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[2006-10-17] Births outside marriage up nearly fourfold
THE number of births outside marriage has almost quadrupled in the UK. The Office for National Statistics' Social Trends report said the increase - from 12 per cent in 1980 to 42 per cent in 2004 - is largely due to a sharp increase in the number of couples living together without tying the knot. Hayley Butcher, of the ONS, said: "Although most children are born to married couples, this substantial rise in births outside marriage is a reflection of the rising trend in cohabiting parents." The report found also that households are becoming smaller, with more people living on their own, wh [...]
[2006-10-17] Why women think deep when sounding out potential mates
POP star James Blunt may think she's "beautiful", but the girl in question is more likely to prefer the masterful tones of soul legend Barry White when looking for a mate. Psychologists, led by Dr David Feinberg at St Andrews University, found that women tend to prefer the deep voice of a man during the most fertile phase of the menstrual cycle. During their least fertile phase, most women showed less signs of this preference and were more open to a higher, more feminine voice that signalled the man was likely to be a caring, sharing type who would be a good father. However, attractive a [...]
[2006-10-17] The cost of loving and leaving a relationship calculated at £12,000
THEY say breaking up is hard to do. Now a report has confirmed that moving on from a relationship is not only emotionally draining - but expensive too. It has been calculated that the average cost of setting up a new home after a cohabiting Scots couple split up is almost £12,000. The precise figure - £11,832 - is based on the amount estimated by those questioned when asked how much money it would take to replace the goods bought jointly if they went their separate ways. The most common joint purchases include a TV, bought by 63 per cent of couples, beds (65 per cent), washing ma [...]
[2006-10-17] Women quicker to pick partners
WOMEN are quicker than men at making up their minds about a potential partner, a study found. A speed-dating experiment showed men have only seconds to impress a woman - and can stand or fall by their opening chat-up lines. Psychologist Professor Richard Wiseman recruited 100 visitors to the Edinburgh International Science Festival to take part in 500 speed dates. [...]
[2006-10-17] Men, you have 30 seconds to impress women
HALF of all women make their minds up within 30 seconds of meeting a man about whether he is potential boyfriend material, according to a study on speed-dating. The women were on average far quicker at making a decision than the men during some 500 speed dates at an event organised as part of Edinburgh Science Festival. The scientists behind the research said this showed just how important chat-up lines were in dating. They found that those who were "highly skilled in seduction" used chat-up lines that encouraged their dates to talk about themselves in "an unusual, quirky way". The top-r [...]
[2006-10-17] How to bag a billionaire
WHAT'S the difference between a millionaire and a billionaire? Bottles of Champagne consumed in a day? Range of gold plated Maseratis parked in the driveway? Number of nose jobs? Nope. Billionaires are more likely to be single. At least, that's the theory. A quick glance at the recently published Forbes list of the world's billionaires 2006 defines a surprisingly hefty amount of the world's richest as "single", "divorced" or "widowed". And, yes, you really can check - there's even a handy search facility on the Forbes website to help you on your way. Sad, isn't it? To think of all these su [...]
[2006-10-17] Scientists try speed-dating to discover secret of love
SCIENTISTS are to investigate how people can find their perfect partners - by observing speed dating. A top psychologist is planning to carry out the world's first mass experiment on the science of speed dating Organisers of the 2006 Edinburgh International Science Festival programme are looking for 200 volunteers to take part in the experiment in April to discover the truth about the psychology of compatibility. Under the eye of Professor Richard Wiseman of the University of Hertfordshire, participants will complete a personality test, take part in a series of five-minute meetings with [...]
[2006-10-17] Love at first sight for the couple who met on radio
TWO strangers married moments after meeting each other for the first time yesterday - and then declared themselves happy with their new lives. Craig Cooper, 30, a former soldier, and Rebecca Duffy, 28, a secretary, won a radio station competition for the "blind" wedding. They made their vows during a private ceremony. The newlyweds held hands, kissed in front of the cameras and revealed that they were looking forward to getting to know each other. They are set to honeymoon in Bermuda. The Birmingham couple won the wedding in a competition organised by the independent radio station BRMB. [...]
[2006-10-17] Love is in the airwaves for radio couple
Two strangers were set to tie the knot today following their victory in a radio station competition. Groom Craig Cooper was due to meet his bride, Rebecca Duffy, for the first time at the start of the ceremony organised by Birmingham-based radio station BRMB. Belfast: Police are investigating if two petrol bomb attacks in west Belfast are linked to the murder of a father of five. Gerard Devlin was fatally stabbed as he picked up his children in Whitecliffe Parade on Friday. [...]
[2006-10-17] Scots add up benefits of living single life
BRITONS are choosing wealth over love, according to a survey revealing that single people are revelling in the financial benefits of living alone. The report estimates that the number of people not in a relationship has reached 38 per cent across the UK and 41 per cent in Scotland - about four in ten of the adult population. But far from being the lonely stereotype desperately looking for love as depicted by the Bridget Jones character, most claim the extra spending power of being single is better than romance. The Singledom Report by media agency Carat said 14.2 million British adults a [...]
[2006-10-17] Singles 'suffer discrimination'
SINGLE people suffer discrimination at the hands of a "couplist society" despite making up 38 per cent of the adult population, according to a new study. People who live alone are expected to work longer hours and at weekends and are often socially excluded by their coupled-up friends, said Carat media agency. [...]
[2006-10-17] Scotland gives in to quickie divorce
Key points • Time needed for divorce reduced from from 5 years to 2 if contested, 2 years to 1 if uncontested. • Family Law Bill carried by majority of over 50• New rules for unmarried fathers and cohabiting couples too Key quote"This is another incremental step in dismantling marriage. It seems that the Executive is consistently and systematically attacking the family." - John Deighan, Catholic Church MINISTERS were accused last night of "dismantling marriage" after moves to make divorce easier and quicker were passed by the Scottish Parliament. The Roman Catholic Church warned the Execu [...]
[2006-10-17] Money issues main cause of couples' rows
MONEY is the main cause of arguments between couples, creating more friction than lazy husbands, bad manners and mother-in-laws, a new study has shown. Finance issues, from secret savings to excessive use of the joint account by one partner, are behind more domestic disputes than anything else, the research into 1,000 couples discovered. Opportunities for Meet the Parents-style mishaps during visits from the dreaded in-laws were another cause of disputes, the study by Legal and General insurance found. Most other arguments were caused by bad manners and other inconsiderate behaviour such [...]
[2006-10-17] Japanese women happy to be single
WOMEN in Japan are increasingly avoiding marriage, underlining changes to the Japanese social fabric and trends toward declining birthrates and the prospect of a shrinking population. A newspaper poll published yesterday showed 73 per cent of unmarried Japanese women are happy being single - 10 per cent more than two years ago. Japan’s birthrate has fallen to among the world’s lowest as fewer people opt for matrimony and couples wait longer to tie the knot. Many families are also choosing to have only one child, citing the high cost of education and shortage of child care. The declining [...]
[2006-10-17] Stronger families can protect us all
WE are familiar with media stories of bullying at school or about youth violence and crime. Teachers talk about being ground down by the indiscipline in classrooms. Politicians look at ways to reduce truancy. Police resources are stretched in dealing with town centres choked by drunken youths spilling from pubs and clubs. We are also familiar with people spilling out their innermost feelings on television chat shows. Not least in this category are those which reunite an adult with the parent they haven't seen since childhood. The emotion is real, the hurt undeniable, but the yearning of so [...]
[2006-10-17] More women pop question
ALMOST one in 10 married women said they asked their husband to marry them, according to a survey published yesterday. The willingness to break with tradition is also shown by the fact that 4 per cent of those polled had bought their own engagement ring. The survey of 10,000 UK couples for the jewellers, Boodle and Dunthorne, confirmed other social trends in the UK. More than a quarter of the couples had been together six years or more before getting engaged and 80 per cent lived together prior to taking the plunge. In another sign that traditions are changing, 74 per cent of men did not [...]
[2006-10-17] New chance for journalists to find love online
A new website for media people looking for love has been set up. It will give people the chance to browse the members, see who is around, flirt and have a laugh - while enjoying a virtual pint, before deciding whether to make friends or take things a step further… aims to bring fascinating and diverse people together, regardless of the medium they work in. Members will be journalists, photographers, designers, technicians, PRs, media planners, advertising and marketing bods, along with hard-pressed administrative staff. They work in press, radio, film, new media and [...]
[2006-10-17] Blacks Seeking Escape from Abusive Relationships Have Poorer Outcomes
The numbers from studies and government reports are simply staggering: Four million women experience a serious assault by a partner during an average 12-month period. One out of three women has been beaten, forced to have unwanted sex or otherwise abused during her lifetime. One in five female high school students reports being physically and/or sexually abused by a dating partner. And one in three teens say they have a friend or peer who has been physically abused by his or her partner. Domestic violence is an equal opportunity employer. It crosses all races and socio-economic backgrounds [...]
[2006-10-17] Population in U.S. Tops 300 Million, Led by Immigration Surge
The U.S. population will pass 300 million today, propelled by a wave of immigrants who make up the largest proportion of the nation since the 1920s. The Census Bureau population clock adds one person every 11 seconds and will reach 300 million at 7:46 a.m. New York time, spokesman Mark Tolbert said in a statement. The count includes one birth every seven seconds, one death every 13 seconds and one new immigrant every 31 seconds. Immigrants now account for 40 percent of U.S. growth, according to the independent Population Reference Bureau, a Washington research institute that assesses popul [...]
[2006-10-16] OAP barred from living with internet bride
A PENSIONER is furious at local council officials who have refused him permission to move his internet bride-to-be from China into his sheltered housing complex. Ken Miller, 69, has been told "under no circumstances" would he be allowed to co-habit with his 44-year-old future wife, Yin Qieo, at the Maesydarren sheltered accommodation in Ystalyfera in the Upper Swansea Valley where he lives. Mr Miller, who served with the Royal Navy for 12 years, has been told his bride-to-be is too young to live there even as his wife. She currently lives in the city of Nanning, in China's vast Guangxi prov [...]
[2006-10-16] Man among trio of alleged busy bigamists in metro Atlanta
If William Fairley didn't kiss the bride after saying "I do" last October, it was for lack of time, not practice. The clock read 2:30 p.m. that Friday afternoon. Fairley had just wed a woman from Kenya amid the blond wooden benches in a Gwinnett County courtroom. And marriage records show he must have been in a bit of a hurry. William Fairley's string of 10 marriages included two that were only hours apart, authorities say. Alvin Murdock, like Fairley, married African immigrants exclusively, according to officials. Fairley would pledge his eternal devotion aga [...]
[2006-10-16] Unmarried persons guaranteed marriage within one year after visiting Rabbi Ben Uziel's tomb
Spiritualism has also hit the singles scene that is always on the lookout for new and original ways of creating new ties. Those who have tiered of the sleazy dating scenes can now try the spiritual option by seeking the aid of Rabbi Yonosson (Yonatan) Ben Uziel, a gifted disciple of the famous Hillel. Tradition has it that unmarried persons visiting Rabbi Yonosson Ben Uziel's resting place would be guaranteed marriage within a year. Today, the tomb located in Amuka nestled in the hills near Safed has become a preferred pilgrimage site for singles. Izhar Hess, who runs the Dere [...]
[2006-10-16] Denver Ranked No. 1 As Best City To Be Single Three Years In Row
In a recent survey, Denver was ranked as the best city in America to be single. Each year Forbes magazine comes up with a list of the best places for single people to live and Denver has ranked No. 1 for the third year in a row. But if this is such a great place for singles, why are there so many people here who just can't meet that special someone? "I haven't been on a date in like three years," said one Denver single. "I thought he did come and try to sweep me off my feet but I was wrong." Even in the best city for singles, its tough out there. "I want to settle down," said [...]
[2006-10-16] Modern Day Slavery under the Guise of Foreign 'Bride'
Dieu-Hien arrived in Taiwan as a bride, but was made to work as a servant from the very first day. That’s when she found out that her “husband’s” former wife had left him due to his drinking and abuse, and now she has to take care of his four children as well as his parents. Hien’s day starts at 5am, cooking and taking care of the household, then making tofu to sell at the store. During the day, she’s expected to make and carry 150-200 sets of tofu, each weighing 25 pounds. Throughout the day and late into the night, Hien has to cook and clean for the household in addition to taking care of th [...]
[2006-10-16] Jewish Women Fall Victim to Human Trafficking
A Russian Jewish woman with a child was recently freed from domestic slavery in San Francisco, reports the Jewish News Weekly of Northern California. Several Jewish agencies have joined to form the Jewish Coalition to End Human Trafficking. The number of women enslaved in the United States may be as high as 20,000, according to the report. Recent California legislation to expedite the provision of food, rent money and medical care for victims aims to prevent women from returning to their abusers out of desperation. [...]
[2006-10-16] The Asian bride who died a lonely death in Britain
When 22-year-old Musammat Mumtahana came from Bangladesh to join her new husband in Britain, her family hoped she would find wealth and happiness. Instead she found a well of loneliness that led to her taking her own life and the lives of her two sons. Here for the first time her distraught mother in Bangladesh tells her story The single-storey house has peeling paint and mildewed walls, a vegetable patch in the front yard and a wing with a rusting tin roof and wicker walls. Inside the furniture is threadbare, no fans resist the oppressive heat and, on a charpoy bed in a dank corner, lies a wo [...]
[2006-10-16] Perfect match-up
Imagine, losing the perfect wife. Sometimes it's not until you've lost something that you truly appreciate its value, for as the old Jamaican saying goes: "Cow don't know de use of him tail until it chop off". That's why many people look on past relationships as being near perfect, and often make the mistake of trying to rekindle the old flames. Well, nothing is really perfect, but try telling that to some people who spend forever searching, seeking, wistfully wishing for the perfect match-up to shed some light on their dark, dour, damned, dismal, desolate existence. "So, how come yu don't h [...]
[2006-10-16] Unfaithful liar is not marriage material
Dear Bubbe, I'm a 33-year-old man dating a 22-year-old woman. We have been together for almost two months and have decided to marry. We even set a date, March 2007. About three weeks ago, she saw her exboyfriend and she ended up being intimate with him. First, she lied about it but then admitted it and promised not to ever do it again. Since then, she went to work for him in his shop. I admit, once before during sex we joked about each of us being intimate with our exes one more time, so I can understand maybe she got the wrong signals after us joking. My friends say get rid of her, that s [...]
[2006-10-16] Of singles and sexuality
What is the problem with “Staying Pure”? I accept that celibacy is what God requires of me, but how do I deal with my physical desires? This is adapted answer from the writings of Christin Ditchfield. This is a special collection of articles on Christian singleness and sexual purity. The topic raised many interesting and sensitive questions, including the first one below. The Problem with ‘Staying Pure’: Q. As a Christian single, I accept that celibacy is what God requires of me. But how do I deal with my physical needs? I’ve been told that masturbation, while not specifically forbidden [...]
[2006-10-16] What America's Next 100 Million Will Look Like
The one sure thing about U.S. population as it moves past 300 million — expected to happen in the next few days — is that there will be more Americans. A lot more. Everything else is informed speculation. Still, much will turn on how big the United States becomes and how fast it grows — from its use of natural resources to its settlement patterns to shifts in political clout. There will be 400 million Americans in 2043, climbing to 420 million by midcentury, the U.S. Census Bureau estimates. The added numbers will change the nature of the populace, reflecting trends already begun. Between [...]
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