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[2006-09-25] Cayman to grow romance market
It has taken three years, but romance is officially on the list of target markets for the Cayman Islands, with the aim to increase visitor weddings here by six per cent from this year to next. At a seminar Tuesday evening on Romance Travel Marketing, Director of Tourism Pilar Bush noted that after the core target markets of family and travel trade, romance has made it into the extender market beyond this, where the dive sector also lies. “Romance has made it to the list for the first time,” she said. “It has taken us three years to get the cross section of the private sector to accept the ec [...]
[2006-09-23] On-line matchmakers look to hook up home buyers
"Impecunious house-hunter, honest, flexible, employed, seeks same. Must be willing to commit." Canadians who want to get their foot on the increasingly steep real estate ladder are about to be offered an on-line matchmaking service that has been a runaway success in Britain and Australia., launched just four months ago from a basement in London, already has 500 customers registered in Britain. The startup of the Australian service grabbed 200 clients in its first two weeks. "The trend has happened; co-buying is already starting to become mainstream in the United Kingdom," [...]
[2006-09-23] Choosing the Right Dating Site
It is always wise to get to know which online adult dating sites are trustworthy and which one mislead you. Remember you are on an important mission to find some one who is going to change your life, hence be careful, and do your home work carefully. The Internet is full of competition in the online dating marketplace, there is plenty of room for sites to mislead you, exploit you, and even put you into financial crisis. How sites mislead: Create fake profiles of adult personals and make you believe that some one incredible wants to know you thus luring you into subscribing to their site. Thi [...]
[2006-09-23] £5000 is price to pay for true love
J-LO may have sung that Love Don't Cost a Thing but for most Glaswegians there is a high price to pay for romance. Singles in the city are splashing out a massive £5000 per year in pursuit of true love. This can be up to a third of an annual wage. The figure is among the highest in the UK, with only Birmingham topping that spend. More than half of respondents to the survey, by milk brand The One, in advance of Sunday's National Dating Day, admitted to splashing out more than £50 before even leaving the house. It was revealed 20% regularly spent more than £100 to look in top shap [...]
[2006-09-23] Regulating Love: Lawmakers Cracking Down on Web Dating Industry
Several states are cracking down on the online dating industry, proposing new laws that would, among other things, mandate criminal background checks on all those looking for love on the Internet. To date, New York is the only state that has a law regulating online dating sites, but six other states have introduced similar legislation mainly in the last year. They are California, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia and Texas. Lawmakers seeking to regulate the online dating scene claim that the industry isn't doing enough to police itself, and consequently, is putting vulnerable people at ris [...]
[2006-09-23] Finding Mr. Right Online
Attract and keep Mr. Right… The right man is what every woman looks. But does she get him. Well there are personality traits that govern which woman will get her Mr. Right which woman will not. What is right for one woman may not be right for other. The right guys have certain characteristics that separate then from the wrong ones. Search an online adult dating site and find thousands of profile of men there. Females with right instinct will short list a number of singles that match their profile. The right guy is just not for those who want to marry; it could be those who wish to have him [...]
[2006-09-23] Russia ‘Cracking Down On Hate Crimes Against Armenians’
Russian law-enforcement authorities have stepped up their efforts to combat and avert racist attacks on Armenians and other non-Slavic immigrants, Russia’s Prosecutor-General Yuri Chayka said during a visit to Yerevan on Friday. Seeking to allay growing concerns in Armenia about ethnic violence in Russia, he said his office now directly oversees criminal investigations into racially motivated murders of Armenians, which are regularly reported from various parts of the vast country. “Since the second half of 2005, five criminal cases involving criminals who have committed crimes [against ethnic [...]
[2006-09-23] Is that lipstick on your PDA?
Call it crazy, paranoid or cynical, but the next time you peruse the personals on Craigslist or scan profiles on MySpace, consider this: There's a good chance you just ran into a cheater. Just as purchasing concert tickets or checking baseball scores has become as simple as logging onto a computer, infidelity is a simple keystroke away. Cheating is on the rise because technology eases the search to find a willing partner, according to therapists, researchers and relationship experts. The unfaithful no longer have to scour bars or cultivate workplace relationships. Cheating has increased alon [...]
[2006-09-23] Women and international migration. State of the world population 2006
Women Make Up Half of All Migrants But their Contributions Often Overlooked Today, half of all international migrants—95 million—are women and girls. Yet, despite substantial contributions to both their families at home and communities abroad, the needs of migrant women continue to be overlooked and ignored. This year’s State of World Population report, A Passage to Hope: Women and International Migration, examines the scope and breadth of female migration, the impact of the funds they send home to support families and communities, and their disproportionate vulnerability to trafficking, ex [...]
[2006-09-22] Japanese women look to toy boys for marriage
When 34-year-old Sayuri Shimizu broke the news to her parents that she planned to wed a man six years younger than herself, they weren't upset. They were just happy she was finally getting married. An increasing number of Japanese women are delaying or skipping marriage altogether. But for those who still want romance, younger men are an increasingly trendy option. Tales of women pairing off with "toshishita" (younger) men are being told in a rash of recent books, articles in women's magazines and even a TV drama called "Suppli" – named after popular health supplement tablets. The gr [...]
[2006-09-22] Experts, Users Urge Safety Precautions Before Online Dating
Some call the prospect of online dating extreme, but statistics prove the growing popularity of it's as a way that's becoming more mainstream for folks in the Madison area. Putting your name, photos and other information about yourself on the Internet might seem like an unsafe thing to do. In fact, safety experts and a local woman who ran into some scary situations both said those interested in the idea should take steps to protect themselves. Dawn Ristow's online dating story ends happily enough, but it was the road to get there that was a little scarier, WISC-TV reported. "They w [...]
[2006-09-22] Single? Beware of dot-com enterprise
Anyone traveling Hwy 199 two weeks ago had to notice all the short squatty signs stuck in the ground advertising a website, Azle white cardboard signs are about two feet high with the word “Single?” printed in large black letters above the web address. Most of them had been stuck into the grassy median and along the shoulders at virtually every intersection along 199 from Lakeside to 730 North.What sort of business would advertise like that? A call to the city of Azle’s permit office revealed that whoever put the signs up didn’t have a permit to do so.“I know they don’t have [...]
[2006-09-22] Rabbi's Shabbat dinners serve as place for Jewish singles to mingle, connect
David Schimmel is sick of the bar scene. You can't carry a conversation in a packed nightclub and those "singles events" are just awkward sometimes, said Schimmel, 36. "Let's face it, most of us are looking for somebody to get married to," he said. "I just don't enjoy the bar scene. It's not as conducive to me for having genuine conversation." That's exactly why you might find Schimmel among 25 other local and mostly single Jews noshing and schmoozing Friday nights on Marion Street with Rabbi Mayshe Schwartz. "I'm looking to meet a Jewish girl - not that they wouldn [...]
[2006-09-22] National hot line to help those dealing with abuse
National Domestic Violence Hotline expects 1,000 calls a month to start. “Absolutely, it’s needed. A lot of teens want to talk about what’s happening to them, but they’re afraid of it getting back to their parents.”Stephanie Flaherty of the battered-women’s support group DOVE in Quincy, Mass. NEW YORK | Jessica Lee endured abuse from her high school boyfriend for two years, breaking up only after he burned her with cigarettes and slammed a beer bottle over her head. She has now joined an ambitious initiative to help teens in similar plights. Today, Lee and other former victims will be [...]
[2006-09-22] Lonely hearts get mobile dating service
QSoft Consulting plans to launch a mobile dating service via its Gaydar online dating and lifestyle portals. The service will initially be launched in the UK to Gaydar's 1.1 million UK subscribers, with a view to rolling it out across Australia and Europe in 2007. Following a two-year review, QSoft has appointed Mobestar as its mobile dating technology partner. "Mobile dating is a natural extension for our online portal as a new means for our subscribers to stay in touch when on the move," said QSoft chairman Gary Frisch. "And Mobestar can provide us with a service which is easy to use, s [...]
[2006-09-22] Flirting and Dumping by SMS
According to a new study by the UK based online dating service Parship, looking at the dating habits of singles across Britain, love-cheats, two-timers and all-round commitment-phobes are twice as likely to arrange a first date by SMS, than those looking for love. The study of 1,000 single people discovered that six out of ten (60%) of casual daters use text to arrange their first meeting, whereas voice calls were the choice of over two thirds (67%) of people looking for a serious relationship. google_ad_client = "pub-0025224216469186"; google_alternate_ad_url = "http://www.cellula [...]
[2006-09-22] Russians are urged to take the afternoon off, go home and make a baby
The governor of a Russian province gave workers an afternoon off and told them to go home and multiply in the most direct attempt yet by officials seeking to tackle the country's growing depopulation crisis. Bureaucrats have been dreaming up ever more imaginative schemes to help reverse the trend ever since President Vladimir Putin identified Russia's demographic crisis – caused in part by soaring levels of alcoholism – as the country's biggest threat. But few have been quite as blunt as Sergey Morozov, the governor of Ulyanovsk, a depressed region on the Volga. In exchange for an afternoon [...]
[2006-09-22] Go forth and multiply
Who would say no to a half-day off to procreate? That was the wonderful brainchild of the mayor of Ulyanovsk in Russia. Last week, he gave all state workers an afternoon off work, which they were encouraged to spend making babies. Those who give birth in nine months – on Russian Independence Day, June 12 – will be rewarded with prizes such as fridges for their efforts. This is a novel attempt to increase the country's low birth rate. As appealing as the idea may sound, it won't solve the problem. The life expectancy of Russian men is the lowest outside Africa. This is mainly the result of f [...]
[2006-09-21] More People Turning To Internet To Find Relationships
As people become increasingly pressed for time, studies show that they are turning in greater numbers to the Internet to find love. A March Pew Research study on online dating found that one in 10 Internet users said they've personally visited a dating Web site. That amounts to about 16 million people. Of those who have used the sites, 43 percent have gone on dates with people they met there and 17 percent, or nearly 3 million adults, have entered long-term relationships or married their online dating partners. So when it comes to online dating, just how easy is it to find a life p [...]
[2006-09-21] Love in the fast lane
ON your marks, get set, date.Singles on the lookout for love will have minutes to find their perfect match next month when a speed dating night is held in Berwick.Gone will be the sleazy pick-up lines and the need to give out false phone numbers. Instead people can meet potential partners in a safe and fun environment.The dating flurry will give participants 10 minutes to make an impression and increase their chances of meeting that special someone.Justine Knight and Robyn Dunn started their own speed dating company, the Savvy Express Dating Service, a year ago.Since then they have held speed [...]
[2006-09-21] Phillips Takes Russian Brides to Warner Bros
Todd Phillips' production company has set up the Untitled Russian Brides Project, which was put into turnaround by Miramax, at Warner Bros. Pictures.Phillips signed a first-look deal with Warners earlier this year. Previously, he had a production pact with Dimension Films. After its divorce from Bob and Harvey Weinstein, Miramax decided not to pursue the Brides project, with the rights reverting to the Todd Phillips Co.Based on David Benioff's 2002 article "Goodbye to Romance," published in Arena magazine, the storyline revolves around a group of American men who travel through Russia searchin [...]
[2006-09-21] S. Koreans Search Far and Wide for a Wife
It was the constellation of acne across her cheeks that made No. 242 stand out from the other young women who were paraded before him in a hotel in Ho Chi Minh City.Jeong Ha-gi, 46, flew to Vietnam on a tour organized for South Korean bachelors. He was looking for a wife who would be tough enough to withstand the rigors of life on a rice farm. Trying to distinguish among all the women with the numbers pinned to their shirts, he decided the one with a bad complexion might be made of sturdy stuff. They were married three days later. Today, they live together in sullen silence, a chasm of cultura [...]
[2006-09-21] Mobestar Holdings signs Gaydar mobile dating service deal with QSoft
Mobestar Holdings PLC said it has signed a deal with QSoft Consulting Ltd to launch a new mobile dating service linked to QSoft's online dating portal Gaydar. The service will initially be launched in the UK to's 1.1 mln subscribers, with a view to rolling it out across Europe and Australia in 2007.The agreement provides for revenue share arrangement between Mobestar and QSoft on an equal basis, the company said. Mobestar chief executive Peter Richards said: 'Following the great success of online dating, consumers are now demanding additional services such as mobile dating to help [...]
[2006-09-21] Check out last dating world survey
What's going on in the dating world, those of you who can't get one are possibly wondering. Here's the latest, based on a survey of 3,571 singles by It's Just Lunch, which is just a dating service. The survey was commissioned in celebration of National Singles Week, which is half over. So, you're probably wondering, what's the nation's most fun city for singles? Is it Raleigh? No, it's New York City, chosen by 38 percent of those surveyed. Runner-up: Las Vegas, selected by 23 percent. If you're a gal with a big salary that intimidates potential mates, head to Charlotte: 93 percent of s [...]
[2006-09-20] Japanese women look to younger men for romance
TOKYO - When 34-year-old Sayuri Shimizu broke the news to her parents that she planned to wed a man six years younger than herself, they weren't upset. They were just happy she was finally getting married. An increasing number of Japanese women are delaying or skipping marriage altogether. But for those who still want romance, younger men are an increasingly trendy option. Tales of women pairing off with "toshishita" (younger) men are being told in a rash of recent books, articles in women's magazines and even a TV drama called "Suppli" -- named after popular health supplement tablets. [...]
[2006-09-20] Fox Stations Unveil Multiplatform Dating Business
Fox Television Stations plans to make dating a multiplatform business that will attract viewers to a program titled "My Dating Place" and drive traffic to stations' Web sites by bringing together people in their hometownsThe show, which will air five nights a week, will launch in Phoenix on Fox-owned MyNetworkTV station KUTP-TV. After a shake-out, the show will roll out to other Fox-owned stations. "My Dating Place" was created and will be executive produced by John Terenzio, whose experience includes network news, cable sports and syndication. Mr. Terenzio has formed Tri-American Productions [...]
[2006-09-20] Tokyo doctor busted for paying schoolgirl for sex
A Tokyo ophthalmologist has been arrested for paying a high schoolgirl to have sex with him at a hotel in Okinawa Prefecture late last year, police said. Atsushi Masubuchi, 43, an ophthalmologist from Nerima-ku, Tokyo, is accused of violating the anti-child prostitution and pornography law. He admitted that he had sexual relations with the girl, but denied he paid her money in return for the service. "I paid her for working as a model for my photography," he was quoted as telling investigators. Masubuchi paid 50,000 yen to the 17-year-old girl to have sex with him at a hotel in Urasoe on De [...]
[2006-09-20] French Muslims Find Soul-mates Onlin
An increasing number of French Muslims, particularly of the second and third generations, are looking, and in many cases finding, their soul-mates online. "I met Hamed one year before we got married in an internet chat room," Karima told as the couple celebrated their first marriage anniversary. "We talked about every thing related to our life together. We had a clear vision of our differences and common interests," she added. Karima believes her marriage is a certificate of success for online and chat marriages. "It was the easiest way to find your soul-mate." Many of the [...]
[2006-09-20] Tourism sector targets Russian travel market
With the rapid and steady growth rate of Russian tourism in Viet Nam, Russia still shows plenty of untapped potential as a market for Viet Nam tourism, according to industry experts. The General Statistics Office (GSO) has reported that in the first eight months of this year, Viet Nam attracted 19,000 Russian tourists, 22 per cent more than in the same period last year. As many as 12,250 tourists came to Viet Nam in 2004, a year-on-year increase of 42 per cent. That number sharply surged by 94 per cent to 23,800 tourists in 2005. The average spending of a Russian tourist stands at US$1,458, [...]
[2006-09-20] Russian envoy to U.K. says little progress on visa rules
Russia's ambassador to the United Kingdom said Tuesday that little progress had been made in negotiations to ease visa regulations between the two countries. Russia and the European Union signed agreements on visa facilitation and readmission at a summit held at the Black Sea resort of Sochi in late May, which ease regulations for students, businessmen and journalists. But although Russia and the U.K. agreed to begin visa facilitation talks in the run-up to the Sochi meeting, Ambassador Yury Fedotov said almost no progress had been made "against the backdrop of visa facilitation with other [...]
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