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Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2007-05-30] Five Things a Man Must Never, Ever do if he Wants
[2007-05-30] 4 Proven Methods For Finding a Girlfriend
[2007-05-30] 7 HUGE Mistakes of Dating That Most Men Commit
[2007-05-29] Online dating skepticism turns into enchantment
[2007-05-28] Beijing's Internet watchdog has accused 12 dating websites of being a cover for prostitution and has ordered them to clean up their act by next Friday.
[2007-05-28] Potential spouses should be over 21 and must pass English and citizenship tests
[2007-05-26] Dating and friendship site MakeFriendsOnline is testing new versions of its landing page to determine their suitability for mobile services.
[2007-05-26] Some suggestions from others' dating mistakes
[2007-05-25] Russia takes the first place in the world as far as the amount of smokers per capita
[2007-05-25] Seeking love on the Internet is a lottery with prizes given away to handful of winners
[2007-05-25] Russian man pretends to be American to escape legal persecution
[2007-05-25] Want to know the reasons why men tell lies when it comes to a relationship?
[2007-05-25] Phenomenon of a Virtual sex in Russia
[2007-05-25] A woman’s beauty lies in her fertility
[2007-05-25] The Conservatives want to make it harder for Britons to marry foreigners
[2007-05-25] More Chineese men are "buying" or looking for wives overseas
[2007-05-25] Is that a good enough reason to advertise within dating sites
[2007-05-25] Due to period of increased abortion of female fetuses, gender ratio to hit a low in generation of marrying age
[2007-05-25] Foreign brides must speak English
[2007-05-24] My naked truth on dating
[2007-05-24] Analysis of visitation to dating sites in the Nordic region
[2007-05-24] Singles searching for a spouse often believe that matrimony is the golden ticket to a lifetime of great sex, matching towels, funky artwork and meaningful conversations
[2007-05-23] A nursing student told women he met on an online dating site that he was a doctor, an astronaut or spy in a ruse to lure them out so he could drug and rape them
[2007-05-23] Groom and girlfriend face deportation if convicte
[2007-05-23] Tips to avoid any potentially date-killing performances at the restaurant
[2007-05-23] The Top 7 Signs You Are Not Ready To Get Married Again
[2007-05-23] Russia's population will decrease by six million to 136 million by 2015
[2007-05-20] Singles over 50 have a tough time meeting one another
[2007-05-20] Bharat Matrimony offers a vocal edge
[2007-05-20] Shocking new figures showing a high level of early and frequent sexual encounters among young women should be a wake up call for all New Zealanders
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