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[2007-07-04] Top 10 mistakes that could leave you alone and single if you don’t change your ways:
[2007-07-04] 85% of all labor immigrants from Uzbekistan end up in the countries of the Commonwealth
[2007-07-04] Married people are healthier for nearly every measure of health
[2007-07-04] Russia's population is currently ageing faster than almost any other country in Europe.
[2007-07-04] 10 Years of Marriage Worth $4,802
[2007-07-04] As smokers are driven outside, could the pavement become the new place to meet a perfect mate?
[2007-07-03] Most working parents rely on the kindness of granny and grandad for their childcare
[2007-07-02] There's nothing like that feeling you get before a first date.
[2007-07-02] AN AUSTRALIAN woman accused of travelling to the US to abduct a teenager she romanced over the internet has been arrested in North Carolina as she stepped off a train.
[2007-07-02] With its chats, platforms and bulletin boards, the internet has become the courting place of the 21st century. Still, Germany lags behind in the e-love trend.
[2007-07-02] Though people in Assam and the Northeast have generally been reluctant to use the services of online matrimonial sites, the trend is picking up among members of the younger generation who are using such sites with gusto.
[2007-07-02] The Home Affairs Ministry has once again advised those who marry foreign women to go personally to the National Registration Department to register.
[2007-07-02] Dating do’s, don’ts
[2007-07-02] One of the more incredible components of love is that element of it that makes us see those we love as we want them to be. Not as they are.
[2007-07-02] DATING, AS ANYONE WHO'S been to the carnival can tell you, is like a rollercoaster
[2007-07-02] What happened to handwriting? What happened to privacy on a date? What happened to friends-of-friends? What happened to it not being so easy to pretend to be something we’re not?
[2007-07-02] In a bid to attract only the best people, an online dating site in Arizona has decided to publish the pictures of only attractive people on their sites
[2007-07-02] Dating is supposed to be fun but for many people, it just brings disappointment.
[2007-07-02] A man who faked being a doctor, an astronaut and a spy to dates he met online was convicted Wednesday of two counts of sexual assault but acquitted of raping several women who accused him of drugging them.
[2007-07-02] About 40 percent of Louisville households headed by single mothers are bunched largely in high poverty areas west and south of downtown
[2007-07-02] Ninety-five percent of the population is undatable
[2007-07-02] If you do something positive for your mate, does it matter why? The answer is yes, according to new research
[2007-07-02] Recently divorced singles face a slew of dating challenges that their never-been-hitched counterparts seldom endure. From where to find appropriate men and women to how to get their dating game on, there is much for the newly single to relearn.
[2007-07-02] Single Mobile Females (SMFs) -- young single women who have cell phones -- are using their phones as much more than a communication device.
[2007-07-02] It was the first time I had put an ad in the paper and I met 50 of them
[2007-07-02] Matchmaking has become a lucrative business
[2007-06-30] Latvian girls are being urged to steer clear of one-night stands with tourists as part of a campaign to prevent the capital, Riga, turning into the "Bangkok of the Baltic".
[2007-06-30] Unmarried Americans are a growing segment of the population but vote less than their wedded counterparts in elections, tending to favor Democrats over Republicans
[2007-06-29] Marriage has slumped to its lowest level since records were first kept more than 150 years ago
[2007-06-29] New TV show helping residents of Buffalo, N.Y., find love and happiness through blunt analysis
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