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[2007-04-05] How to Celebrate Russian Easter
[2007-04-05] IS there something wrong with the Malaysian male psyche that prevents them from marrying better-qualified women?
[2007-04-04] Women were advised to avoid going to clubs or parties alone because of the growing risk that their drinks will be "spiked".
[2007-04-04] Does it seem like no matter what you do, the wrong people keep contacting you?
[2007-04-04] DEMAND for a seniors' version of the most modern way of finding true love has been answered.
[2007-04-04] If Your Online Dating Ad Gets No Response
[2007-04-04] Malasian men to buck up if they want to marry locals
[2007-04-04] The free online dating website, which targets college students, ranked Duke No. 8 last week in the Top 25 Colleges for Online Dating.
[2007-04-03] A MATCHMAKING service for firms looking to research or expand into overseas markets has been set up by the University of Manchester
[2007-04-03] Asian Brides Changing The Face Of Taiwan
[2007-04-03] Marriage and family life in Britain have declined dramatically in recent years and one of the causes is government policy
[2007-04-03] Many women content to be single
[2007-04-02] Realities of online dating
[2007-04-02] Online dating services were the biggest earners among Russian web-sites last year
[2007-04-02] She's a matchmaker and advisor on matters of the heart, but Alma Rubenstein may not practice what she preaches.
[2007-04-02] Not your father's dating service
[2007-04-02] For many seniors, dating is a mix of friendship and romance that doesn't necessarily need to lead to marriage
[2007-04-02] Singapore has awarded cash grants to four agencies with creative ideas on how to attract more young adults to the dating scene, and hopefully the wedding altar, as part of an effort to reverse the city-state's declining birth rate.
[2007-04-02] Man who ran site touting ‘sexy, exotic’ Latin women gunned down in street
[2007-04-02] How are the Muslims in Russia?
[2007-04-02] Russia has banned all foreigners from working as retailers in its shops and markets under a new law which came into force on Sunday.
[2007-04-02] Lessmarriages - more poverty
[2007-04-02] Research shows unions of college graduates are occurring more often, last longer than others
[2007-03-30] About paid dating services
[2007-03-30] Officials have urged more victims of forced marriages and domestic abuse within black and ethnic minority communities to seek help.
[2007-03-30] Research indicates couples can overcome all kinds of marital horrors like infidelity, heated political disagreements, even sagging body parts
[2007-03-30] Dating site gives fate a hand
[2007-03-29] Matchmaking proves huge hit
[2007-03-29] Ukrainian Migration to Portugal
[2007-03-29] Britain has announced double-"strength" immigration controls, with a bold new focus on rules governing entry-by-marriage, in a move that will mean an estimated 3,000 mainly Indian women will be barred from coming to the UK.
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