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[2007-01-03] Numbers of middle aged women seeking advice on sexual health go up
More middle aged women are seeking advice on sexual health than ever before, according to a women's advice centre. Young adults and women in their forties, who are starting over often find themselves at well-woman clinics. Christmas can be the busiest time of the years for the clinics. The numbers seeking emergency contraception soar during the holidays. Alison Begas is from the Well Woman Centre in Dublin. She said that many women in their forties were never properly educated about sex at school and consequently have gaps in their knowledge that they want to fill if they re-enter single [...]
[2007-01-03] The art of not saying ‘I do’
MARRIAGES are made in heaven but Americans are so down-to-earth that married couples have become almost a minority as shown in findings released by the US Census Bureau. Five years ago, married couples made up at least 52% of US households. Last year, the numbers dipped to 49.7%. Alarm bells tolled when a report titled “It’s official: To be married means to be outnumbered” appeared in the New York Times recently. “My phone rang non-stop when the figures came out as people called, concerned about how we can save marriage,” said Stephanie Coontz of the Council on Contemporary Families, a n [...]
[2007-01-03] Single mom should stabilize before dating
QI'm a married (but separated seven months) and a mother of two young girls. My husband and I were married for 18 months, this time. Previously, we were married for three years and divorced after he cheated. This second attempt was going well until I got a call from his girlfriend. I felt emotionally burnt and hurt. I couldn't trust him or look at him. While living on my own again with the girls, I met a great guy several months ago and fell in lust. We started dating. He knows my current martial status, but still wants to move full steam ahead and says he'd like to marry me. I put the bra [...]
[2007-01-03] Humans choose their partners strictly according to Dr. Freud's laws of psychology
Once, the King of Thebes Lauis heard a prediction of an oracle who said that the king would be murdered by his son. Because of this very prediction, the king ordered to take his newborn son to the mountains and leave the baby to die there. But the boy survived and was named Oedipus. An adoptive father brought up Oedipus, and the boy knew nothing of his real parents. In his youth, Oedipus came across Laius and arguing who of the two should let the other pass first the young man killed the older one. Then, he chanced to save Thebes from Sphinx. The mysterious animal pestered travellers with ri [...]
[2007-01-03] Christmas Message to the World from Russia's Father Frost
We take a look at the origin of certain Christmas symbols and explain how this season is celebrated in Russia, wishing all our readers the happiest of Christmases. Saint Nicholas (who gave his name to Santa Claus) is the Patron of Russia, seamen and children, the benevolent figure who brings presents on December 6th, 25th or January 6th, depending on the culture. But he existed in the flesh. Born in Asia Minor near Mira, of which he later became bishop, Nicholas was dedicated to giving presents and gave rise to two legends: he saved three daughters of a poor man from prostitution by giving ea [...]
[2007-01-03] Why teens smoke, take drugs, have unprotected sex and do other stupid things
Teens smoke, take drugs, have unprotected sex and ride with drunk drivers, not because they think they are invulnerable or haven't thought about the risks, says a new Cornell study. In fact, they are more likely to ponder the risks, take longer (about 170 milliseconds more) weighing the pros and cons of engaging in high-risk behavior than adults - and actually overestimate the risks. It's just that they often decide the benefits - the immediate gratification or peer acceptance -- outweigh the risks, says Valerie F. Reyna, professor of human development at Cornell. With Frank Farley of Temple [...]
[2007-01-03] Russian Nested Doll Painting Fun for the Whole Family
Traditional Russian artist and lecturer, Marina Forbes, will offer a unique workshop on the rich Russian folk tradition of Matryoshka (wooden nested doll) painting. The workshop is scheduled at my Studio in Rochester, NY,on Saturday, January 27 from 10am to 1pm and is open to adults and families with children 6 and up. It will be a great opportunity for families to work together and learn about Russian crafts and culture. Students will hear the story of the Matryoshka doll and will learn about her traditional Russian dress and customs. Traditional Russian painting techniques and floral and b [...]
[2007-01-03] The Fascinating Antiquity of Lake Baikal
A trip to Lake Baikal in Russia is an effective antidote if you have been fed propaganda about the desolation and persecution of Siberia. It is true that prisoners are banished to this region for lives of great adversity. No one can dispute that it is sparsely populated and far removed from the developed world. The cold is obvious at this Northern latitude, and the sun seems further away than ever before! However, Siberia can also be fertile, gracious, and inviting. The magnetic charm of Lake Baikal is an unforgettable and integral face of Siberia, which has to be seen to be believed! Lake Ba [...]
[2007-01-03] Exposition at the Tretyakov Gallery
One man’s dream and hobby grew into one of the greatest treasures of Russia. A private collection ended up as the State Museum. The Tretyakov Gallery, one of the most popular Russian tourist attractions of Moscow, had its modest beginnings in 1856. That was when a rich twenty-four year old Russian businessman in Moscow bought his first painting, Nikolai Schilder's The Temptation. Over then next decade the young merchant, Pavel Tretyakov collected whatever caught his fancy among the contemporary works of Russian artists. It was the beginning of a historic and patriotic mission and resulted in [...]
[2007-01-03] Make Money from Russian Handicrafts
The cultural traditions of Russia pre-date the Bolshevik revolution by centuries, and have withstood the decades of Communism unscathed if repressed. There is a strong international demand for Russian artifacts and handicrafts, though many people are not aware of these art forms. The potential to make money by sourcing Russian handiwork is immense and has future potential as well. Russia offers both garments and decorative pieces which customers in other countries would value. A shawl is both warm and elegant. It is a touch of great elegance to the ensemble of a woman on every occasion, espec [...]
[2007-01-03] Social Networking Dimensions of Russian Singles
The lure of a sexy Russian girl appeals to many men in the United States. There are matching numbers of single women in Russia who would look forward to a family and a life in the land of opportunity. The romance between citizens in the two countries is largely genuine and heartfelt, yet large numbers of people of both sexes and both sides are cheated in more than one way. The Internet is an unwitting medium for villainy. People believe so much in contacts they make on the Web, that men in the U.S. are known to send thousands of dollars for travel documents and air tickets, only to find that [...]
[2006-12-30] Get the best online dating service profile picture
For many who don't have a steady someone, the Internet becomes their main tool for looking. According to a Pew Internet study, more than one-third of all single Americans who are looking for a mate have checked online. So, since a picture says a thousand words, and because it's usually the first thing people look at when perusing profiles, Match.comYou really need to dress in a way that's comfortable, dress in a way that's true to you. If you're not sure, Jay says to wear black,” Kerner said. “Jay says one of the biggest mistakes we make is to take a photo that's sort of looking up and tha [...]
[2006-12-30] Size Matters in Online Dating
Size may not matter in all aspects of love, but in the world of Internet dating, it can be one of the things that helps you choose one online dating site over another. Granted, size shouldn’t be the only factor in the decision. In fact, some smaller “niche” dating sites might actually offer a better experience if you truly want to narrow your choices. But for most people, the sites with the largest memberships are going to give you the most choices and, thus, the most opportunities to meet someone with whom you’re truly compatible. To help save you some time, here’s a breakdown of the size o [...]
[2006-12-30] Why Honesty Is Key
Who said dating was easy?AOL Personals is here to help you get your love life back on track!Each week, through Valentine's Day, AOL Personals will show you simple rules and tips to date by. Don't let another Feb. 14 go by dateless. With advance planning and a little encouragement, you'll be well on your way to meeting other eligible singles.Rule No. 2Identify What You Really Want From LoveEverybody's got a list of ''mate must-haves.'' Those are the things that you absolutely, positively, MUST HAVE in order to even give a guy or girl the time of day. Write it all down so you'll know the minute [...]
[2006-12-30] Single women take pills to breastfeed adopted babies
IT is viewed as the most natural thing in the world - a mother breastfeeding her baby. But a new trend in Malaysia has the authorities worried. More single professional women are choosing to adopt babies. They then turn to modern medicine to allow them to breastfeed, with the hope of creating a bond with the young one. Malaysia's parliamentary secretary in the Prime Minister's Department, Datuk Dr Mashita Ibrahim,told Utusan Malaysia that this trend threatens the institution of marriage. She said: 'This negative trend is spreading in the larger cities including Kuala Lumpur. 'It should be [...]
[2006-12-30] Facing Rejection In Online Dating
You've chosen several photos from your online dating service and sent out your personal online profile. Now you are just waiting for the replies. You wait for a few days, and nothing. You start to feel as though you should go back to the bars, at least the rejection there is face to face. What went wrong? First of all, these people don't know you, so you can't realistically take a non answer personally. Very often users of online dating services have a stack of profiles next to their PC and take their time returning emails, so don't get discouraged. The worst mistake you can make is contac [...]
[2006-12-30] Tips to help you search for love of your life
Single and dating? Here are 10 tips for finding the love of your life in the new year. •Lose the losers. How sad would it be to have the love of your life come along and you miss it because you are with some loser? This is what can happen when you keep someone around just to have someone around •Make sure you have room for a relationship -- physically, emotionally, financially, spiritually. •Create your top 5 requirements. What are your non-negotiable must-haves? •Create your top 5 needs. Needs are different from requirements in that needs can be negotiated as to time, place, when, where, [...]
[2006-12-30] Top 5 Questions To Ask An Online Date
Online dating services are on the rise, especially special feature websites, like teen online dating, gay online dating, and senior online dating. The drawback to online dating, certainly for these special interest groups, is the validity of the person on the other end of cyber space. Cyber stalking is up 55% in the last two years, and meeting someone on the outside after meeting them online in a chat room or through an online dating service can be risky business. Here are the top five questions and online dating tips. The questions are designed so that you may be able to get a better sens [...]
[2006-12-30] I am to marry a Russian lady soon, when we are married will she be entitled to NHS facilities?
Ignore the xenaphobics.... okay, your wife to be will be entitles to NHS services as your spouse. She will not be entitled to unemployment benefits, social security or any other forms of government funds. She will, once she becomes your wife entitled to apply for a national insurance number, subject to having a genuine offer of work. She will pay PAYE & NIC but will still not be allowed to access any government funds. You will be responsible for her and her upkeep. Once you are married, you can begin the process of applying for an 'indefinate leave of stay' visa. Best place to be interview [...]
[2006-12-30] What is the legal requirements for an American citizen to marry a Russian lady in the united states ?
You can get married when she is here, like someone already told you, but that is not the best option. Your paperwork will take longer.You should apply for a FIANCE VISA and then she will come to the US and you will get married. There is a lot of paperwork involved, but I hope this gives you an idea of what to expect. Then you will have an interview and more paperwork.The paperwork is to proof that you can financially support your future wife, that you love each other, and they also check your criminal history.Check the link below for more specific information.Best of luck and please, do this f [...]
[2006-12-30] Russian Mail Order Brides. Is it till death do us apart or till i get my Green Card ?
My neighbour got screwed by a Russian bride. Everywhere i hear stories like his. What's wrong with American men & them Russian Chicks ? They are pretty, tell u they love u & ur dumb enough to believe them, u go ahead & marry them, bring them to the US, get them the G.Card, then they bail out on u & u are one lucky son of a gun, if u don't end up in jail cuz usually they scratch themself, go to a heath clinic & the Cops & file a false report that u abused them, so they could get an easy divorce & a permanent G.Card from the INS ,when they apply as a battered spouse. [...]
[2006-12-29] Market Spotlight: Online Dating
In the wake of the holiday shopping rush, Web surfers are heading online for a different kind of transaction: finding a soulmate, or at least a date for New Year's Eve. According to data from the Atlas Institute, the research arm of online advertising agency aQuantive Inc., online personals and dating sites saw a major increase in action during the week between Christmas and New Year's last year. Transaction volume -- which includes people registering and paying or renewing membership fees -- on dating sites climbed steadily through January 2006 to levels 50 percent higher than on retail sit [...]
[2006-12-29] From Russians with love.......
American troops serving abroad were delivered a dose of care from the borough’s Soviet community when the Be Proud Foundation coordinated a food drive at National Restaurant. Area dignitaries joined Foundation members to help sort through donated items and gifts to be shipped to servicemembers in Iraq as part of the third annual Operation Holiday Greeting at the catering facility, 273 Brighton Beach Avenue. Care packages will also be sent to the Marine Forces Reserve, Battalion 6, which has been adopted by the Be Proud Foundation. “The people of this great nation will never be able to thank th [...]
[2006-12-29] Being a woman in Kazakhstan
As we in Kazakhstan celebrate the New Year, Qurban Ait (Eid al-Adha), both Catholic and Russian Orthodox Christmases and even Hanukkah, we look back at the year 2006 andsee that our ties with the peoples of the world, including the Americans, have become stronger. Wenow know that millions of Americans became aware of Kazakhstan and the way we the Kazakhs live. While this may sound gratifying, one of the biggest reasons for this greater knowledge is the movie "Borat" by a British comedian released in November, which misrepresented my country as a country of backward misogynists. This, of course [...]
[2006-12-29] Average expenditures per one consumer of a category in 2006 in Russia
Each woman spent average $120 for cosmetics and toiletries in 2006. Average expenditures per one consumer of a category are estimated to be the following. Each consumer of deodorants spent $5.4 for this product in 2006. People using depilatories spent $1.3 for them. Those, buying hand cream allotted $2.4 for it last year. $21.3 was spent by hair colorant consumers. Consumers spent $10.1 for lipsticks and $8.1 for body milk. According to Comcon Pharma, 75.2% of Russian women at the age 16-55 years old use lipstick. 48% of women regularly make hair coloring. Body milk is applied by 25.9% of [...]
[2006-12-29] Romance Resolutions for 2007
Sure, you could spend the beginning of the new year trying to lose weight or quit smoking, but how about something fun that you'll stick to for longer than a Pam Anderson marriage? Try following my resolution advice for a lively and passionate 2007. For the mellowed marrieds: 2007 doesn't end in 007 for nothing. Get back that Bond-style thrill and excitement in your own affair. Make it your resolution to do something romantic and special with your partner every month of the new year. Make fools of yourselves dancing at Polly Esther's, feed each other fondue at the Melting Pot or register for a [...]
[2006-12-29] Women's Group Calls For Tougher Scrutiny Of Matchmaking Agencies
A women's advocacy group called on Monday for a governing body to regulate Singapore matchmaking agencies that offer foreign brides, claiming the businesses are "largely unmonitored and unregulated." While the agencies conduct strict checks on the sexual health and virginity of the prospective brides, the Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) found too few questions were asked regarding the marital status, criminal records, physical health and financial status of the eager grooms. Many of the men still traditionally choose Malaysians and Indonesians. Brides from Vietnam and Chin [...]
[2006-12-29] Sex poll finds city has that loving feeling
EDINBURGH residents are the most amorous in Scotland, according to a new poll. More than one in seven city residents say they make love at least once a day - higher than anywhere in the UK except Bradford, Swansea and Coventry. The cheeky survey also found that seven out of ten Britons want to make love more often, and many fantasise about someone they know. Sixty-two per cent of women and 82% of men (72% on average) wish they made love more often, the poll found. Around a third (31%) of people across the UK have sex twice a week, but 22% make love less than once a month. Women are mor [...]
[2006-12-29] Single bells all the way
A COUPLE cuddling beside the tree in matching Aran knits, an angelic nuclear family gathering around the piano to sing O Come, All Ye Faithful. A father, complete with comedy paper hat, sitting at the head of a dinner table carving up his brood's giant turkey. These are the clichéd images of which "Christmas" is made. But thanks to a seasonal box office hit, The Holiday, the myth that Christmas has to, or should be, a communal experience is now in question. Starring Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet as two single career high-fliers desperate to get away from it all, the film shows that want [...]
[2006-12-29] Workers 'are more caring towards colleagues than their loved ones'
COUPLES are "seriously jeopardising" their relationships by putting work ahead of their personal lives, a new report has found. In a survey of more than 1,000 workers, almost half admitted they put more time and effort into their relationships with office colleagues than with their partners. The "critical hour" between finishing work and sitting down for dinner is one of the most significant bonding times between couples. But it is under threat because socialising with workmates can appear a more attractive prospect. To make matters worse, more than a third of Scots confessed to carrying [...]
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