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[2006-11-25] Singles find friendship through local group
They are no matchmakers but they know a thing or two about making friends and having fun. Muriel Gulliver and Odette Harvey started the Montachusett Singles two years ago. The independent group (not to be confused with the Montachusett Singles Club) meets twice a month at 7 p.m. at Our Lady of the Lake Church at 1400 Main St. The group charges $3 per meeting to cover the cost of refreshments, and there are no membership fees. "We're not a dating service," said Harvey. "We are a social organization for people age 35 and up." Their group is a venue for widows, widowers, single and divorced p [...]
[2006-11-25] Fearless Dating, Mating, and Manhandling
NEWSFLASH! The typical male has no reason to believe that being an indefinite boyfriend is actually a problem. And it isn't, for him. Men can have children when they're 60! What guy wouldn't want to keep the audition process going as long as possible if they thought they could get away with it?Men love No Time-Frame Dating because if you fall for it, they don't have to worry about competing for you with other (hot) men. When you don't set clear limits up-front, they get the luxury of taking you out of the field and keeping you in "audition mode" indefinitely. No-Time-Frame Dating allows men to [...]
[2006-11-24] Divorce - how long have guys in America reported paying alimony
I've been divorced three times and on my way to the fourth. Nothing to be proud of but i've got enough experience in the matter to give an opinion. For one thing, if you are worried about how much you are going to lose in a divorce, then don't get married because you lost already. If you have this in the back of your mind you are never going to love the woman you are with, you are going to look at her as a walking wallet ready to be filled up the minute you screw up and you certainly will after a few years of suspicion wrecks your personality. Your wife is going to be glad to leave you but whe [...]
[2006-11-24] History of Democracies
About the time our original 13 states adopted their new constitution, in 1787, Alexander Tyler, a Scottish history professor at t he University of Edinburgh, had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: "A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that votersdiscover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treas [...]
[2006-11-24] Unhappiest People Live in Zimbabwe and Ukraine
The happiest people live in Malta, the unhappiest in Zimbabwe and Ukraine, a yearly survey of the Dutch professor Ruut Veenhoven, who is internationally known as the happiness professor", shows.Different groups of people were asked their opinions about living conditions in general and their lives in particular, PRIME-TASS informs.Malta ranks the first with 74% of happy people, followed by Denmark, Austria and Columbia with 73% of people happy with their way of living. Island, Ireland and the Netherlands come next. Canada, Finland and Ghana end the group of ten countries where the happiest pers [...]
[2006-11-24] Russian church assimilates Chinese immigrants
The Russian Orthodox Church has decided to strengthen its missionary activities vis-à-vis the Chinese immigrant community in Russia “to favour its integration”, said Fr Dionisy Posdnajev, from the Moscow Patriarchate’s Foreign Relations Department. In an interview with the Ria Novisti news agency, the clergyman said that “the Chinese will feel they belong more to Russia if they assimilate the Orthodox religion and openly announce it. For this reason, it is necessary to hold services in Chinese and train staff.” According to him, ten seminarians are studying Chinese and are interns at [...]
[2006-11-24] Make a date – but make it quick
A HOUSEWIFE is holding a dating event to help bring single people together.The event is the idea of housewife and mother Barbie Calvert, 35 of Emplins, Gamlingay, who was inspired to launch her own speed dating service after talking to a friend who is going through a divorce.She says the event at the Holiday Inn Garden Court Hotel on the A1 at Sandy on Thursday, November 30, will be a great opportunity for singles and divorced people aged between 24 and 38 to try and find friendship or a new partner."The idea came to me when I was talking to a friend and the toddler group I go to and she was t [...]
[2006-11-24] Their marriage has a sound footing
It wasn't exactly "When Harry Met Sally," but the story line of "When Harold Met Sandra" comes close. Harold Gruber and Sandra Hudak, a Wilmington surgical team who recently celebrated their first wedding anniversary, almost didn't make it to the altar. In fact, they almost didn't make it to a first date. The couple met as young doctors in a rural Virginia podiatric practice. Harold, an ambitious senior associate, was taken aback when the founder of the practice decided to bring in a third doctor and was not interested in sharing the workload no matter how pretty the new doc was. "I w [...]
[2006-11-24] IE Singapore launches BuySingapore portal for local SMEs
IE Singapore has launched an online business matching and trading portal to showcase the products of 100,000 local small and medium enterprises. Called BuySingapore, it is intended to help pair SMEs with overseas buyers and suppliers. An estimated S$10 million will be invested in the initiative, by IE Singapore and local IT provider Abecha, over the next five years. According to a 2006 SME Development Survey by the DP Information Group, local companies ranked expansion into new overseas markets as their most important business strategy for the next one to two years, after raising productivity. [...]
[2006-11-24] Legal or not, sex trade here to stay
Sex is a primal urge. Yet libido rubs a lot of people the wrong way. Most humans have sex, sometimes with love, just as often without. In marriage, outside of marriage, as a side dish to marriage. It's not ours to judge. But if you pay for it — or charge for it — a kind of atavistic wrath, from a disapproving society, will fall on your head. Prostitutes are just about the last breed of people who can be publicly excoriated for what they are, in a language of loathing that would be intolerable if applied to anyone else. It's the argot of shaming. And the attitudes that lie beneath — their [...]
[2006-11-24] Casual sex causes depression in women
It's easy to call a girl a slut. It's even easier, if you're a female, to be called one. And even though, for years, feminists have been screaming for sexual liberation and for women everywhere to throw away the misogynistic notion that men can have sex with whoever they want while their partners have to tiptoe around a bad reputation, their efforts have become a little misconstrued along the way. Sure, women and men alike can rack up as many notches in their bedposts as they want. They can even write it off as an exercise of sexual freedom, but does that really make it a good idea?A study don [...]
[2006-11-24] Eligible, actually
GOOD-looking, fun to be around and a self-made millionaire to boot. She’s real estate queen Ivy Lee, whom you would think would be many guys’ idea of a dream woman. Until, that is, you mention her age. It’s 42 – and even if, like Lee, you’ve got everything else going for you, to most men, you are an Older Woman, and that makes you a no-go zone. Over the hill, on the shelf, desperate and dateless – those are just some of the labels slapped on women 35 and over who are unattached, whether because of divorce or never finding The One. And while most men have little trouble finding a mate [...]
[2006-11-24] Single women in Britain can now get fertility treatment
Single women and lesbians in the UK will soon be entitled to have fertility treatment like their married or heterosexual counterparts. Patricia Hewitt, the health secretary, is going to propose a change in the law so that women can get IVF treatment without having to fulfil a legal requirement that the child has a father figure. The present law demands that doctors take account of the role of the father in the child’s life before offering fertility treatment to women, either on the National Health Service or in private practice. However doctors, politicians and gay rights groups believe [...]
[2006-11-24] Best friend and soulmate
Tan Yee Noh, 44, a creative director who runs her own design firm, met her husband when she was 37. A civil engineer, Pear Choo Boon is two years her senior. After a six-month romance, they married in 2001. They have no children. In 2000, my cousin-in-law introduced me to one of his relative’s colleagues. I’ve had one serious relationship before. I’d gone on a few activities organised by the Social Development Unit but I quickly realised that they are not meant for a woman in her 30s. The men, regardless of their age, would always make a beeline for the younger women. Older women like [...]
[2006-11-24] Still looking for Mr Right
Vera (not her real name), 38, has had three serious boyfriends and her last relationship ended eight years ago. The communications executive in a public relations firm, who looks much younger than her age with her petite frame and long hair, says she is looking for the ‘clickability factor’ in a man. Three years ago, I joined the Social Development Unit. I took a pro-active stance and wrote to about five men who put up their pictures on the website. I later dated two of them who were about my age. Unfortunately, we didn’t click. I don’t think it had anything to do with my age. It was mor [...]
[2006-11-24] Website Helps the Disabled Find Partners
A new website has been launched to help disabled Saudis find marriage partners online. The website ( is part of a drive to give disabled people an opportunity to live as normal lives as possible. The website has so far succeeded in attracting 731 members — 550 males and 181 females. Registered users are able to take advantage of a search engine to find suitable partners according to their age, nationality and social and physical status. Abdullah Al-Zahrani, the website manager and a marriage official, said, “When a man likes the characteristics of one of the female membe [...]
[2006-11-24] More Malaysians marrying foreign women
More ethnic Chinese and Indian men in Malaysia are marrying foreign women, with Indonesian brides being the most popular, a report said Wednesday. But fewer women among the Chinese and Indians appear to be marrying foreign men, Deputy Home Affairs Minister Tan Chai Ho told Parliament, the national news agency Bernama reported. According to Tan's figures, from 2001 to June this year, 33,995 marriages between local men and foreign women had been registered. Indonesian women were the top pick of Malaysian men with 2,036 marriages registered in 2005, up sharply from 1,386 in 2001. Marriages [...]
[2006-11-24] Family upholds tradition of service
When Johnny Lemons of Martinsville was 17 he joined the National Guard, at least in part to carry on a family tradition of serving in the military. Lemons is the 10th of 12 children of the late Charles and Mary Turner Lemons, and the seventh son in the family to join the service. The tradition, he said, was started by his oldest brother, Charles Jr., as well as two of his mother’s brothers who served during World War II. And just has his brothers did, Lemons eventually signed up for full-time active duty, deciding on the Army. In the early 1960s, he was sent to South Korea as an ar [...]
[2006-11-24] Couple prove that online dating works
Jennifer and Chris Creary are another example that online dating is more than just a fad.The couple met around Thanksgiving 2004 through an online dating service when they were both living in the St. Petersburg area."I had just moved there and didn't know anybody," Chris said. "I was bored."One advantage to online dating is that users can screen potential dates quickly and easily by checking out the other's profile. The two weren't online long before they found each other.Likes sports? Check. Sense of humor? Check. Animal lover? Check. It looked like a perfect match.How they metBoth say they d [...]
[2006-11-24] Matchmaking industry brings in billions a year
A prominent Carolinas bachelor is ready to start a family. He is a professional, is successful, and in his 30s. He is reportedly very attractive. He also is very picky, very busy, and rich enough to hire renowned Manhattan matchmaker Janis Spindel, who is flying to Charlotte next month to interview women who might have the necessary qualifications for the position of soulmate. "I am looking," she says, "for someone fabulous." Meeting people might be as easy as ever in this Internet age, but meeting the right person remains a difficult chore, prompting busy professionals to find new ways to [...]
[2006-11-24] More men marrying foreigners
MORE non-Muslim Malaysian men are marrying foreigners, especially those from Indonesia, China, Thailand and Vietnam. Tan: ‘Maybe foreign women are less demanding’Deputy Home Minister Datuk Tan Chai Ho said the number of foreign marriages had gone up from 3,953 in 2000 to 7,277 last year. “Our statistics show that non-Muslim Malaysian men marrying foreigners are on the rise. We have to ask them why they prefer foreigners,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby. Tan said the number of such marriages had increased consistently with 3,953 in 2000, 4,085 in 2001, 4,847 in 2 [...]
[2006-11-24] Single women to get IVF
THE government is to sanction fatherless families by giving single women and lesbian couples an entitlement to fertility treatment. Patricia Hewitt, the health secretary, will propose that women should get IVF treatment without having to fulfil a legal requirement that the child has a father figure. The present law states that fertility doctors should take account of a child’s need for a father before offering a woman treatment, irrespective of whether it is on the National Health Service or private. NI_MPU('middle'); However, doctors, politicians and gay groups say this is [...]
[2006-11-24] 'Single sticks' search for light
It's 'Guanggun day' in China and 1,111 lonely hearts are sitting bashfully across from each other in the vast banquet hall of a Beijing hotel. The men -- the true Guangun or single sticks, as bachelors are called in China -- are on one side, while the women, known as Mingming or bright, are on the other. They are all single and today, the eleventh day of the eleventh month is their day. The number one plays out in almost every aspect of the day. The singles paid 111 yuan to attend the get together. The hope for today's party is that a Guangun and a Mingming will meet and become a 'guangm [...]
[2006-11-24] In crackdown on ethnic Georgians, Kremlin stokes xenophobia.
A bitter diplomatic dispute between Russia and the former Soviet republic of Georgia has led to a harsh government crackdown on ethnic Georgians living in Moscow and sends a dangerous message at a time when Russian xenophobia is on the rise, human rights advocates say. Relations between the neighboring nations, already tense after the 2004 election of Georgia's Western-leaning President Mikhail Saakashvili, took a turn for the worse in September when Tbilisi detained four Russian military officials on charges of spying. The Kremlin responded with economic sanctions and by severing rail and a [...]
[2006-11-24] Group says class on dating needed
Young love and domestic violence go hand in hand more often than most people realize, and experts say they’re working to stop the cycle of violence before it starts. In some areas of the state, one in three teen-dating relationships is violent, they say, and if such violence goes unreported, perpetrators will likely continue abusive behavior as adults. And victims of the crime often become victims to more than one abusive partner if they aren’t connected with help. “Half of adult batterers hit a girl when they were teenagers,” said Judy Becerra of Safe Shelter of St. Vrain Valley. Abou [...]
[2006-11-24] No love for you
In Russia I was the 'Zhid,' in Israel I was a 'stinking Russian. The feeling of inferiority set in. Falling in love carried the risk of being ridiculed or the sense that there was always someone better, with a real Israeli name like Alon or Boaz' Max Israeli Published: 11.11.06, 11:38 P{margin:0;} UL{margin-bottom:0;margin-top:0;margin-right: 16; padding-right:0;} OL{margin-bottom:0;margin-top:0;margin-right: 32; padding-right:0;} P.pHeader {margin-bottom:3px;COLOR: #192862;font-size: 16px;font-weight: bold;} var agt=navigator.userAgent.toLowerCase();var is_major = par [...]
[2006-11-24] Swooners start logging on to distant romance
Dawie Roodt is as respected and respectable as they come. Neat appearance with a short back and sides cut; lucrative job as chief economist and chairman of the Efficient Group; and impeccable taste in women - in his words, anyway.Normally debating the second-round effects of the oil price in his day job as an economist, Roodt, 45, changes tack very quickly when he talks about his wife, Marina.Or, to be clearer, his beautiful Russian bride fetched from the wide expanses of Siberia. Quite an accomplishment for the self-described "little boertjie".It wasn't a mail-order scenario, he'll hastily te [...]
[2006-11-24] Dating agencies to be taken under control
Shanghai is planning to publicize the credit records of all its dating agencies on a website, to put the chaotic dating market under control. The website was officially opened on November 22, and it has collected the credit records of more than 90 dating agencies, including the information of over 600 staff members of theirs. "Some dating agencies' illicit actis have brought a bad name to the total industry, thus we set up this website to let the general public know that most of the dating agencies are trustworthy,"said Lin Kewu, the director of Shanghai Dating Service Administration. "We a [...]
[2006-11-24] If you want to live forever, forget it. If you want to live a long life, then settle in the United States.
If you want to live forever, forget it. If you want to live a long life, then settle in the United States. (Life expectancy in the U.S. is high-- almost 72 years for men, at least four to five years longer for women.) If you want to put life behind you as quickly as possible, then move to Russia. Chances are, you'll die there a lot sooner than you would in this country. For a number of decades life expectancy has increased throughout the world, and for a long while the same was true in Russia. In the 1960's, 1970's, and most of the 1980's, longevity also increased in the Soviet Union. Then i [...]
[2006-11-24] Regional variation in mortality in Russia
Between 1995-1999 there was significant regional variation in life expectancy, infant, child mortality and maternal mortality in Russia. Life Expectancy In 1995-1999 average life expectancy at birth in Russia was 66.05 years. There were considerable variations across the regions but in general the Eastern region had worse life expectancy than Western regions (figure 3). The two regions with the lowest life expectancy were The Republic of Tuva (56.5 years) and Sakalin region (61.6 years). The highest life expectancy was recorded in the North Caucasian Republics of Ingushetia (72.3 years) and Da [...]
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