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[2007-10-02] You can change your spouse
[2007-10-02] 7% of Israeli families are headed by single parent, places Israel fifth in the world.
[2007-10-02] Surrey widow sent off $33,000 before penny dropped
[2007-10-02] Merchant Investors is planning to set up an investor ‘dating service’ for people who want to join its property syndicates.
[2007-10-02] Nearly 5 million US adults said they participated in online dating in the past 30 days
[2007-10-02] Men and women who start living together while still in the early stages of their relationship risk ending up single
[2007-10-02] Man was found wandering at a local high school in connection with an online romance that took a potentially dangerous turn
[2007-10-02] The Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office (Criminal) filed an indictment on Sunday against 25-year-old Edward Nessimov, charging him with the extortion of six women he met through an Internet dating service.
[2007-10-02] 54% of females are in favour of the government to bringing in legislation to permit abortions in Ireland
[2007-10-02] Dating is hard enough without running a business at the same time. Here's how to cope.
[2007-10-02] Looking for love in all the wrong places, many turn to dating services to help narrow the search. But despite what you may be told, in dating and love, nothing is a guarantee.
[2007-10-02] A female customer of Western Bank was recently victimized by another female through a computer dating service.
[2007-09-27] Why Britain is generous to a fault
[2007-09-26] Cupid's arrow now falls under the watchful eyes of green-visored bureaucrats
[2007-09-26] Singles Use Gadget to Evaluate Compatibility in Latest Online Dating Option
[2007-09-26] 56 percent of foreign brides said they were generally happy, eight percent called their married life unsatisfactory.
[2007-09-26] Revenues from mobile dating and chatroom services will hit $1 billion by 2012
[2007-09-26] Misadventures in the world of e-dating, cyber hookups and Craigslist personals
[2007-09-25] While foreign brides are surveyed to be generally happy with their lives in South Korea, a significant share has seen the dream of a better life turn out to be an illusion.
[2007-09-25] A fascinating thing happens when you're male and you hit your 30s and you're still single.
[2007-09-25] How long is love meant to last?
[2007-09-25] Why do so many modern women think being a sex object is cool?
[2007-09-25] Put away your money or no man will want you!
[2007-09-25] Who Said Divorce Would be Cheap (or Fair)?
[2007-09-25] Most common dating mistakes
[2007-09-25] What does it take for a relationship to work?
[2007-09-25] When jealousy becomes a sickness
[2007-09-25] People married in the 1970s have a less-than-even shot of staying married decades later.
[2007-09-25] London city hall won't find you romance online, but it may hook you up in a relationship that will survive the bumps and potholes of life.
[2007-09-25] Don't blame motherhood for a dull sex life
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