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Kaluga Region can accommodate 3,500 immigrants next year: governor

The Kaluga Region in Central Russia has vouched to accommodate 3,500 repatriates on a federal program to promote re-settlement of ethnic Russians from other countries, regional governor Anatoly Artamonov says.

"We came out with the initiative on the federal repatriation program, and it received approval and support," he told the media Wednesday.

The region expects to seriously be affected by workforce shortages quite soon, and the program can help us deal with the problem, he added.

The regional administration will do everything it can to offer new settlers the best possible conditions, Artamonov reassured.

"We will try to offer them the most beneficial terms we can. The regional housing program includes a special clause to accommodate them," he said.

The federal target program of voluntary ethnic Russian repatriation envisages all-round support and encouragement of new settlers. Approximately 300,000 repatriates are expected to come to Russia in 2007-09. Next year's draft federal budget earmarks 4.5 billion rubles (more than $150 million) for their readjustment. Host regions will also make target allocations.

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