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[2006-11-21] Scot loses claim over failed romance
[2006-11-21] Girls lose virginity younger than boys
[2006-11-21] Can you mix business and sex?
[2006-11-21] Parents splash out to fill void after children flee nest
[2006-11-21] Soaring cost of scoring in the big time for the ladies
[2006-11-21] What's the story about polyamory?
[2006-11-21] Edinburgh a top choice for gay weddings
[2006-11-21] How To Drink Vodka And Stay Sober in 7 Seconds
[2006-11-21] Scammers go online to steal cash from unsuspecting victims; banks warn public about Internet fraud
[2006-11-21] Muslim Kurds and Christian Udis
[2006-11-21] Jewish Dating Sites Using Psychological Profiling to Match Members
[2006-11-21] Personals in the London Review of Books prove the language of love is charmingly eccentric
[2006-11-21] Yahoo plans spiritual singles, food sections
[2006-11-21] Feminist Takeover of the U.N. is an Issue of National Security
[2006-11-21] My Chemical Romance used alter-ego to deal with personal issues
[2006-11-21] Soldiers in love
[2006-11-21] Nearly 45% of women over 65 are widowed, compared with fewer than 15% of men
[2006-11-21] Bennett Behind Bars
[2006-11-21] Online Dating Sites
[2006-11-21] Phishing scammers have begun sending deceptive short message service (SMS) messages to people's mobile sets.
[2006-11-21] Dating service connects with U.S. marshals
[2006-11-21] Personals survey shows who's looking for love
[2006-11-21] Newly turned single Britney Spears went out partying in Las Vegas accompanied by a good looking Hollywood actor.
[2006-11-21] Yacht matchmaking revelry sparks controversy
[2006-11-21] How to meet the love of your life in the real world
[2006-11-21] Older women also susceptible to eating disorders
[2006-11-21] Changing society leading many adults to put off tying the knot
[2006-11-21] Gender differences: Sex on a plate
[2006-11-21] Average European 'is overweight'
[2006-11-21] Dating site hacker avoids jail
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