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[2007-02-20] THE trend of marrying foreign women is on the rise with 6,000 foreign wives registered in 2005 and more than 7,000 registered last year
[2007-02-20] Top South Korean bank is sending a group of its single female employees on a blind date trip to North Korea
[2007-02-20] 65 years old man works hard to make romance bloom. But the modern world isn't helping.
[2007-02-20] Police are investigating a reported rape after a woman alleged she was sexually assaulted by a man she met through an online dating service.
[2007-02-19] Is an online date somehow less significant than one that happens organically
[2007-02-19] Online date warning
[2007-02-19] Read our list of most popular Wedding Rip-offs
[2007-02-19] An Ottawa-based group is trying to help local Muslims connect by organizing singles events
[2007-02-19] The five girls and five guys who turned up for a blind date on Valentine's Day talk about their experience
[2007-02-19] International zoo dating service.
[2007-02-19] Research shows that the chemistry between two people happens in the first few minutes of dating
[2007-02-19] I Love You, Let's Meet . Adventures in Online Dating
[2007-02-19] Being in a foreign country does not prevent one from falling in love, even in a time of diaspora
[2007-02-19] In the world of polyamory, relationships are concentric, overlapping, fluid and unbound by numbers.
[2007-02-19] A potential bride should demonstrate, in this order: moral excellence, common sense, desire for improvement and fondness for children.
[2007-02-19] The dating odds are even stiffer --­ for every 20 singles you meet, you might find one with whom you click.
[2007-02-19] How to become an accomplished, independent and happy woman in Russia? Be a sexy bitch, says a popular new course
[2007-02-19] The status of women in Russia has gone down in the aftermath of the new economic policies that has been introduced in the country in the last 15 years
[2007-02-19] Slim chance of African single moms ever getting hitched
[2007-02-19] How a quest to find 'the one' led to the Worst Date Ever
[2007-02-19] A Q&A with an etiquette expert on who should pay, how to dress and when to call next
[2007-02-19] Where to draw the line with being sensitive
[2007-02-19] When financial opposites merge, they often end up kissing love goodbye.
[2007-02-19] Half of Russians surveyed never use systems of electronic payments
[2007-02-19] How many of these have you met already?
[2007-02-17] Websites of the Russian Movement against Non-Legal Immigration, as well as a number of anti-fascist websites stopped operating today.
[2007-02-17] Cupid may soon be unemployed – little heart-tipped arrows and all.
[2007-02-17] New Zealand singles statistics
[2007-02-17] International Women’s Day
[2007-02-17] Female and male perspective on the single life.
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