-27] Singles look to unique computer-coded 'keys' to open hearts
David Frucht has tried online dating. He's done JDate, he's dabbled in eHarmony, he met two of his former girlfriends on And if Internet dating has taught him anything, it's this: You can't find chemistry through a Web page. "If they match you on paper, that doesn't mean anything," said the blond-haired, blue-eyed Lawndale, Calif., resident. "You know when you meet somebody. You know in the first few seconds." Frucht, 39, isn't afraid of letting technology play Cupid. So when he stumbled upon a singles-only event in which participants use computer-coded "keys" to find compatibl [...]
[2006-10-27] Top 10 Mistakes Men Make While Dating Russian Women
Here are the top 10 dating mistakes men make with Russian women (in no particular order after number 1!):1. Sending a woman money: This is a huge no-no. Any Russian or FSU (Former Soviet Union) woman who asks you for money is just trying to scam you. She will either bleed you until you are dry (if she is very slick) or just disappear after a quick score (if you are lucky). An honest woman would not ask; she has too much pride. Besides, she has already lived for 20+ years without your “help.” Why does she need you now? A Russian woman does not even consider the two of you to be in a “real” rela [...]
[2006-10-27] If you are a victim of a romance scam
If you are a victim of a romance scam (or just want to educate yourself on the latest Internet con artist tricks, then we've got a site for you. It's called Romance Scams and here is their description: Are you wondering if the person that you are talking to is too good to be true? Are there things that you are being told that just don't make sense? Did the person find you on a singles site and start professing their love for you in a short time? Did they tell you that they were currently working in a foreign country, mainly Nigeria? Are they telling you that they are having trouble cashing [...]
[2006-10-26] Computer Dating Comes To The Movies
A movie is often the destination of couples out for a first date and a service that links city singles is simply skipping a step. Meeting that person you'd actually like to spend an evening at the movies with is the hard part and after receiving several requests from its customers, the online dating company LavaLife decided to help singles hook up at the show. "We know that singles really love to be meeting face-to-face and we get tons of requests specifically in Canada to be doing events," matchmaker Lori Miller said. "So this is a great way to be able to bring all those singles together [...]
[2006-10-26] Save Your Marriage!
When you're dating someone you really like, the last thing on your mind is money. You don't hesitate to go to any expense to find the perfect experience, whether it be a night on a town, a weekend getaway, or a great gift. After all, you figure, you'd hate to blow a good thing by being a cheapskate, and you'll only have one chance to begin your relationship with someone who might turn out to be your perfect match. If things don't work out, then it's not likely that splurging over the course of those few months will do permanent damage to your lifetime financial plan. When your relationship be [...]
[2006-10-26] Online dating game reaches new heights of ridiculousness
AS SOMEONE who is recently single, the challenge of meeting someone new is daunting, to say the least. I don't fancy going to pubs or clubs to try my luck and this being the 21st century, there is only one viable alternative: the internet. I enter the following details on a dating website: man, looking for woman, between 35-40, 25 km from Sydney, with photo. My initial search is fruitful. Lots of wonderful women, with wonderful stories and requests. Some weird requests, including height. I understand we all have an ideal partner in our minds. I accept the importance of ethnicity, education, [...]
[2006-10-26] 'He's Separated. Can I Date Him?'
If you have to ask this question, it’s probably because you already know the answer. Trust your inner wisdom on this one: you are at risk of giving your heart away to a man who is still married to another woman. And falling in love with a married man is like nicking away at your heart with your own knife. It’s a self-inflicted wound that drains the life out of you, no matter what rationalization you (or he) come up with to defend the relationship. It’s no secret that I take marriage, even a marriage on life support, very seriously. Two people are married to each other until a divorce decree is [...]
[2006-10-26] Russian government set to overhaul immigration
President Vladimir Putin said the Russian government will prepare proposals by late November to bring order to immigration procedures and at food markets. In a live televised question-and-answer session recently, Putin promised to ensure access for domestic agricultural producers to food markets dominated by immigrants mainly from the post-Soviet Caucasus and Central Asian republics. Putin said during the broadcast the government must ensure greater access to food markets for domestic producers, but warned of discrimination against foreign producers and the danger of affecting supply. The p [...]
[2006-10-26] Sex, women voters and the midterm elections
By that I mean the '06 elections will serve as a marker for progress as well as regression for women candidates and women voters. In one very positive respect, this year's elections are shaping up as a watershed for women candidates. Rutgers University's Center for American Women and Politics reports a record 2,431 women are running for state legislative seats. The former record of 2,375 was set in 1992, the so-called Year of the Woman, when women's numbers in Congress increased by historic proportions. Large, though not record numbers of women also are running for statewide office. Ten wo [...]
[2006-10-26] Dating Code of Ethics
All of us like to think of ourselves as men and women of honor and integrity. Unfortunately, in a lot of dating situations integrity doesn’t always stick around when it should. There are so many games being played and a lot of people are simply out for themselves. A male friend of mine said that single women he has met rarely use integrity in dating because they don’t really feel it is a requirement. While I can attest to less then stellar dating behaviors when I was immature, I feel like I display integrity to the men that I date now. To me, men are not opportunities, and relationships are [...]
[2006-10-26] An indian law to save women from male atrocities
A law that provides safeguard for females against male atrocities will come into effect from Thursday October 26th. The Domestic Violence Act 2005 was passed by Indian Parliament in August last year and approved by the President on September 13, 2005 following which the Ministry of Women and Child Development issued a notification bringing it into force from October 26. Domestic violence under the Act includes actual abuse or the threat of abuse whether physical, sexual, verbal, emotional or economic. Harassment by way of unlawful dowry demands to the woman or her relatives would also be [...]
[2006-10-26] Prescription for a healthy marriage
More than 50 years ago, they finished one-two in their class. Nothing has separated them ever since. May and Gerry Cohen, top scholars at Harbord Collegiate and the University of Toronto medical school, have been feted by former classmates, longtime patients and colleagues who celebrated their career triumphs and marvelled at their lifelong partnership. "We're very honoured. It's very very nice," May Cohen, 75, said in an interview in their North Toronto condominium prior to a recent dinner in their honour. "But we don't really see ourselves in this way." Most have never seen t [...]
[2006-10-26] Men finding match made in Thailand
When John Thompson's second marriage ended in divorce, the 49-year-old Hawaiian graphic designer had doubts he would ever meet the right woman in the United States. While vacationing in Thailand, he impulsively signed up with Sweet Singles, a company that promised unlimited introductions to eligible Thai women. A year later, he married a 23-year-old Thai factory worker who could barely speak English. He'd had to bring along a dictionary on their dates. But despite the communication problems, Thompson said he found the right woman. "It felt good from the very start," he said. "She cared a [...]
[2006-10-26] Do you have friends in the cyber world?
Writing letters has now become passé with the recent trend of e-mailing and chatting on popular chat sites making its invasion into our lives. Exploring this phenomenon, ZEENIA BARIA, takes you through the cyber world to help you get connected We’ve all had pen pals, well, at least most of us have. The thrill of exchanging notes and cards with complete strangers who gradually become friends is something, which has become quite a rare phenomenon today. Although e-mails and chatting have made the world a much closer place, the art of writing a letter is slowly becoming a penchant for a selected [...]
[2006-10-26] Sociably single
Wanted: singles willing to join foursomes. Looking for local swingers who want to meet new partners.Get your mind out of the gutter. This isn’t a kinky sex ad.It’s the basic idea behind singles golf, one of Southwest Florida’s newest ways to bring together groups of single people.The group hosts golf tournaments and cocktail hours designed to break the ice. Those willing to pay an annual $70 membership fee, plus course and cart fees, have the chance to meet and mingle with potential golf mates. And possibly score a date.“We want people to have a chance to meet over common interests,” explains [...]
[2006-10-26] Internet dating turns deadly for San Bruno man
The Web site for one Brazilian marriage agency invites prospective male clients to "make your dreams come true!" Another online matchmaker shows a picture of a man standing poolside behind a row of bikini-clad Latinas and teases "This could be you!" There are hundreds more Web pages with the same theme — your exotic dream girl is just a few clicks away. And in an increasingly hectic world, the ease of Internet dating is hard for many to resist. But the hope of finding that special someone online turned into tragedy for one San Bruno man who threw caution to the wind and met a woman w [...]
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