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Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2006-12-21] When It Comes to a Search for a Spouse, Supply and Demand Is Only the Start
[2006-12-21] Women taking fifth generation oral birth-control pills may grow terribly hairy
[2006-12-21] Five American siblings find their biological mother in Russia
[2006-12-21] Beautiful girls make 5 mistakes that make them ugly and boring
[2006-12-21] Russia's international reserves grow $2 billion in week
[2006-12-21] Govt. must make poverty history in Russia
[2006-12-21] Man dies after winning vodka-drinking competition
[2006-12-20] Singles Fight For Their Rights
[2006-12-20] Coffee-shop bride trade in Malaysia
[2006-12-20] Groups slam bridal parades
[2006-12-20] Men 'buy' Viet wives off bridal parades in small-town coffeeshops
[2006-12-20] As new statistics show that there are fewer married women than singles, one of our writers explains why marriage is right for her, while another reveals why she won't be 'married alive' again
[2006-12-20] Online dating: Is the honeymoon over?
[2006-12-20] UK immigration statistics for past two years
[2006-12-20] Israel Jewish Singles Dating Site Expands
[2006-12-20] Immigrants boosted UK tax revenue by $35 billion, report
[2006-12-20] Russian sues for action on US Green Card application
[2006-12-20] Anglicans on verge of split over same-sex marriage
[2006-12-20] Everyone's had a date with disaster
[2006-12-20] Foreign wife punched, slapped me
[2006-12-19] Mistle tip-toeing
[2006-12-19] Single and dating in the New Year? Here are my top ten tips for finding the love of your life in the new year.
[2006-12-19] Traditional matchmakers - family friends or known members in the community - are being replaced by agencies and online websites
[2006-12-19] Single men find travelling alone not so exciting
[2006-12-19] Children of Russia - abused, abandoned, forgotten
[2006-12-19] Fraudulent profiles and photographs are increasingly being used as a venue for crimes perpetuated in the name of love
[2006-12-19] How professionals are finding partners
[2006-12-19] Vietnamese “brides” parade for lonely Malaysians
[2006-12-19] Marriage rates down for English women
[2006-12-18] 5 Ways Your Friends Can Help You Find Love Online
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