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[2007-02-09] Dating show spin-off matches BU singles, raises money for children's charity
[2007-02-09] Dating site deals in disease-free dates
[2007-02-09] A speed-dating event took place last night in New York City with very unusual criteria
[2007-02-09] Russian dressing
[2007-02-08] Western Isles revealed that more women than men were escaping to the mainland.
[2007-02-08] All that's needed is to be online.
[2007-02-08] Dating experts offer tips to jumpstart you into the fast lanes of love.
[2007-02-08] Online dating is more than just a click away
[2007-02-08] LOVING couples in Haringey are being asked to put their hands in their pockets - to help others find happiness in their lives.
[2007-02-08] Describing a single woman as zero is incorrect
[2007-02-08] An internet Romeo who fleeced lonely women out of more than £100,000 has been forced to pay his victims back by police.
[2007-02-08] One-quarter of single people believe it's OK to tell white lies while searching online for companionship.
[2007-02-08] Unless you take speed dating literally, there's little hope of snagging your one and only in time for Valentine's Day.
[2007-02-08] ONLINE dating is mechanical and efficient, reflecting modern society
[2007-02-08] Finding a potential date in a smaller town is more difficult
[2007-02-08] The wedding of Vancouver couple Maobong Oku and Zack Banwell, held in Calabar, Nigeria, in December 2006, was full of ceremony and symbolism.
[2007-02-08] Queer couples do have a few differences compared to straight couples.
[2007-02-07] Website has given us a glimpse into the slightly scary world of online romance
[2007-02-07] Those who use online dating services think it's OK to stretch the truth
[2007-02-07] Survey Says Many Online Daters Lie About Weight, Height
[2007-02-07] On Tuesday, dozens of Nashville singles will take part in a nationwide effort to break the world record in speed dating.
[2007-02-07] For singles you have to know what you're shopping for before you hit the market and you have to be looking for the right things.
[2007-02-07] Some tips for those who is seeking marital bliss
[2007-02-07] Would marriage ease pressure?
[2007-02-07] After years of trying to find a bride within the Samaritan community, Yair Coen found a mail-order bride - from Ukraine
[2007-02-07] There are those who do not believe that the institution of marriage is under assault.
[2007-02-07] Can Love Take Truth?
[2007-02-07] Men shouldn't 'decide' to find someone
[2007-02-07] A 22-year-old Roy man has been charged with raping a 17-year-old girl he met through an online chat line and dating service.
[2007-02-07] 10 worst dating disasters
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