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Single Australians found 67 per cent of smokers believed kicking the habit would increase their chances of finding a partner.

In a further hurdle to matchmaking success, 73 per cent of smokers believed their habit made it harder to meet people.

And 61 per cent of non-smokers said they would dump their partner if they took up the puff during their relationship.

The nationwide online survey of 500 people was conducted through with Nicotinell Gum in the lead-up to World No Tobacco Day tomorrow.

Andrew Phillips from Nicotinell maker Novartis Consumer Health Australia said many smokers felt forced to lie about their habit when it came to getting a date.

"Smokers are stuck in a frustrating catch-22: keep the habit and lose a date or lose the habit to keep a date," he said.

The survey found 98.5 per cent of non-smokers preferred their partner to surrender the smokes while 90 per cent believed smoking was a relationship turn-off.

Most smokers - 62 per cent - agreed, and 75 per cent preferred their own partner to be a non-smoker.

Meanwhile, 83 per cent of smokers wanted to quit while 65 per cent admitted they were not happy being a smoker.

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