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[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: Making First Contact with a Woman
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: You Have To Make a Woman Feel
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: Don’t Let Her Hurt Your Feelings
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: Don’t Let Her Hurt Your Feelings
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: What American Idol Can Teach Us about Attracting Women
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: A Woman’s Genetic Programming
[2007-09-17] Be a Good Guy – Not A Nice Guy
[2007-09-17] Dating Advice: Don’t Set Off Her “Player Alarm”
[2007-09-17] Learn To Attract Women: Preparing For the Approach
[2007-09-13] A US-based environmental charity has documented what it calls the 10 most polluted places on the planet
[2007-09-12] The governor of a central Russian province urged couples to skip work on Wednesday and make love instead to help boost Russia's low birth-rate.
[2007-09-10] Tens of thousands more immigrant workers will be forced to learn English before they are allowed into the country, The Sunday Telegraph can reveal.
[2007-09-01] Infidelity please, we're British...
[2007-09-01] Divorce rate drops to lowest level since 1984
[2007-08-29] Why are so many people emigrating from the UK?
[2007-08-29] The South Korean ambassador to Vietnam has said his country will tighten regulations on marriages between Korean nationals and foreign brides, following the recent deaths of two Vietnamese wives.
[2007-08-29] It was a wish come true when he married a mail-order Vietnamese bride through a match-making agency here
[2007-08-29] So where do you go to find a date on the Central Coast? Dating is a numbers game. Here’s how to increase your chances
[2007-08-29] Just about one in five Canadian women admits to cheating on her partner. Yet almost half say loyalty is the attribute they value most in a spouse or partner.
[2007-08-29] She has Cupid's arrow in her purse
[2007-08-28] Turkmen women and men used to be the most expensive brides and grooms in the world.
[2007-08-25] Foreigners given green light to buy into Russian banks
[2007-08-25] 30 reasons to stay in Britain
[2007-08-18] Stories of Vietnamese women falling prey to domestic violence and even murder are far from rare in South Korea where their marriages to Korean men are usually arranged by brokers
[2007-08-18] Sleeping apart used to be seen as a sign that a relationship had lost its spark, but these days many couples are finding that having separate bedrooms can spice up their sex lives. Just don't get too used to it
[2007-08-18] Take online dating seriously
[2007-08-09] Canada survey found over 1 million mature Canadians (generally speaking between the age of 30 and 55) are single
[2007-08-09] Number of unmarried Hong Kong women living on their own shot up 48% over the past five years - from 127,001 in 2001 to 182,648 last year
[2007-08-09] Technology brought a 15-year-old Lancaster girl and a 20-year-old North Carolina man together. But when he drove away with her last weekend, technology also helped police bring her home
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