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Date: 2007-01-19

While online dating tips have been done to death, there are some new approaches to the years old problem of what to do and how to act after you've taken the online chats and instant messaging a step further with the decision to meet "for real" out in the world.

Cyber stalking can turn to real stalking if you don't pace your self and find out as much as you can about whom this person really is before you decide to meet up with them for real.

Although not talked about a lot, one of the online dating tips that is making a new splash on the scene is to log on to a background check site and join. For a few dollars a month you can have your new friend checked out by state and local authorities.

If they refuse to give you their real name, there you go. Delete them from your profiles. Anyone who is genuinely interested in you will be interested in your safety as well, and although not completely fool proof, asking to do a background check on some one will really weed out the wackos, or insincere characters.

When returning a profile through an online dating service, be sure to not tell them your entire story in one email. It is wise to not go into a lengthy explanation of why you were dumped (or chose to dump them) either. Be positive, be sincere, and tell the truth.
Post your photo and reply to ones that are sent to you. A picture is worth a thousand words, remember, and so send a good one.

It is not an online dating rule to be boring in your profile. Everyone enjoys long walks on the beach (don't they?) but does everyone enjoy extreme sports? Write about what makes you a great catch, what makes you a person who marches to a different drummer, and see what you come up with.

By Erick Shipmon

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