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[2006-10-17] Births outside marriage up nearly fourfold
[2006-10-17] Why women think deep when sounding out potential mates
[2006-10-17] The cost of loving and leaving a relationship calculated at £12,000
[2006-10-17] Women quicker to pick partners
[2006-10-17] Men, you have 30 seconds to impress women
[2006-10-17] How to bag a billionaire
[2006-10-17] Scientists try speed-dating to discover secret of love
[2006-10-17] Love at first sight for the couple who met on radio
[2006-10-17] Love is in the airwaves for radio couple
[2006-10-17] Scots add up benefits of living single life
[2006-10-17] Singles 'suffer discrimination'
[2006-10-17] Scotland gives in to quickie divorce
[2006-10-17] Money issues main cause of couples' rows
[2006-10-17] Japanese women happy to be single
[2006-10-17] Stronger families can protect us all
[2006-10-17] More women pop question
[2006-10-17] New chance for journalists to find love online
[2006-10-17] Blacks Seeking Escape from Abusive Relationships Have Poorer Outcomes
[2006-10-17] Population in U.S. Tops 300 Million, Led by Immigration Surge
[2006-10-16] OAP barred from living with internet bride
[2006-10-16] Man among trio of alleged busy bigamists in metro Atlanta
[2006-10-16] Unmarried persons guaranteed marriage within one year after visiting Rabbi Ben Uziel's tomb
[2006-10-16] Denver Ranked No. 1 As Best City To Be Single Three Years In Row
[2006-10-16] Modern Day Slavery under the Guise of Foreign 'Bride'
[2006-10-16] Jewish Women Fall Victim to Human Trafficking
[2006-10-16] The Asian bride who died a lonely death in Britain
[2006-10-16] Perfect match-up
[2006-10-16] Unfaithful liar is not marriage material
[2006-10-16] Of singles and sexuality
[2006-10-16] What America's Next 100 Million Will Look Like
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