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Interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine. Table of content

Browse thry interesting facts about Russia and Ukraine: electricity, internet, national holidays, travel guide books and much more.
Find anything about Russia from ancient time till Moscow or Kiev night clubs open hours.
[2007-07-19] Much of Canada is experiencing a male drought.
[2007-07-19] The government is planning to toughen regulations on unsolicited bulk e-mail, including for matchmaking services
[2007-07-19] The UK is the battlefield for the World War of dating
[2007-07-19] Online dating poses a tough challenge for women aging out of the 40-to-55 bracket.
[2007-07-19] Finding love in Saudi Arabia is practically impossible, especially for young Muslim women
[2007-07-19] Paid dating sites are dipping into the social networking playbook to freshen up the look of dating 0
[2007-07-19] I made one fatal error: I lowered my age in the profiles
[2007-07-19] AN Australian woman charged in the US with trying to lure her teenage internet boyfriend to Adelaide will remain behind bars until she can pay bail of nearly $1 million.
[2007-07-19] If you are feeling a little lonely or at loose ends, a growing number of cell-phone services offer a chance to see if true love is just around the corner.
[2007-07-19] Mobile technology company Mobestar Holdings PLC said it has entered into a partnership with online-dating site operator Bone Fish to deliver a mobile phone interface to its customers' dating web sites.
[2007-07-19] Dating sites are among the hottest new slices of China's emerging Internet market.
[2007-07-19] Fascination for Indian style marriages has led a Russian girl to travel all the way to India to tie the nuptial knot.
[2007-07-19] Dating Stats and Dating Facts
[2007-07-16] The crisis in the family has many causes: selfishness, atomism, changes in housing. But the root cause is the change in the respective role and accomplishments of the sexes
[2007-07-16] In Chosun (North Korea), free dating between male and female students is prevented during middle school years and even in college
[2007-07-16] Online dating site eHarmony is using new technology to bring the telephone back to matchmaking, says Fortune's Stephanie N. Mehta
[2007-07-11] 40 percent of single women use cell phones for nearly everything -- from relationship aids and organizers to fashion accessories
[2007-07-11] Sex, like eating, is a biological drive, and you will lose your mind if you repress it for too long. But some women stave off the need much longer than others.
[2007-07-11] The Internet dating and "friend-making" industry in China is forecast to be an $80 million industry by next year
[2007-07-11] If you are in dating stage, entering a relationship, attracted to a mysterious guy, in doubts about your relationship, want to protect yourself or whatever reasons you have and you need to know his marital status and history, you can do your investigation
[2007-07-11] Tax breaks to support marriage are back on the political agenda
[2007-07-09] Working mothers who "do it all" are rebelling against having more than one child unless their husbands roll up their sleeves at home
[2007-07-05] Search by upwardly mobile for their life partners driven by both hearts and wallets
[2007-07-05] People planning to use a dating service to search for a life-long partner should shop around before signing up
[2007-07-05] Underwear is most important when sizing up a new date
[2007-07-04] The Husband Store
[2007-07-04] While parents are crazy about their kids, they no longer view them as a reason for marriage
[2007-07-04] Relationships don't come with handbooks.
[2007-07-04] Survey of single women in New York
[2007-07-04] Older women with younger guys.
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