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[2007-10-05] Married couples live longer, enjoy better health and can rely on more home care in old age than their divorced, widowed, single and cohabiting peers.
Moreover, children who live with their married parents are also healthier, and can expect to stay in full-time education for longer, whatever their economic background. In fact, the researchers came to the conclusion after studying the health statistics in Britain. They found that widowed men and single mothers had the worst health, suffering more acute and chronic conditions, while married people of both sexes enjoyed the best health. Even the mortality rate among single men under 34 is about two-and-a-half times higher than that for young married men. Widowed and divorced men over 80 have a [...]
[2007-10-05] Married parents could soon be in a minority, for a new report has suggested a 65 per cent increase in couples who live together but are not married.
A report on family life by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) revealed that cohabiting is a rising trend in Britain, with 2.3 million, mostly young people, living together without being married. Married couples saw a drop of four per cent to 12.1 families in the same period, however, the ONS said the obvious conclusion of a shift towards non-married couples was not necessarily the case. However, the ONS said that the increase in cohabitation did not fully explain the decline in marriage, because the research found fewer women aged between 25 and 29 were forming any union, either marr [...]
[2007-10-05] Has Moore's Law Accelerated the Mating Process Too?
There is no denying that love has changed. The question, it would seem, is how. Is it for better or worse, for sickness or health, 'till disconnection do us part? Blame the Internet. People across the globe are undergoing a revolution in relationships not seen since the '60s. Couples are meeting, courting and falling in love without ever staring into each other's eyes (web-cams notwithstanding). A recent case from Bosnia speaks to both the irony and tragedy of Cupid's contemporary quiver: Although they were married, Sana and Adnan, Klaric had fallen out of love and were secretly seeking so [...]
[2007-10-05] The average Briton may spend £1,569 on their loved-one, but for 5.9 million people this is simply not enough.
As much as 18 per cent of people believe their partner does not spend enough of them, with 792,000 feeling so undervalued they have ended their relationship. That is according to research out today from Abbey, which finds those aged 18 to 24 are the most focused on money-matters in relationships, making up 40 per cent of the people in relationships splitting up because too little is being spent on them. "Love doesn't come cheap. It costs over £1,500 a year to be in a relationship and love keeps on getting more expensive as you get older," said Steve Shore, Abbey's head of banking. Those w [...]
[2007-10-05] What are today's young, single women driving?
VOLKSWAGEN BEETLE Statistically, the Volkswagen Beetle is the most popular car for women, with 57 percent of all buyers of Beetles since July having been women, according to JD Power and Associates. The starting price $16,400 and its uniqueness seem to be the feminine appeal of the car. Volkswagen brand manager Rachael Yos said the color on the Beetle helps boost its appeal. "There's unique colors on the Beetle that you can't get on any other vehicle. I think the Beetle is a more feminine car to begin with, it's a real rounded shape," she said. Style is very important when young wom [...]
[2007-10-05] Now, you can use your high-speed Internet connection for some high-speed dating is inaugurating its service tonight with an invitation-only speed-date session for 100 singles in the San Francisco area. The new online dating service offers a brief questionnaire and three-minute livevideo chats. Co-founder Dan Abelon says started as a project for a Stanford University graduate class. He says spending hours filling out online questionnaires and e-mail exchanges is a waste of time. Abelon adds that a brief conversation is all that's really needed to determine whether a relationship is worth pursuing. Now, the service is free, but Abelon says they h [...]
[2007-10-05] A marriage-preparation course aims to point the way to healthy unions
First comes love, then comes marriage, and then, as some couples find out, comes divorce.But Orange County is taking steps to try to bolster healthy unions.Recently, a group of engaged couples participated in a two-day, six-hour marriage-preparation educational course, "Before You Tie the Knot," which was offered at the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Services' Orange County extension education center. "Everybody wonders why some marriages last and some don't, and we really just want to raise awareness of some of the topics that help determine that," said Jonnali Ma [...]
[2007-10-05] In every relationship there are different personalities and family backgrounds of the two people involved, and these aspects will inevitably affect how the relationship develops.
Mary Ainsworth came up with a theory called the Attachment Theory in 1978. She believed these behaviors happen early in life, and the child grows with these attachment problems later in personal relationships.According to the theory by Ainsworth, there are three types of attachment.The first is secure attachment, which is usually found in traditional family homes. According to the theory, people who have secure attachment in their families are more likely to become friendly or intimate with others, they can be dependent on others or have others depend on them, and they don't worry about being [...]
[2007-10-05] While Indians turn increasingly to dating as a means of finding their spouse, the West, ironically, is turning to arranged marriages, as several of them see the defects of the dating system.
I must admit i see them, too. In fact, I think we are really lucky that we have so much support in our country as we do when it comes to finding one's life-partner. In the West, people must contrive places to meet the other sex, and when they do, they must get up the initiative to choose someone on their own (not an easy task) and then, must get up the courage to approach the person and ask them out (a real agonising process for the shy and quiet ones). Girls are still largely asked out instead of asking; if they are interested, they have to learn the language/art of encouragement so that the [...]
[2007-10-05] If you are longing to meet someone you've been chatting to online or you've got your first date lined up, make sure you follow these basic guidelines.
Use your instincts You can meet some fantastic people online, however, until you get to know someone well online be cautious about meeting them offline. Use your instincts to know how much personal information (for example your telephone number, address & your surname) to tell them and only agree to meet other members when you feel comfortable in doing so. You're in controlOnline dating is a great way to meet people and one of the great benefits of dating online is that you are in control of how fast or slow the relationships you develop go. Never feel obligated to meet someone face to fac [...]
[2007-10-05] A new online dating service believes you can determine the love of your life after a three-minute video chat.
Originally a project by a Stanford University business class, combines online dating and round robin-style speed dating, where singles spend eight minutes or less interviewing potential matches. The San Mateo-based company is scheduled to host its first event Thursday, with three-minute sessions for up to 100 people who live in the San Francisco Bay area. Individuals will meet at least 15 prospective partners in an hour. "People go through the long process of filling out profiles and sending e-mails, maybe for weeks or months, and within two seconds of seeing the other person t [...]
[2007-10-05] Many men have an interesting internal conflict about the topic of first date sex.
For some guys it's a game they play with the female to see how deeply they can seduce her on their initial meeting, the devil on their shoulder urging them to shag and conquer, all within the space of six hours. However, while the devil is shouting encouragement (and suggesting cheesy bedroom lines), the angel on their other shoulder is quietly cheering any signs of resistance from the woman. This is the conflict; for while a lot of blokes are stoked to hit one out of the park on the first date, many of those same men are just as happy to be knocked back because it means the woman is not "ea [...]
[2007-10-05] The Meet Market, hosted by radio station 107.9 The End, is an event for local singles to mingle.
Have you ever been online, seen the advertisements for those dating websites, and thought to yourself, "I would never be able to trust the people I meet online; they might claim to be one way, but turn out to be completely different in person," or something along those lines? Your feelings about trusting a complete stranger might change if you met that person face-to-face at a dating event, much like the Meet Market.This Friday, local radio station 107.9 The End is hosting its sixth-ish, not-so-annual Meet Market at the Radisson Hotel located off of Highway 160 at the Canterbury Road exit, for [...]
[2007-10-05] The laws of economics apply to everything from the "pull" factor of your online dating profile to whether or not you can get away with scarfing down the very last scoop of guacamole at a party.
What signals do you give off?: According to Cowen, one of the most important economic theories in play with dating is something called signaling. "Signaling is a kind of personal advertising," says Cowen. "We signal when we wear fashionable clothes (or not), when we go to the right school, and when we send the right color of flowers. The cost or difficulty is the whole point of signaling, and it is the reason why signaling sends an effective message." We signal whether or not we're worth attention: if we might sleep around, if we're smart enough to hold someone's interest. We signal if we'l [...]
[2007-10-05] Baltimore blogger Linds details the problems she had with getting her money back from a dating site after not finding love on their site.
In addition to being pretty funny -- I like that she calls the site Voldematch -- it also shows off one of the most awkward parts of paying someone to help you with your love life: Still, I figured I'd give it a shot. Using my best Southern accent (hoping to speak to a guy, I'll admit, plus, I was calling Texas), I called the Customer Service line, obviously staffed by the twin sister of the woman who called me every five minutes at work today. I explained my math and my position, and she informed me that she'd be happy to refund me a partial refund of $66."Sixty-six bucks?" I exclaimed. "B [...]
[2007-10-05] Have you ever had a date that has gone horribly wrong? A new Web site will allow people to share their bad experiences -- and possibly to fall in love.
By offering a new twist on traditional online dating, hopes to enable members to connect and form social networks by sharing their negative dating stories. The site, set to launch next month, is the brainchild of Los Angeles-based author and dating veteran Jennifer Kelton. "It's more lifestyle-based, it's less about 'I look sexy in jeans and flip-flops and I like to go to the movies on Tuesday nights,'" said Kelton. "It's a combination of MySpace and" With the explosive popularity and dominance of the other sites such as MySpace, which has 200 million users, a [...]
[2007-10-05] German politician Gabriele Pauli has called for an amendment in law to require the automatic dissolve of all marriages after seven years.
Her justification is that many people stay in marriages solely because they feel safe. In addition, Pauli said divorce is a hard process to go through and is very costly. She believes this amendment will help people to try harder in their marriages. I believe she's a moron. Marriage is the biggest optional, personal commitment one person can make to another. It is not a trial run. The trial period is dating, granted for some it extends into the engagement, but marriage is IT. A marriage with a time limit is a contradiction in itself. The idea that anyone would agree to a seven-year "marriage" [...]
[2007-10-05] Stupid cupid. It shot itself with its own arrow.
I know I'm not the only one who thinks those commercials are stupid. They show attractive singles, lamenting about why they were rejected by a rival online dating site. "We don't know why eHarmony has rejected over a million people looking for love," goes the tag line. "At, come as you are." So one would think that eHarmony is loving the rival-bankrolled publicity. Not so, apparently. eHarmony brought charges against Chemistry -- which is a subsidiary of IAC's (Nasdaq: IACI) -- before the Better Business Bureau's ad council. The charges aren't about th [...]
[2007-10-05] ONLINE dating sites are full of pictures of glamorous guys and gals - but The Sun’s own offering, Sun Singles, wants to liven things up.
We don’t just want a few lines on whether you prefer blondes or brunettes, beanpoles or beefcakes.Sun Singles wants to find out just why you are such a hot date – by getting you to send in ‘DATE ME’ VIDEOS. All we are looking for is 60-seconds of home movie, explaining why you’d be the perfect date. It doesn’t have to be professionally shot - most mobile phones will do the job - but it does need to get your personality across. Just start your vids, ‘Hi, I’m ‘John’ and this is the reason you’ll want to date me!” and crack on from there. GET LUCKY That’s it. Just email your clips as a vide [...]
[2007-10-05] A 31-year-old computer expert is believed to have lured at least 100 women on the pretext of marrying them but later absconding with their savings.
His simple modus operandi is to advertise his attractive profile and picture on a matrimonial website, from where he entices his victims. Chennai Joint Police Commissioner (North) M.Ravi said the suspect had officially married four girls but cheated many others. "According to our initial investigations it could be more than 100 girls across India. He picked girls from places like Chennai, Nagpur, Kanpur and Mumbai. But so far no foreign girls were involved," he told Bernama when contacted. Using fictitious names and disguising himself as senior government officer, a non-resident Indian or a [...]
[2007-10-05] A new study reveals that the ability to detect a certain male hormone in sweat is genetic. What that tells us about the science of smell—and why some women like sweaty men.
Liz Gabor calls the odor “man sweat.” And though she’s loath to admit it, the aromatic scent makes her feel, as she calls it, a little frisky. “My friends think I’m crazy, but I think male sweat is kind of pleasant and, well, kind of hot,” says Gabor, 28, a customer service rep and happily married mother of two young girls. Gabor doesn’t have a honker that’s on the fritz. Rather, her penchant for “man sweat” is all in her genes, according to new research from Rockefeller and Duke Universities published this week in the journal Nature. Scientists have previously found an association between ma [...]
[2007-10-05] Nearly 40 million people around the world currently use mobile phone dating services,
"Major brands such as and Webdate have recognised that customers are willing to pay a mobility premium for 24/7 access to these services," said report author Dr Windsor Holden. "These firms are increasing the deployment of mobile applications to complement and enhance their existing offerings. "The increasing proliferation of 3G handsets means that companies are increasingly confident of introducing converged services at the outset." The research found that the majority of users are in Japan and India, the latter having particularly strong growth potential given the lack of fixed [...]
[2007-10-05] Despite a slight rise in the number of people taking part in a practice-run marriage, most 20-somethings are still shunning the first marriage in favour of the non-marriage divorce.
It is now generally assumed that people will live with someone before they marry. And of those who eventually marry, more than a third will divorce. But what is often forgotten in the statistical salad bar are the pseudo-divorces that eventuate from non-marriages – the heart-wrenching, surprisingly painful end of the live-in relationship with the person you thought was going to be the love of your life. The average age at which people marry has increased over the past two decades from 24 to 29 years for women, and from 27 to 32 years for men. We could assume Australian men and women are using [...]
[2007-10-02] It's good to be picky --very picky
Single women the world over will thank God for these two researchers: In a study of speed daters, Paul W. Eastwick and Eli J. Finkel, Ph.D., of Northwestern University, found that people who selected a large number of candidates for follow-up meetings were less likely to be picked themselves for another round. People who chose only a few contenders were more successful in getting attention and responses. It turns out that singles who show interest in every partner they encounter may come off not as eager and open but as just plain desperate. "What's interesting about that is it actually diff [...]
[2007-10-02] What people look for in a marriage partner
Basically they think, The sex is good, we love each other, we're good friends ... ," he says. "You'd go pretty far down the list before you'd get to We get in sync effectively.'" But he's learned that the ability to coordinate day-to-day tasks like shopping for "O, The Oprah Magazine" is a crucial component of a couple's happiness. "Married partners are co-managers, and as the marriage progresses, it involves more logistical organization, especially if kids come," he says. "If you're not in sync with your partner, research suggests, you'll find yourself depleted, exhausted, and less effecti [...]
[2007-10-02] Better to celebrate than commiserate
A new study has found that the way you respond to your partner's good news may be more important than how you react to his disappointments. Couples who celebrated each other's happy events (like promotions or raises) reported greater satisfaction in their relationship and were less likely to break up than those who offered support only during rough times, says lead study author Shelly L. Gable, Ph.D., an associate professor of psychology at UC Santa Barbara. She and her researchers videotaped 79 couples as they talked about negative and positive events in their lives, then categorized the pa [...]
[2007-10-02] It takes a strong woman to be needy
You'd think John Gottman, Ph.D., who founded the Gottman Institute (otherwise known as the Love Lab) with his wife, Julie, wouldn't make dumb mistakes in his own relationship. But he always remembers the time he harangued his busy wife for neglecting him: "I said, 'You're so emotionally unavailable; everyone else comes first; what is wrong with you?' And I found when I said that, she didn't want to spend time with me." He laughs. "So I learned from the couples we studied to say, 'You know, I'm getting that lonely feeling again. I just need more of you in my day.'" And it worked. The trick w [...]
[2007-10-02] 60 Seconds to a better relationship
For the overworked, overcommitted, and all-around overwhelmed couples, Peter Fraenkel, Ph.D., has one piece of advice: "Don't try to schedule time together. Schedules are more work. And you don't need any more work." Instead, Fraenkel, the director of the Center for Time, Work, and the Family at the Ackerman Institute for the Family, in New York City, tells couples to come up with a list of things they can enjoy together that can be done in less than a minute: telling a joke, one long kiss, etc. These 60-second pleasure points, as Fraenkel calls them, don't all have to be face-to-face. He ev [...]
[2007-10-02] And baby makes ... trouble
In a series of studies over 13 years, John Gottman and his researchers observed couples from the first few months of marriage through the birth of a child. This year he announced that 67 percent of the couples in his studies experienced a drop in relationship happiness in the first three years of a baby's life (and were twice as likely to divorce). Gottman stresses that it's crucial for couples to tackle major marriage problems before the infant arrives. Couples who did well became a team early on, he says. The successful men were easy to spot: They helped with housework and loved the way the [...]
[2007-10-02] A divorce vaccine
Marriage researcher James V. Córdova, Ph.D., has become haunted by a disheartening statistic: Fifty percent of couples who finish marital therapy get better (and stay better), but the other half either do not improve or relapse. "It's better than nothing, but not as good as we could be doing," says Córdova, an associate professor of psychology at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts. The problem, he recognized, is that couples usually see a counselor when the relationship is already breaking down. "We take care of our physical health by going in for checkups," he says. "The [...]
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