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[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Volga
The better of the two old Soviet-era hotels in Kazan. The Volga is still reasonably priced and the rooms are more attractive. The location isnÕt as good as the Tatarstan but it is nice and close to the train station, so if youÕre just overnighting in Kazan then itÕs a good budget option. The Òsecond categoryÓ non-renovated rooms cost 600 rubles ($22) for single and 1000 rubles ($37) for double and have shared bathrooms while the Òfirst categoryÓ non-renovated rooms have their own showers and cost 1000 rubles ($37) and 1760 rubles ($65) for single and double r [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Bazilika
Bazilika is a small, cozy hotel that looks pretty ugly from the outside but actually has some very attractive rooms. Standard rooms are 985 rubles ($36) for single and 1280 rubles ($47) for double with a shared shower. The higher class rooms are 1475 ($55) for single and 1685 rubles ($62) for double. The difference between the two categories is the room size and the quality of the furniture. Although the hotel is a bit of a walk from the center it is close to the train station. And you probably wonÕt find rooms as nice as these (the higher class ones) for a cheaper price in [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Regina
A great little hotel that you could easily miss when strolling down KazanÕs main street. The Regina is one of those small, cozy hotels that are so rare and badly needed in Russia. Standard rooms are quite large and comfortable and boast excellent, unhindered views onto Ulitsa Baumana. They cost 1200 rubles ($44) for single use and 1400 rubles ($52) for double use. The queen-size beds in the standard rooms mean that if youÕre traveling as a couple then the Regina is undoubtedly the best mid-range choice in Kazan. The higher class rooms are larger and have a fold-out sofa [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Shushma
One of several hotels that sit at well-spaced intervals along Narimanova Ulitsa, Hotel Shushma is probably the pick of them. As it happens this is an incredibly ugly street, strewn in parts by refuse from the central market and in other parts dotted with old crumbling buildings. In contrast, however, everything about Shushma looks new and clean, from the outer facade to the modern reception area to the spacious rooms. A single room costs 1700 rubles ($63) per night, a double costs 2700 rubles ($100) while a four person room (with two separate rooms) goes for 3600 rubles ($133). B [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Prestige House hotel
Prestige House is a very peculiar hotel. The managers werenÕt quite able to explain why the hotel is adjoined to a dental clinic, other than by saying that the owner had the dental clinic and thought it would make sense to open a hotel next doorÉ Anyway, basically this is some sort of health resort, which would make more sense if it was on the banks of the Volga or Kazanka rivers instead of on this incredibly ugly street. A single room here costs 1920 rubles ($71), luxury rooms are 2480 rubles ($92) while the VIP luxury room is quite stunning, though perhaps not worth t [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Safar
Over-priced, over-rated and over the river is the best way to describe the Hotel Safar. Yet for some reason it is held in revere by KazanÕs locals, most likely because it was the first ÔinternationalÕ hotel to grace the city. These days though the three star offering looks rather run-down compared to KazanÕs newer upscale offerings. But the rooms are nice enough, if a little dank. And some of them have great views of the rivers and Kremlin. Rack rates are 1600 rubles ($60) a night for a basic single, 2800 rubles ($105) for a double and 2250 rubles ($85) for a single busines [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Duslyk
The best feature of the Hotel Duslyk is probably its location. Located on the Bulak canal, two streets over from KazanÕs main pedestrian street, it is in a prime position. And the prices are quite reasonable. But otherwise the hotel is nothing special. The staff are rude and speak limited English. The rooms are ordinary. TheyÕre quite large and theyÕre clean, but they look aged and dull. A single here costs 1300 rubles ($48) and a double costs 2000 rubles ($74). There are also two room singles (a bedroom and sitting room) for 2000 rubles ($74). The prices include a breakfast in [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan Theatres
Aekiyat" Tatar State Puppet TheatreHead: Director: Roza Yapparova, Chief Stage manager: Ildous ZinnourovAddress: Russia, Kazan, 420107, ul. Loukovskogo, 21Phone: +7 (8432) 389471, 386825Fax: +7 (8432) 388900 (äèð), 389282 (çàì. äèð)Tatar Puppet Theatre was founded in 1935. The repertory of the theatre includes spectacles in Russian and Tatar languages for children of preschool and school ages and for students.G. Kamal Tatar State Academic TheatreHead: Director: Shamil Zakirov, General Stage Manager: Farit BikchantaevAddress: Russia, Kazan, 420021, ul. Tatarstan, 1Phone: +7 (8432) 93-06-38, 93- [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Shalyapin Palace Hotel
The Shalyapin Palace Hotel is the best value of the higher class hotels in Kazan. It was named after opera singer Fyodor Shalyapin, one of KazanÕs most famous sons, whose statue stands outside the hotel. The prices are great value considering the hotelÕs location, quality and range of facilities. It has all the features you could hope for in a business class hotel at prices that wonÕt break the bank. The comfortable standard rooms cost 2800 rubles ($104) for single and 3360 rubles ($124) for double while the superior rooms are 3080 rubles ($114) and 3640 rubles ($1 [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Mirage Hotel
The Mirage is Tatarstans only five star hotel. Opened in 2004 it has all the facilities and comfort you would expect from a hotel in this category. The rooms are spacious and luxurious, the business facilities are state of the art and the fitness center is top quality. But, of course, it is also by far the most expensive hotel in the Kazan. A standard room costs 6120 rubles ($227) for single and 7200 rubles ($267) double. The luxury rooms range in price from 10080 rubles ($373) for the Òhalf luxÓ to 33120 rubles ($1227) for the Presidential Suite. Prices include a buffe [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Novinka Hotel
An out-of-town option. The marketing line is that people prefer to stay at the Novinka because it is in a quieter area away from the hustle and bustle of the center. But this is Kazan and there is no real hustle and bustle in the center. Still it isnÕt a bad hotel and itÕs close to KazanÕs Victory Park which is a nice little area. The Novinka is clean and modern and has friendly, helpful, English-speaking staff. Facilities include a games room and free pool and sauna for guests. The rooms are large and well-appointed though a bit overpriced. The cheapest rooms are 2150 rubles ($ [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Hotel Giuseppe
The Giuseppe is an overpriced hotel thats biggest drawcard seems to be its pizzeria/restaurant of the same name. Quite popular with foreigners who are most likely attracted by its foreign-sounding name. I cant vouch for the quality of the rooms because they wouldnt show them to me, but that in itself usually says something about a hotel. In fact they couldnt even spare me the paper to print out a list of prices. That said, judging by their propaganda photos the rooms look very elegant. And the prices are: 3040 rubles ($113) for the cheapest room, then there are slightly bigger rooms for 3420 r [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan hotels - Ryan Johnson Hotel
Ryan Johnson Hotel Kazan is easily accessible, as the railway station and the city centre are 3 kilometres away. The tourist attractions include the Kremlin, Kul-Sharif Mosque and the Historical Museum. The hotel boasts 41 air-conditioned bedrooms that are comfortable and come with modern amenities. Efficient room service is also available for your convenience. For your dining pleasure, a cocktail bar and a restaurant are available on site. Business travellers can avail off the services such as a business centre with internet access. Ryan Johnson also features recreational facilities such as [...]
[2007-03-02] Kazan Restaurants
Kazan is famous for it’s diversity of fine dining and cultural restaurants. At the end of your meal, you will find the price to be quite reasonable and a new enthusiasm as you plan your next meal at one of the many fine restaurants in Kazan. Dom Tatarskoy Kulinarii.A larger and more pompous Tatar restaurant on the main street of Kazan that shares its digs with a casino. It lacks the small, intimate atmosphere of Staroye Mesto, but makes up for it with more professional service and a wider range of options on the menu. Tastefully decorated in a high style, the restaurant features dis [...]
[2007-03-02] Kiev Hotels - Premier Palace Hotel
The Premier Palace is a luxurious hotel in the very center of the capital of Ukraine. It is located on picturesque Taras Shevchenko Boulevard, within walking distance from Kreshchatik, which is the main shopping street in Kiev. The Golden Gates, State University, Kiev's central park called Shevchenko Park, and National Opera are all situated nearby the hotel. The hub of Kiev's business, educational and cultural life is also in close proximity to the Premier Palace. The Premier Palace Hotel was originally built at the end of the 19th-beginning of the 20th centuries. From the windows of the hote [...]
[2007-03-02] Kiev Hotels - Radisson SAS Hotel
The Radisson SAS Hotel is located in the very heart of Kiev. The hotel is within walking distance of the city's main street, Kreschatik. Many famous sights of Ukraine's capital, government offices, restaurants and shops are situated close to the hotel.The Radisson SAS Hotel is housed in a building from 1903, a monument of architecture. The building has been completely renovated. The Radisson SAS Hotel offers spacious rooms provided with modern equipment, various amenities and first-class service. With a business centre and 5 conference-rooms, the Radisson SAS Hotel can host any business meetin [...]
[2007-03-02] Kiev hotels - Dnipro Hotel
The prestigious four-star Dnipro Hotel is conveniently located in Kreshchatik Street, in the very center of Kiev with its variety of government offices, tourist attractions, shops and business centers. There is no point in describing the Kreshchatik: the fact that it is the main street of the city speaks for itself. Some of the guestrooms look out on the picturesque Dnepr, or Dnieper, River, the hotel has been named after. Longstanding traditions of hospitality, an extensive list of facilities and high standard of services have made the Dnipro Hotel popular among business and leisure travelers [...]
[2007-03-02] Kiev hotels - Domus Hotel
The Domus Hotel is a friendly business-class twenty-nine-bedroom establishment, which combines the charm of the old town and modern European design. The hotel is situated in the historical city center with its numerous business centers, shops, architectural monuments and recreation areas, science and cultural centers, which gives you the opportunity to combine business with rest and sightseeing of Kiev. The hotel is renowned for its warm atmosphere an attentive service. The Domus staff is always available to assist guests with any needs that they may have. The Domus is a comfortable and conven [...]
[2007-03-02] Kiev hotels - Impressa Hotel
The Impressa Hotel offers its guests comfortable accommodation and elegant interiors. The hotel is not large, and the guests value its coziness and at-home atmosphere. The Impressa is also famous for its hospitality: each visitor is a welcomed guest, and small size of the hotel allows giving special attention to every client. One of the most charming and exquisite hotels in Kiev, the Impressa Hotel is perfectly located in the heart of the city, on the banks of the Dnepr River, in the old historical region called Podol. Close to the hotel the famous Kreschatic Street is located, as well as Cabi [...]
[2007-03-02] Kiev Restaurants
Restaurants abound in this capital city. You can find anything from traditional Ukrainian cuisine to Mexican to Japanese Sushi, all with a distinctly Ukrainian flair. Prices: $ - Inexpensive ● $$ - Moderate ● $$$ - Expensive Name: Arizona Cuisine: American Address: 25 Naberezhno-Khreschatytska St. Telephone: 416-2438 Hours: 8AM to Last Customer Prices: $$ Name: Asakhi Cuisine: Japanese Address: 1 Saksahanskoho Street Telephone: 244-2237 Hours: 11AM to Midnight Prices: $$$ Name: Concord Cuisine: European Address [...]
[2007-03-02] Kiev Museums
Once you are in Kiev, you will feel a special atmosphere of this old Slavic city. It is well known that hospitable venues of Kiev will charm you with their unique spirit. You are welcome to choose from a wide variety of nightclubs, casinos and cinemas, where you can try your luck, meet beautiful people, get new acquaintances, dance all night long, watch a good movie and just have a great time of your life. Name Address Telephone Apotheka 7 Pritisko-Nikolskaya St, 416-2437 Ancient Kiev 5 Andreyevsky Spusk 416-3770 Beekeeping 4 Zhelinskoho St. 417-1717 Books and [...]
[2007-03-02] Barnaul Mexico Restaurant
An authentic mexican restaunt, all meals are cooked by the chef from Mexico, William. When I saw him in Barnaul I was really surprised thinking what could bring him so far - from hot and sunny Mexico to vast Siberia where colds go down to minus 30 in winter... But I understand, Barnaul is a nice place, and William enjoys promoting his home-country cuisine into the masses.The decor is, as you could expect, Mexican, and there's an open terrace upstairs (that is covered in winter). Downstairs it's usually calmer, while upstairs hosts daily concerts by local flamenco guitarists (feel t [...]
[2007-03-02] Barnaul Restaurants - Granmulino Restaurant
A big entertainment center hosts "Garage" nightclub, a pool bar, Japanese sushi restant, Italian pizzeria and a 24-hour coffee house. Everything is very well made and decorated, this restaurant is favourite among students of Barnaul university (which is opposite across the road) and families who want to spend a nice afternoon out. A coffeeshop can be a good place to spend a few hours before an early train.Pizzas are very good, cost about $5-$7, there are also nice pastas and good choice of desserts.The interesting fact is that the pizzeria is opened by a successful local pasta prod [...]
[2007-03-02] Barnaul Restaurants - Stary Gorod Cafe
An open air cafe located just next to "Mexico" restaurant. Cheap fast-food and beer, a lot of people in evenings, you won't miss this place.Address: Barnaul, Lenina Prospekt, #44a. Telephone: 36-86-88 [...]
[2007-03-02] Barnaul Clubs - Pilot Club
This club was recently opened but already gained popularity with trendy young people. The club has three dancefloors and two bars: the ground floor is occupied by house music most of the time, the second floor is a more alternative playground (features hip-hop on Saturdays), and the Photo © Pilot clubthird floor plays Russian dance hits. Surprisingly, all this diversity doesn't become a mess and you have a unique chance of seeing three different types of entertainment and hear three different types of music. There's also a lounge with a cinema screen on the second floor, but quite [...]
[2007-03-02] Nikolaev Hotels
Room the cost person/day Type conveniences in Services room block Floor TV tel refrigerator $ Ingul -living Single Room õ - - õ õ x 49-92$ Lux õ - - õ õ x 153$ 3-stored comfortable building situated not far from the center of the town, in green and prestige place. Service: cafe-bar, the department of the bank, protected parking, the cosmetic salon, sauna. The rooms are for every taste: from classic to modern styles. Metallurg - living+feeding Single room õ - - õ õ õ 50$ Double room õ - - õ õ õ 69$ Single 2 room [...]
[2007-03-02] Kharkov Museums
Kharkiv Historical Museum 5, Universitetska St., Kharkiv, 61003 Tel: (0572) 23-20-94, 12-75-68 Fax: (0572) 23-20-94 Kharkiv Arts Museum 11, Sovnarkomivska St., Kharkiv, 61002 Tel: (0572) 43-02-10, 45-30-91 Fax: (0572) 43-35-85 Kharkiv Literature Museum 6, Frunze St., Kharkiv, 61002 Tel: (0572) 47-20-01, 47-01-09 Fax: (0572) 47-20-01 G.Skovoroda Memorial Museum Zolochiv district, Skovorodynivka village, 1, Zaozerna St., Kharkiv Region, 62241 Tel: (05764) 9-41-59 Militia Museum 13, Sovnarkomivska St., Kharkiv, 61002 Tel: (0572) 40-76-28 www: ../culture/mus_mil.htm Museum of Nature of t [...]
[2007-03-02] Kharkov Cinemas
KinoPalace 25, Sumska St., Kharkiv, 61057 Tel: (0572) 47-30-02, 47-30-05 Fax: (0572) 47-30-07 E-mail: www: 1-st Komsomol'sky movie theatre 7/9, Sumska St., Kharkiv, 61057 Tel: (0572) 12-73-42, 19-16-60 Fax: (0572) 19-18-27 www: Druzhba, Movie Theatre 67/69, Pushkinska St., Kharkiv, 61024 Tel: (0572) 45-01-94, 43-32-41 www: Movie theatre named after A. Dovzhenko 61, 23 of August St., Kharkiv, 61103 Tel: (0572) 33-34-88, 33-32-88 www: [...]
[2007-03-02] Kharkov Theatres
Kharkiv Opera and Ballet Theatre named after N.Lysenko 25, Sumska St., Kharkiv, 61057 Tel: (0572) 47-72-16,47-72-16 Fax: (0572) 47-80-64 E-mail: www: Russian Drama Theatre named after A.Pushkin 11, Chernyshevsky St., Kharkiv, 61057 Tel: (0572) 43-01-46, 47-10-44 www: Ukrainian Drama Theatre named after T.Shevchenko 9, Sumska St., Kharkiv, 61057 Tel: (0572) 43-40-45, 43-40-55 Fax: (0572) 43-40-45 www: Musical Comedy Theatre 32, Karl [...]
[2007-03-02] Novosibirsk Nightclubs
Alpen grotaddress: Vokzalnaya magistral',16entertainment: stripteasephone: 212-51-74working hours: 20:00 – 06:00 Golodny coyot / hungry coyote /address: ul. Sovetskaya, 52 (near Krasny Prospect metro station) phone: 221-67-74 working hours:19:00 - 06:00 Schukaaddress: Prospect Marxa,49 (near Studencheskaya metro station)phone: Golden Gateaddress: ul. Cheluskintsev, 9 (near Ploschad' Garina-Michaylovskogo metro station)phone: 220-26-11 Casino Casino "Prince Igor"address: Krasny prospect, 28phone: 223-84-83working hours: every day from 12.00 p.m. to 8.00 a.m.addmission free Casino e [...]
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