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Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2006-09-25] Cayman to grow romance market
[2006-09-23] On-line matchmakers look to hook up home buyers
[2006-09-23] Choosing the Right Dating Site
[2006-09-23] £5000 is price to pay for true love
[2006-09-23] Regulating Love: Lawmakers Cracking Down on Web Dating Industry
[2006-09-23] Finding Mr. Right Online
[2006-09-23] Russia ‘Cracking Down On Hate Crimes Against Armenians’
[2006-09-23] Is that lipstick on your PDA?
[2006-09-23] Women and international migration. State of the world population 2006
[2006-09-22] Japanese women look to toy boys for marriage
[2006-09-22] Experts, Users Urge Safety Precautions Before Online Dating
[2006-09-22] Single? Beware of dot-com enterprise
[2006-09-22] Rabbi's Shabbat dinners serve as place for Jewish singles to mingle, connect
[2006-09-22] National hot line to help those dealing with abuse
[2006-09-22] Lonely hearts get mobile dating service
[2006-09-22] Flirting and Dumping by SMS
[2006-09-22] Russians are urged to take the afternoon off, go home and make a baby
[2006-09-22] Go forth and multiply
[2006-09-21] More People Turning To Internet To Find Relationships
[2006-09-21] Love in the fast lane
[2006-09-21] Phillips Takes Russian Brides to Warner Bros
[2006-09-21] S. Koreans Search Far and Wide for a Wife
[2006-09-21] Mobestar Holdings signs Gaydar mobile dating service deal with QSoft
[2006-09-21] Check out last dating world survey
[2006-09-20] Japanese women look to younger men for romance
[2006-09-20] Fox Stations Unveil Multiplatform Dating Business
[2006-09-20] Tokyo doctor busted for paying schoolgirl for sex
[2006-09-20] French Muslims Find Soul-mates Onlin
[2006-09-20] Tourism sector targets Russian travel market
[2006-09-20] Russian envoy to U.K. says little progress on visa rules
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