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Date: 2006-11-02

Every one of us who are attempting to date has many queries. All center on one common question- how do I improve my dating results? This goal raises many questions. What is your dating personality? Are you liked by the opposite sex? Do you look lovable? Do you know about online dating? Do you know about preparing your online profile? How do you write emails? What is your dress style? What is the first impression you leave? Do you know how to chose a dating partner? How do you behave on a date and so on?

Dating is both an art and a science. With right guidance, you may find answers to many questions. For that you have to read articles, speak to friends and think. What if we put thinking as the first priority? Think about everything yourself and try to get answers yourself. That will make you alert to many issues and equip you with quick intelligence to handle every situation. That will also raise questions in your mind such as- why do I want to date this particular person? What if he/she is not right for me? How do I find out that before asking for a date?

Quizzes that are devised around the subject of dating, love and personality do precisely that. Please believe me that no quiz will ever give you the correct answer. You are a very complex person and no questions can find out precisely about you. But they can serve a great purpose. Here is a large resource of Fun Quizzes. Recommended love & dating quizzes, personality quizzes and relationships quizzes.

The questions can give you ideas. The questions of a quiz will make you think. Remember unless a question is asked, you will not think of the answer. So try as many quizzes and tests as you can on dating, love and personality. Read the questions and think about them. Once your mind begins active thinking, you will get clues to many of your queries automatically.

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