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Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2007-11-30] North Lincolnshire Council is one of the first local authorities in England to launch the service, which allows people to search, order and pay for copies of births, deaths and marriage certificates at £7 each
[2007-11-30] As the cyber world unveils websites that let you live a 'second life', fake identities and identity thefts are fast emerging a menace giving spurt to hate mails and even serious crimes.
[2007-11-30] TWO out of three Australian women binge drink and one third indulge in massively boozy nights where they down more than 11 drinks in a sitting
[2007-11-30] Log out for Love on New Paltz Campus
[2007-11-30] Russian woman used site to recruit, pay a sham husband
[2007-11-30] A Pinellas Park man has been charged with robbing two mid Pinellas men who authorities say he met through a telephone dating service.
[2007-11-30] A man who traveled to Pittsburgh to visit a woman he met through a dating service was arrested Thursday on charges of strangling a young woman he had met through a similar service in Ohio.
[2007-11-30] If you're dating during the holidays, things can get exciting -- exchanging wish lists, attending parties, feeling as if you are on display when meeting your significant other's family members for the first time.
[2007-11-30] New figures from the Central Statistics Office show a large increase in the number of female single parents over the past five years.
[2007-11-30] In the 1950s, married couples made up 80% of the country's households. Today they account for a hair over 50%, and singles are poised to take the lead soon
[2007-11-30] Do years of dating cancel out years of relationships?
[2007-11-30] The Russian phenohmen of 'disposable' people
[2007-11-30] Megan Meier died believing that somewhere in this world lived a boy named Josh Evans who hated her. He was 16, owned a pet snake, and she thought he was the cutest boyfriend she ever had
[2007-11-30] Here are some tips from relationship experts to help singles and their married friends play nice:
[2007-11-30] A man from upstate New York has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for killing a co-worker in a fit of jealousy over a middle-aged woman in an online relationship who pretended to be 18.
[2007-11-29] Communication is more than just words
[2007-11-29] The increasing trend toward cohabitation as an alternative to marriage brings with it severe disadvantages for children. The latest confirmation of how children suffer when brought up outside a stable marriage between a man and a woman came in a lengthy a
[2007-11-29] Why singles should be a bit more ‘Asian’ in their quest to find the perfect spouse
[2007-11-27] The UK's first singles agency for big men - and the women who fancy them - is launched today
[2007-11-27] Many young career women in Taiwan are tossing the pursuit of romance.
[2007-11-27] Why do I always find faults with the women I date? What not to do before the wedding? Why isn't dinner ready on time? And why is it recommended to keep conversation with the woman to a minimum? These are some of the questions the new book "Good to Be a
[2007-11-27] A growing online fraud lures unsuspecting children to pornographic Web sites when they misspell the URL
[2007-11-27] Andrew Conru didn't aspire to be a sex-industry mogul. But his $200 million empire attests to the old adage: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Business 0 Magazine reports.
[2007-11-27] A friend recently told me of an evening in which a life coach instructed a roomful of people unlucky in love how to get a date and thence, presumably, a relationship. Her advice? Smile. A lot.
[2007-11-27] Beauty is skin deep so they say
[2007-11-27] A bill inspired by the downfall of a Napa adoption facilitation firm has yet to take effect almost a year after it became law.
[2007-11-27] It has never been easy for a divorced man to find a new wife in Iraq, where many people view people who have divorced with suspicion and disdain. It has become harder since the war, something I discovered then I stepped up my quest for love and bumped up
[2007-11-27] August 8, 2008 is considered a lucky day for marriage. For Chinese couples looking to tie the knot, the combination of eights adds up to a potentially successful union.
[2007-11-27] The new generation of dating services claim their huge data sets and secret algorithms can find customers the perfect match
[2007-11-26] The old cliche "be careful what you wish for" doesn't quite cover it on this one. It's more like "be careful what you say you would do if you had the money"
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