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[2007-05-14] Peter's workshops can help you find romance
[2007-05-14] Statistics show people are dating longer and marrying later.
[2007-05-14] Statistics show people are dating longer and marrying later.
[2007-05-14] Issue of race in dating industry
[2007-05-14] International marriages in SKorea
[2007-05-14] People consider marriage as a way to turn around their fortunes
[2007-05-14] There are 75 million single women in America, 6,000 marriages each day in the U.S., and 25 is the average age at which women get married.
[2007-05-14] Companies are adopting Web-based programs that mimic popular dating sites
[2007-05-14] As Russia readies for its first, post-Yeltsin presidential election, Yeltsin biographer Leon Aron offers thoughts on the Russian leader's legacy.
[2007-05-14] The presidency and life of former President Boris Yeltsin who resigned on December 31, 1999.
[2007-05-09] Most important qualities that you should focus on writing a personal ad that gets noticed.
[2007-05-09] Muslim women enduring domestic abuse in US
[2007-05-09] Let the couples have their time alone
[2007-05-09] Online Dating tips
[2007-05-09] A new dating reality show for the CW Network is looking for a real farmer to star in the show
[2007-05-08] Exclusive Dating Club Opens Office In Palm Beach
[2007-05-08] More than half the 500 single women polled said a sense of humour was the most important thing they looked for in a date.
[2007-05-07] Many people over 50 who become single are a bit naive and gullible. That is understandable -- some haven't had a date with anyone other than their spouse in 30 or 40 years.
[2007-05-07] IN TAIWAN, some men choose brides from the comfort of their living rooms by watching a TV show
[2007-05-07] Increasing numbers of non-Cuban Hispanic immigrants are marrying Cuban immigrants, which speeds delivery of green cards for the non-Cubans.
[2007-05-07] Men in Contemporary Russia: The Fallen Heroes of Post-Soviet Change?
[2007-05-07] Manatee County agencies teaching relationship skills
[2007-05-07] Single life has its charms and freedoms, but adults who never marry may not live as long as their wedded peers
[2007-05-05] THE number of single mothers and divorcees in Saudi Arabia is growing and so are the problems that they have to face.
[2007-05-05] Likening older woman to "culled ewes" is probably not the best way to woo a potential wife
[2007-05-05] The South Korean government is mapping out policies to ward off rampant clandestine marriage brokerage services that sell poor foreign women, including Vietnamese, to Korean men.
[2007-05-05] Sometimes online dating is confusing
[2007-05-05] The founder of a Christian speed-dating company is teaming up with a large Protestant church to help local singles avoid the pitfalls of dating.
[2007-05-05] In Taiwan, some men choose brides from the comfort of their living rooms by watching a TV show that airs photographs and biographical details of Vietnamese women looking for husbands.
[2007-05-04] Migros, the Swiss department store chain, is turning into a dating agency to promote underwear from its summer collection
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