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[2007-02-12] Technology melds with tradition in cyber dating
[2007-02-12] Survey revealed that most favor a coffee-shop environment for a first date'
[2007-02-12] Romance fraud heats up as Valentine's Day approaches
[2007-02-12] Valentine, custom of capitalists, woos former Soviets
[2007-02-12] 3,493 marriages in Scotland in the first quarter of 2006, a nine per cent fall on the first quarter of 2005
[2007-02-12] Some women say: 'Been there, done that,' to marriage
[2007-02-12] How to adapt a successful business strategy for the purpose of finding your soul mate
[2007-02-12] Love across the sea
[2007-02-12] Online dating success story
[2007-02-12] Online dating success story
[2007-02-10] hopes to help singles seniors meet other seniors
[2007-02-10] Singles Look for More Than Sex
[2007-02-10] The number of U.S. Internet users visiting dating Web sites is falling
[2007-02-10] Singlesshare tricks, trends, and rules of dating
[2007-02-10] Meet as many as a dozen single, eligible professionals in one night
[2007-02-10] Some Divorced Couples Give Marriage Another Shot
[2007-02-10] Is matchmaking a science?
[2007-02-10] I get paid for this, drinking tea and talking about love all day long
[2007-02-10] Does That Enticing Internet Profile List the Real Age, Height, and Weight? Don't Count on It
[2007-02-10] Being single: blessing or a curse?
[2007-02-10] Matchmatcher Shares Dating Secrets
[2007-02-10] Science hooks up with online matchmaking
[2007-02-10] Religious-based groups have definite ideas on how their faith offers ideal guidelines for lasting love
[2007-02-10] Russian Nationalism
[2007-02-09] How to create the perfect online dating profile
[2007-02-09] There are some wonderful men on dating sites
[2007-02-09] South Africans are wary of internet romance.
[2007-02-09] 29% of the French and 21% of Filipinos use of the Internet to find a romantic partner
[2007-02-09] Finding Right Match With Dating Sites
[2007-02-09] St. Pete woman who joined online dating service becomes victim of Nigerian scam.
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