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[2008-04-21] A group of Russian brides are accused of marrying U.S.--not for love, but rather to stay in the USA
There's a stunning crackdown on an alleged marriage scam involving American sailors -- a scam that's raising serious national security concerns.A group of Russian brides are accused of marrying U.S.--not for love, but rather to stay in the United States. More than 30 alleged bogus husbands and wives were arrested Wednesday, charged with marriage fraud. Investigators with the Virginia Beach Police Department say the sailors were in on the scam which ultimately cost the Navy about a half-million dollars. "What we see are small pockets of friends forming this conspiracy," says Deputy Chief J.A. C [...]
[2008-04-04] Clever Copycats
Clever Copycats: Online profiles are being stolen, cut and pastedThese identity thieves don't want your money. They want your quirky sense ofhumor and your cool taste in music.Among the 125 million people in the U.S. who visit online dating andsocial-networking sites are a growing number of dullards who steal personalprofiles, life philosophies, even signature poems. "Dude u like copied mywhole myspace," posts one aggrieved victim.Copycats use the real-life wit of others to create cut-and-paste personas,hoping to land dates or just look clever.Hugh Gallagher, a 36-year-old writer in New York, [...]
[2008-04-04] Can A Person Be Illegal?
In all the furor over rising immigration rates in the U.S. -- oftendisguised as concern over "illegal" immigration -- one story in particulardemonstrates that contrary to scare stories about the effect of immigrationon this country, the reality is that this country is often a scary andoppressive place for immigrants. And immigrant women, having drawn thedouble whammy card, are especially vulnerable. A 22-year-old immigrant fromColombia exposed her immigration agent using the threat of deportation torape her, using her cell phone to tape the assault. Unfortunately, as is alltoo common with thes [...]
[2008-04-04] Russian dating scams
One remote city and so many beautiful women, all desiring nothing more than to fire the passion of British men. Our pictures below show some of the stunning Russian ladies who have offered themselves on dating and marriage websites recently. All of them hail from the far-flung outpost of Yoshkar-Ola, close to the Ural Mountains. One willowy beauty is a hard-up nurse who is desperate to leave her impoverished homeland and start a new life with a man in the West. Another is a medical student, though she more closely resembles a nymph-like model from the pages of a glossy magazine. And [...]
[2008-04-04] Cambodia has suspended marriages between foreigners and Cambodians
Cambodia has suspended marriages between foreigners andCambodians amid concerns over an explosion in the number of brokered unionsinvolving poor, uneducated women, an official said on Thursday. The move follows an International Organisation for Migration (IOM)report highlighting the plight of an increasing number of Cambodian bridesmigrating to South Korea in marriages hastily arranged by brokers who madelarge profits. Some 1,759 marriage visas were issued by South Korea in 2007, up fromjust 72 in 2004, the report said. While no systematic exploitation was uncovered, several cases of abusedid [...]
[2008-04-04] New government figures show the proportion of couples in England and Wales who choose to get married has fallen to record low levels
In 2006, according to the Office for National Statistics, only 22.8 men per1,000 unmarried men aged 16 and over got married, down from 24.5 a yearearlier. Among women, the rate was 20.5, down from 21.9. These are thelowest rates since data on marriage was first collected in 1862.A total of 236,980 marriage ceremonies were performed in 2006, or four percent fewer compared to 2005.Jill Kirby, director of the London-based Centre for Policy Studies, warnedthat the nation cannot afford to let marriage be "lost as the coreinstitution of society.""A clear reason for concern is that research demonstra [...]
[2008-04-04] Less weddings in the Basque Country
In 2006, 9,778 weddings were held between residents of the A.C. of theBasque Country of different sexes. In recent years, there are more civilweddings, going from representing 23.3% in 1990 to 48.2% in 2006.amplify imageOver recent years, the number of civil weddings has increased. Photo: EFEIn 2006, 9,778 weddings were held between residents of the A.C. of theBasque Country of different sexes, 423 less than the previous year,according to Eustat data. Over recent years, the number of civil weddingshas increased, going from representing 23.3% in 1990 to 48.2% in 2006, whenthey rose to 4,714. Th [...]
[2008-04-04] A growing number of people are considering the moral and religious implications of the interruption of pregnancy.
The recent surveys on abortion conducted by the Russian"Levada Center" for sociological research have recorded a larger percentageof women who do not procure abortions because of moral issues connected toreligion.Strangely, the researchers at the centre did not pay any special attentionto the statistics showing that since 1998, the "moral" argument has becomemore popular among those opposed to abortion, growing from 25% to 35%.The belief that abortion is a sin against God is very widespread, especiallyamong older people. In fact, 51% of the population sample above the age of55 said they believ [...]
[2008-04-04] The Rise of Mixed Marriages
Our city took in 40.4% of all newcomers to Canada between 2001 and 2006 — it has the largest number of visible minorities in the country with 2.17 million or 42.9% of Toronto's population — thus diversifying the dating pool.It makes sense that mixed marriages in the country are on the rise - Stats Can counted 289,400 mixed unions in 2006, 33% higher than the 2001 figures.It strikes me for the first time that none of my friends are partnered with people of their own ethnicity. (Perhaps the fact that I didn't notice speaks to its prevalence, its ordinariness to a generation who has grown up in a [...]
[2008-04-04] Despite the fact that marriage rates are falling faster than you can say "I do", it seems quite the opposite when it comes to engagements
Everywhere around me there seems to be a bevy of blokes bending down on one knee, uttering those four magic words, women shrilling the requisite "yes!" and elated mums prancing with glee at the fact their daughter is no longer resigned to the life of an old maid. Which is quite disheartening really considering the very next question to come out of the gag-worthy bling-ring discussion is, "So when are you going to get engaged?" The truth is I'm not quite sure why some engagements (not all, but definitely enough of them to warrant discussion), seem to materialise out of thin air without so muc [...]
[2008-04-04] A young Saudi Arabian woman was murdered by her father for chatting on the social network site Facebook, it has emerged.
The unnamed woman from Riyadh was beaten and shot after she wasdiscovered in the middle of an online conversation with a man, theal-Arabiya website reported. The case was reported on a Saudi Arabian news site as an example ofthe "strife" the social networking site is causing in the Islamic nation. advertisement Saudi preacher Ali al-Maliki has emerged as the leading critic ofFacebook, claiming the network is corrupting the youth of the nation. "Facebook is a door to lust and young women and men are spending moreon their mobile phones and the Internet than they are spending on food," hesaid. Th [...]
[2008-04-04] Paper marriage reveals bride's fraud
NRI 'grooms' from Punjab are not alone in committing matrimonialfrauds, foreign-settled 'brides' are also closely following them in thisdubious distinction. After two recent instances of fraud by NRI grooms whose attempts forsecond marriage had gone awry at the last minute, in Doaba region - whichboasts of having maximum NRIs - an interesting case of 'paper marriage'fraud by a Canada-based girl has come to light. The girl allegedly took Rs 8 lakh from a Sarinh resident promising himsafe passage to Canada after the paper marriage. Amandeep Singh of Nakodarsub-division had a strong desire to set [...]
[2008-04-04] Since the 1st of April the Russian air company Ural Airlines introduces a new sub-class for the just married. Tickets for the love-class flights can be bought only if the couple holds a certificate of marriage registration.
The so-called love-class area aboard plane is separated from thebusiness and economy classes with a cover and is equipped with special seatsthat have a bigger inclination angle than the standard passenger seats. Thecouple will also have a personal steward coming by a signal of thecall-button. Besides, love-class flights allow taking 30% more liquidsaboard in hand luggage. It is also said that love-class tickets return ispossible only if the couple provides a bill of divorce. In order to avoid inconveniences, all other passengers of UralAirlines are provided with a kit of things for private usa [...]
[2008-04-04] Russia's 'City of Brides' triggers baby boom after love quests
March 28 When Nick Wilsdon met his Russian wife, Anna, on the Internet,friends teased him about his mail- order bride. Turns out, he was amail-order husband.Three years after first exchanging e-mails with Anna on an online datingsite, the Web designer from England's south coast made the 2,200-mile trekto Ivanovo , Russia's ``City of Brides.'' He and Anna are now expectingtheir first child.The Ivanovo region has the highest ratio of women to men in Russia, a legacyof the Soviet textile mills that imported female workers from across thecountry. The city, which once helped marriage bureaus recrui [...]
[2008-04-04] A feminine take on Russia vodka
The vodka ads tiling the walls of the Moscow metro station's lengthyescalators abound with hypermasculine imagery. One poster for the Olympbrand in the central Tverskaya metro station shows a boxer with Cro-Magnonfeatures wearing armor and chain mail, and carries the slogan: "The time forthe strong has come."Recently, a new billboard has appeared here, displaying a lavender-tingedbottle with a distinctive feminine shape, adorned in a white skirt billowingupward, a la Marilyn Monroe, to reveal the label, Damskaya."Between us girls," is the catchphrase for this vodka intended for women, amarketi [...]
[2008-04-04] The Financial Risks of Online Dating
A reader recently reminded me why dating websites are not always worth theirmonthly fees. She writes that since she signed up for one over a month ago,she still has not found a suitable match. Yet, as a senior, she says shewould like online dating to work out since it is easier than trying to meetpeople in person. (And you don't have to be a senior for that to be true-fewpeople enjoy trying to find dates in dark, loud bars.)Online dating sites can work, but you have to be smart about it. The BetterBusiness Bureau reported a sharp increase in complaints about datingwebsites earlier this year, a [...]
[2008-04-04] People are still being duped by dishonesty because schemes are becoming more sophisticated
INCREASINGLY sophisticated and ``corporatised'' scammers are ripping offAustralians to the tune of $700 million a year, with lonely hearts thelatest target.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says people are stillbeing duped by dishonesty because schemes are becoming more sophisticated,technology is available to reach a wider audience and approaches arebecoming more believable.``The inheritance letters you get are not the dumb ones we used to get thatused to have spelling mistakes, they start to seem legitimate to people,''ACCC deputy chair Louise Sylvan said. ``The criminals ar [...]
[2008-04-04] New website offers legal advice and guidance for foreign wives
Foreign-born women who plan to be married in Canada,whether as mail-order brides or through an arranged marriage or matchmakingservice, may soon have a new online resource to help them figure out theirrights under Canadian law.The website,, is a joint effort between theUniversity of Alberta's faculty of extension, the Legal Resource Centre, theAlberta Law Foundation and the Changing Together organization.The site covers a gamut of topics ranging from issues to consider beforemarriage, the immigration process, living in Canada, child-rearinagchallenges, Canadian law a [...]
[2008-04-04] After a two-year-long delay, the interior ministry has issued a circular outlining the residence rights and obligations of non-European Union citizens who are the spouses, children or other dependent family members of EU citizens living in Greece
The 33-page circular is aimed at bringingorder to the chaos that for years has hounded these immigrants' residenceapplication and renewal process.The rules are based on a European Union directive (2004/38/EC) that cameinto force across the EU in April 2006. As outlined in the circular, thesefamily members may include the spouses and children under 21 and/or otherdependent relatives of all EU citizens, including citizens of Norway,Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.Any other dependants or members of the household, such as grandparents, aresubject to the residence application requirements th [...]
[2008-03-13] Our news
=Renewal= In your letters you often ask questions about our services. We've made a notice of this fact and have renewed the «Services» page. Welcome to you can learn something concerning our charge policy and the main conception of our agency, the way of choosing women and working with them. You are going to learn the most effective means of using our services. Besides, we are revealing some ways of working with the letters you send us. Care to choose an appropriate present for your beloved and prepare for your meeting?... Let's stop he [...]
[2008-03-13] Answering your letters.
=Hot issue= The issue of “Organize your trip to Russia” seems to have become the top of the season! :)As you had asked we made pictures of the apartment we are ready to offer you for renting. You can see them on the renewed page «Services». By the way, two our clients are staying in Kazan now (English and American). Perhaps they can share their experience one day.Now I’d like to pay your attention to a very important issue. Of course, everyone take camera when traveling. Just while making pictures of each other don’t forget about the pictures of you together. Be sure that your country’s emba [...]
[2008-03-13] Several ways of getting a positive answer from your woman.
You’ve sent your letter. Know what happens next? Let’s miss some technical details of its registration in our database and a telephone operator’s work. The most interesting things are just starting.Our operator calls a girl and informs her about your letter. Now she is to come and take it. But she doesn’t! She calls back and says the following:- You said I got a letter. When did it come?- Just a moment, I’ll check. Right, you got a letter of today’s date.- Who’s it?- It’s Nilson. His first letter to you.- Hm… Nilson… And what about John?- Not yet.- OK, this Nilson… Where’s he from?- Well, anyw [...]
[2008-03-13] To love in Russian (learning Russian words of love)
I see you make active use of our classes! It’s cool! It’s a pity you cannot see the expression of women’s faces when seeing Russian words and tender variants of their names in your letters. They can say:- «He didn’t tell me he knew Russian!». Or:- «Where did he take all these tender words?»,- «Russian is so hard to learn. Do you mean that he started learning it for me? It’s so touching… »But you and I know that learning Russian words makes no difficulties! Just read our newsletters regularly. I know that some men are seeking professional courses of learning Russian. It’s a real joy for us mean [...]
[2008-03-11] A software programmer accused of murdering his estranged wife
A software programmer accused of murdering his estranged wifedescribed her as extravagant and unfaithful as he sketched a picture of hismarital troubles for jurors Wednesday.But Hans Reiser said he still cares for his wife and would never deprive histwo children of their mother.Reiser, 44, is accused of killing Nina Reiser amid a bitter custody dispute.Nina Reiser, who was 31 at the time, hasn't been seen since she dropped offthe couple's two children at Hans Reiser's home over the 2006 Labor Dayweekend.Although no body has been found, prosecutors say DNA and other evidencepoints to Reiser. Th [...]
[2008-03-11] A new Internet matchmaker
For all the romance and rapture online dating once promised,it's also delivered its share of disappointments and dead ends.First there's all that combing through endless pictures, heavilyPhotoshopped, and profiles filled with disconcerting untruths, not tomention tiresome cliches. "Everyone says I love the outdoors,' " saysdating-site veteran Benji Smith, 30, an artificial intelligence researcherin Summerville, Mass.It can also take weeks of e-mails and phone calls before the Web-crossedlovers actually meet.To escape the drawn-out drudgery of typical dating sites, such and Match [...]
[2008-03-11] Farmer love scam costs dating agency $120,000
The Federal Court has ordered a dating agency specialising in introductions for farmers to refund almost $120,000 to 35 men it deceived in their search for companionship. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission obtained the orders against Rural Network and its director, Leanne McDonald, after investigating the agency and finding that it routinely lied and misled clients about prospective romantic interests. Rural Network describes itself on its website as catering for “busy country people who have lost all hope in the dating scene and just want to find a person to share their lif [...]
[2008-03-11] Moscow Traditions this Weekend
Russia has geared up fore a double-hitter holiday weekend that will offer anentertaining mix of Soviet and pre-revolutionary pagan traditions: Saturday,March 8 is Women's Day, an official Soviet-era holiday that has carried overto capitalist Russia. Sunday, March 9, is the culmination of Maslenitsa, apagan celebration of spring that became the Russian version of Carnaval,which is being celebrated with new fervor as Russians re-embrace oldtraditions.For visitors, here are some tips for celebrating the two holidays, in orderof their appearence:Saturday, Women's Day: Flowers are de rigueur on Wom [...]
[2008-03-11] Illinois woman helps South Asian Muslims find each other
It's Wednesday, matchmaking day, and Athia Syed's phone won't stopringing. There's a father on the line looking for a U.S. citizen to marryhis son in India. A woman seeking a hijab-wearing spouse for her stockbrokerbrother. A mother who wants a well-educated wife for her son.Will she settle for someone with only a bachelor's degree? Syed asks."From a very good school?" the caller inquires.Certainly love is not dead, but in Syed's opinion it can be way too picky.For 15 years, the retired City Colleges of Chicago professor has beenmatching South Asian Muslims across the country. From her comfort [...]
[2008-03-11] More Filipinos abroad prefer marrying foreigners than their fellow Filipinos
NSO data showed that out of the 6,387 marriages registered abroad in 2004,around 72.9 percent or 4,653 were interracial marriages between Filipinosand foreigners while only 27.1 percent or 1,734 were marriages were betweenFilipinos.Among foreign nationalities, more interrracial marriages happened betweenFilipinos and Japanese nationals. The NSO said that four out of 10interracial marriages involved Filipino brides and Japanese grooms while67.8 percent of the 115 total registered interracial marriages were betweenFilipino grooms and Japanese brides in 2004.Other foreign nationals who got marrie [...]
[2008-03-07] French women are becoming increasingly assertive in their sexual habits
French women are becoming increasingly assertive in their sexual habits, while one-in-five younger French men "has no interest in sex", according to one of the most comprehensive surveys of the nation's love lives. Women now have more than twice as many partners as they did in the 1970s, according to the study by the French Aids research agency, which is backed by the government. "Are women just like men?" asked Le Nouvel Observateur yesterday, which released extracts of the Study on Sexuality in France, a 600-page tome that brings together 12,000 in-depth interviews with people of all ages [...]
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